AboutA little bit about Pangea Farm

Pangea Farm strives to bring together an array of locally grown produce and products from diverse international centers of origins. We also aim to expand the boundaries from just food production. Additionally there is intention, going forward, to develop new varieties, make regionally adapted selections of plant material, and provide seed and plant stock.

Local produce

At the center of our intentions, is producing the finest quality, freshest certified organic produce possible. From both staple crops, to more unique and exotic items such as ginger, peanuts, quinoa, and jicama. There is very strong interest and intentions to continue trialing extralocal staples and varieties to hopefully adapt them to the regional environment as well as introducing them to market and expanding the culinary diversity of Vermont and the Northeast.

Preserved goods

In addition to the products that are being offering from the 2015 season, we are planning to increase the assortment of post harvested goods. This includes spices, seasonings, as well as grains. Specifics are unconfirmable at this moment as some ideas may be too far-fetched or entail significantly elaborate post processing proceedures with minimal labor & monetary availability to become accomplishable.
- If you have interest in working any amount for free, or possible product/produce compensation, please feel free to contact.
- If you have any suggestions for products, please also let us know.

New cultivars

Over the next few years, it is our intention to develop new and exciting varieties of fimiliar favorites. In addition, to select and adapt more exotic (warmer climate/longer season) varieties to the Northeastern U.S. region.


Efforts are going to be geared towards providing top quality certified organic seed and plant stock material for sale. The extent of diversity at this time remains vague, however as the 2016 season develops more details will become available. In years to come, it is our intention to make available selections and developed cultivars to be released accordingly.