Published by admin on Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Pangea Farm blog consists of current happenings from around the farm. It is updated periodically; somewhere between having something worth blogging about and the available time to actually sit down and document it on here. This includes general production status and updates, as well side activities including breeding, selections, trials, experiments, and projects.

The blog will may also contain intermittent rants, which despite presenting potential conflict of interest and ideologies, are at the heart and soul purely meant to be informative and depict actual core truths. Examples may, and will at some point inevitably, include common loosely used words/phrases such as “GMO’s”, the word “artisan”, and “sustainable” to name a few. Too overused, more often than not out of context, and many people hold an incorrect definition as to their correct meanings, origins, and futures. No one should be BS’d by false product marketing, media, and organizations which at the foundation have good intentions but present lies to gain support. One must, or at least should, i beleive, be aware of the real reality in which they live.



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