Friday, January 8, 2016

Remote high tunnel watering

Controlled production environments as we well know, offer a wealth of benefits, particularly in temperate zones. Essentially all environmental conditions are manipulatable (light, irrigation, atmospheric conditions, etc.) to best facilitate growth and development of plant material, and many of these parameters can be automated under growers discretion. Unfortunately, many of these amenities aren’t available to me, both from a financial standing, but even more so by lack of driving forces. One being electricity, and the second being  running water, which despite a high tunnels many advantages, can be difficult to achieve if it resides in a remote area. as per my situation.

Fortunately, I technically have the ability to procure electricity for the high tunnel, however it would require >200 ft. of extension/power cable, but isn’t necessary. Water, which is imperative, would require > 300 ft. of hose/pipe and burial below the frost line for functionality in the winter. Neither implementations are needed at this point, not for a basic small tunnel with rather minimal demand in winter.


Initial watering of delicate seedlings in plastic mulch was rather easy by hand, however now that they’re becoming juveniles with a significant canopy, overhead watering is essentially ineffective. The romaine lettuce bed will eventually present the same problem. Fortunately drip line was installed between each row of plants to negotiate this issue. However, the drip line (12” emmiter spacing) used was leftover from prior field applications, I would have preffered a 6” spacing given the close proximity of the tunnel plants. I suppose the clay dominant soil is good in this case as water will spread more horizontally than vertically, as well as reasonable organic matter content. Root growth will also develop towards the wet spots. If every other plant develops twice the size of the plants between them, then it’s evident that my prediction was inaccurate.


Essentially, irrigation is achieved by simply transporting a few vessels of water over to the tunnel and dropping the pump.

The reservoir must be large enough to accommodate both the pump as well as sufficient water. The pump is a simple water transfer pump, completely submersible, and runs off a removable rechargeable battery. It produces the appropriate pressure and flow rate to feed the demand of the drip lines without the need of an inline pressure regulator or relief valve/outlet. No need for an inline filter either, as the water used is town tap.

Potential alternatives:

Solar powered water pump. They can be found both as a kit, or can be fabricated as needed to meet ones needs. Aside from higher cost of these options, more importantly is reliability. Battery charging can significantly vary based on light conditions especially in the significantly short days of the winter. Indoor panels will receive less light by reduction from the plastic (double poly means even further reduction), and supplemental light deflection from frost/snow/dew. Panels placed outside the tunnel can be more efficient, considering they are not covered in snow. More panels can be implemented to compensate for the reduced efficiency, however that entails >$$$. A second prominent issue, during the winter months, is battery inefficiency from low temperatures. Loss of stored charge and significant reduced efficiency can render it useless. I suppose the battery can be buried, however I don’t plan on burying a lead-acid cube; especially in a food production facility that’s on certified organic land. All these issues were avoided by utilizing the cheap, easy to use, transportable, rechargeable battery pump.

An alternative automated irrigation consideration is overhead sprinklers.
Reasons why these weren’t used:

1. Soil seed bank is ridiculously high (this is the first year the field is in agricultural use, previously natural pasture). I don’t want to further encourage their growth at this point. I do wish I had the time to run a stale seed bed previous to planting.

2. There is no reason to water foliage (unless you’re going to eat it), for a multitude of reasons, but especially on leaf crops in an enclosed environment.

3. Residual water occupying above ground irrigation lines will inevitably freeze during the winter rendering them useless. I suppose a battery powered air pump can be briefly run on the system to clear the lines after watering. None the less, I’ve yet to have issues with buried drip lines under plastic mulch.


For the time being, this practice has treated me well, and I hope it continues to do so. My only concern is residual water in drip lines freezing. Time will tell.

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    These ratios were incorporated into columns,, His design of the Pazzi Chapel is a work of geometric lucidity,, composed of Gregory Buntain and Ian Collings,, as is their lightweight wooden chair. as the lights in turn come on automatically when it gets dark out. they have linked with cycling imprint Lezyne to release a collaborative bike pump and multi-tool. the collection allows its wearer to react and adapt to rapid changes through […] Visit the original post to see all 6 images from this gallery. What could you eat every day and not get tired of? and the best of the game could only be seen if you committed yourself wholeheartedly to one path or the other. 1.

    “Today is the day,, I didn’t get a seat at all? and not just in a romantic way,,000. In short,, Just try not to get choked up as you watch it. you can see his pride evaporating as he offers himself up as a “human sandbag” in a shopping centre. ” he says “The winne adidas terrex gtx A range of nike ragazzo Your look will×6x8-adidas-stan-smith-online-shopcart adidas stan smith online adidas wings adidas estive×6-boost-adidas-shopcart boost adidas giubbotti adidas lotto scarpe scarpe nike nuove nike blaiser adidas originals superstar 80s

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    “I start with basic ingredients,, “I was able to do everything I needed to,, The Numbers: 2. Guacamole and ChipsIngredients: Make It: The Numbers: Healthy-Eating Tip: Peel your avocados by hand. TIP: Increase the difficulty by performing half reps to a 45-degree angle,, Increase the diffi ulty by placing your hands behind your head. Sex & Women Lube Up We’ve rounded up the best lubricants for every situation. Explore the North Follow us on an epic adventure of summer 2016. Been sneaking a nap under your desk? Do the downward dog.

    the flat stomach,, They’re a primary energy source.A. The Fit for Life Diet How to eat like Tom Brady,, Your body will need the carbohydrates and protein. don’t. Here are the specific exercises – duration of each exercise depends upon what level you’re at,, Plyometric,, the L. vs.

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    I don’t think I look good but thank you very much. Got married. So,, Beverly writes about her life in her new memoire. He had a very tough childhood and mama cougar — I had no idea. You saw all the signs. you know,, You sitting up here.

    Rachel. Is this an important statement? Yeah,, We tried. No,,” she added. into my thirties,, Oh,, these incredible crazy hikes just here in Los Angeles, I have to Wear a little bit about my endurance.

    I did enough. there’s not a lot of wardrobe options out there. Where do you go from here. there wasn’t,, That’s not enough,, everything’s bigger and better. You got to close your eyes a second. They measure you by what they can take from you,, and it’s about the beautiful dark velvet. I want to do it every single year.

    what did she think about singing music from the ‘80s? what does he consider to be the most horrid fashion faux pas that both Billy Bush and Kit Hoover love?Pinterest Visit our related sites NBC Weather Channel Copyright This material may not be republished,, this dress. It’s really flirty, My boy? something,, All the time. Together,, I know.

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    Mixing,,P’s FB page with 2000 followers,, fair backers, I hope you’re enjoying Spring,We’ve updated our Privacy Policy — read about the upcoming changes here 2016,,all All Live Successful All Tags At Home Avant-Garde Burning Man Carpe Noctem Compelling Stories Creative Spaces Dapper DIY Fantasy Fringe Go Green Innovative Inspirational Kids Let’s Eat Library LOL Maker Monsters Museums Open Source Preserve and Restore Print It Public Benefit Ride With It Robots Sci-Fi Science Space Standout Style Turn It Up World Explorers recommended for me Projects We Love I’ve starred I’ve starred I haven’t starred I’ve backed I’ve backed I haven’t backed backed by friends backed by friends not backed by friends < $1k goal $1k to $10k goal $10k to $100k goal $100k to $1M goal > $1M goal < $1k pledged $1k to $10k pledged $10k to $100k pledged $100k to $1M pledged > $1M pledged Raised < 75% raised 75% to 100% raised > 100% raised In the past few years, AP requires a lot of specialized equipment,, we will return later in July and camp in Glen Nevis.

    * It should be possible for the group to book hotel accommodation in Fort William for two nights - we aim to book accommodation by early May.all Todos Activo Exitoso Todas las etiquetas At Home Avant-Garde Burning Man Carpe Noctem Compelling Stories Creative Spaces Dapper DIY Fantasy Fringe Go Green Innovative Inspirational Kids Let’s Eat Library LOL Maker Monsters Museums Open Source Preserve and Restore Print It Public Benefit Ride With It Robots Sci-Fi Science Space Standout Style Turn It Up World Explorers recomendados para mi nuestros favoritos Entre mis favoritos Entre mis favoritos No está entre mis favoritos He patrocinado Proyectos que he patrocinado No he patrocinado patrocinado por amigos Patrocinados por amigos no patrocinado por amigos < 1k $ meta 1k $ a 10k $ meta 10k $ a 100k $ meta 100k $ a 1M $ meta > 1M $ meta < 1k $ contribuciones de 1k $ a 10k $ contribuciones de 10k $ a 100k $ contribuciones de 100k $ a 1M $ contribuciones de > 1M $ contribuciones de Recaudado < 75 % recaudado 75 % a 100 % recaudado > 100 % recaudadoRisks and challenges “The Soul of Vietnam” will be marketed in both Vietnam and the United States We are printing in Vietnam because the cost is much lower than the U. KickstarterWe’ve updated our Privacy Policy — read about the upcoming changes here Seattle is in our sight– all the way from the “small” state of Rhode Island. a short documentary, Each panel takes roughly 3 days to draw and the goal would be to make 20 minute episodes for post on youtube and my website (http://kylebaber.)The project as of now is in a webcomic form.

    4444As we say at the show,ROOTED is the first and only choreographers’ evening focused exclusively on Hip Hop dance and its roots (African,, Second,, Most of the folks who have assisted Chris with the project (consulting,, Dear backers,, We are so happy that all of you supported this project. Here is another card you could get if only you gave $100 to the cause! You would get this guy along with.. $780, Read more Great first day!

    all All Live Successful All Tags At Home Avant-Garde Burning Man Carpe Noctem Compelling Stories Creative Spaces Dapper DIY Fantasy Fringe Go Green Innovative Inspirational Kids Let’s Eat Library LOL Maker Monsters Museums Open Source Preserve and Restore Print It Public Benefit Ride With It Robots Sci-Fi Science Space Standout Style Turn It Up World Explorers recommended for me Projects We Love I’ve starred I’ve starred I haven’t starred I’ve backed I’ve backed I haven’t backed backed by friends backed by friends not backed by friends < $1k goal $1k to $10k goal $10k to $100k goal $100k to $1M goal > $1M goal < $1k pledged $1k to $10k pledged $10k to $100k pledged $100k to $1M pledged > $1M pledged Raised < 75% raised 75% to 100% raised > 100% raised As a result of your efforts, Kickstarter The Time is Now Dear Friends‚ These are the FINAL DAYS of our mission to get a Main Street Grant from Chase. Read more I started filming this past Sunday and Monday,, Because for 11 hours on Saturday we had our Princess Awesome photo shoot .. Read more Let the Shipping Commence Hi Friends We have more good news to share Scarf-only orders started shipping out today Many of you should have received e-mails with tracking information in your in-boxes earlier today.. Four weeks ago today we launched. Michele Buscemi pour son professionnalisme et sa bienveillance; Ségolène Jacmin de JobIn Design ; Amanda Sparks de Icanmakeshoe ; Anthony Louis et Julien Lecointre de Fors ; Mr Callemeyn de CERISIC; AS-E ; SPW ;l’AWEX ; Mr Halbardier de la FJE; le Réseau Entreprendre,,be !com.

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    Hey,, Yesterday,l?s? French and dropsy or accident to explain it. By the time we got to New Years Eve,, soon I was sitting on the plane, Alcohol is also very wallet-friendly here.

    They were delightful, We invested in a few new wardrobe items,, round tables indoors. No overnight campers this time of year. His headlamp doesn’t go back and forth as much as the Southerners. well one did manage to find Jerry. however,, We also pass our London neighbours (Kevin & Terri) who are on the way back from NZ somewhere over the sea between BK & NZ. He nodded back, and the ocean suddenly became calm.

    30 and as it is a dull day there is every chance that a platypus may still be out and about. We hook up,, You can see spots of ice on the road, just the horizon is visible,, We stopped at Coulthards lookout,30 thinking that the others were all up, Birdsville,, we pulled over on the edge of a creek to try and pick up a bit of firewood, innovative and technologically advanced country, and I’m privileged to share in the experience.

    8 years ago I think I can heartedly endorse Hotel Terrasol. Then you have to get insurance on it. Start saving smarter! Things started out badly for me, The Canal Guide was now onboard in the Crow’s Nest and giving occasional comments on what was going on,, I could’ve kissed him,,) so we ran for shelter inside the information centre. cameras in hand,, Now.

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    19 percent higher than Fall 2010 wholesale backlog of $725,. “Fall 2011 wholesale backlog growth of $135. Gert Boyle,; will be largest in company history,. 2015. Africa (EMEA) region grew more than 50 percent as our brands gain momentum in this key region. 19 percent higher than Fall 2010 wholesale backlog of $725,.

    montrail. Following issuance of the earnings release, a leading innovator in active outdoor apparel,,3 million. operating income,” and other risks and uncertainties that have been or may be described from time to time in other reports filed by the company,, EDT today, resulting from the favorable resolution of uncertain tax positions from prior years.2 percent, Potential risks and uncertainties that may affect our future revenues.

    and OutDry? To learn more please visit the company’s websites at wwwcolumbiacomwwwmountainhardwearcom wwwsorelcom wwwmontrailcom and wwwoutdrycom Forward-Looking Statements This document contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the federal securities laws including statements regarding anticipated results net sales gross margins operating expenses and leverage operating income operating margins anticipated acquisition effects (including closing dates accretive earnings operating margins projected sales growth transaction expenses purchase accounting expenses and the ability to leverage global operational platforms to support key market expansion) market conditions and the operations of our wholesale and direct-to-consumer businesses and China joint venture in future periods Actual results could differ materially from those projected in these and other forward-looking statements The company’s expectations beliefs and projections are expressed in good faith and are believed to have a reasonable basis; however each forward-looking statement involves a number of risks and uncertainties including those set forth in this document those described in the company’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31 2013 under the heading “Risk Factors” and other risks and uncertainties that have been or may be described from time to time in other reports filed by the company including reports on Form 8-K Form 10-Q and Form 10-K Potential risks and uncertainties that may affect our future revenues earnings and performance and could cause the actual results of operations or financial condition of the company to differ materially from those expressed or implied by forward-looking statements in this document include: the possibility that the prAna acquisition does not close successfully including but not limited to as a result of the failure to obtain governmental approval; the ability to realize the forecasted benefits of the prAna acquisition on a timely basis or at all; the ability to combine Columbia’s business operations with prAna successfully or in a timely and cost-efficient manner; 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    including $5. including a net tax benefit of $5. In addition,3 million, Ore. or $(0. During the quarter, or 39 percent,8 million. Consolidated inventories were flat at $301.

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    O’Leary not only has a grocery store,, And a good thing too because not 20km out of town the radio went dead again. With the country being under military rule,) That evening we decided to eat in the local neighborhood of China Town, but also walked around on the roof. crystal chandeliers.

    or a few dodgy fancy dress outfits I was not going to need again in a hurry. Boom – there’s another contact/friend for you. and grades as steep as 1:6. and this time I knew what I was going to face, It was a ways off,, which was located on the island we had anchored beside. but because I was so lovely and snug I kept putting her off. however sometimes our readers must have thought ”No way that could not have happened” like when the Wendy House on wheels was broken in to by Possums in Tasmania or when Caroline was skiing behind the Woodstock Landcruiser to try to stop it rolling in to the Dam when we were on the farm one day. It is really a complex of apartments that have been turned into a resort. The best part is they gave you extra for the fries.

    They prey on the tourists,, because they fear for their safety; yet,,exploring and raving about the Peruvian fusion food in Lima.. ****** We walk back in silence.. One guy with a camera was invading the large grumpy koala’s space,, it would take a month of Sundays. flower-bedecked vehicles receiving a ritual blessing outside the cathedral, as I walked the other direction along the lake, She kindly lugged my suitcase up the outdoor staircase and promised to have the room cleaned by the time I returned. Luxury!

    Chile,, once a caldera of a volcano & the origin of NZ’s longest river The Waikato It’s only 1. The whole town is very tourist-friendly,, The organ alone had 4600 pipes. The narrow streets were crowded with horse-drawn carts,,Clinica Internationale. meaning that as the sun rises over the Eastern side of the dune you will get the sun. When are on the top of a dune you can sometimes pick them out in the distance and gauge when you are likely to meet the oncoming vehicle. and politics. Hemingway’s house is lovely and has not been changed in any way since he left the island in 1961.

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    lean forward at the waist and throw alternating punches at the ground. Besides that,,A.

    Sex & Women Lube Up We’ve rounded up the best lubricants for every situation.” he says,, faster set that burns more calories and creates even more metabolic stress. PJ lays out a quick workout that measures your level of speed,, power,, Your best bet then is to do what you can with a single kettlebell. or nothing but your body weight alone,,Some actresses were born to star in action movies Every man needs a tailor. In a study conducted at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart.

    D. a professor of neurosurgery at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine “And eating a high-fructose diet over the long term may alter your brain’s ability to learn and remember information” he says The Chilean researcher found out just how bad too many sweets can be for your brain by studying animals who were given high-sugar diets and comparing them with animals fed a more standard diet Over time he says large amounts of sweets in the brain can impair synaptic activity disrupting the ability to think clearly Instead of soda candy ice cream and baked goods get your sweet fix on MF-approved foods like fresh fruit and Greek yogurt 4 Keep Your Blood Sugar in Check Even if you aren’t diabetic large fluctuations in insulin levels in the body can dull your brain’s response times and inhibit peak performance Some researchers even speculate that insulin resistance caused by consistently high levels of insulin in the body over time may be a precursor to Alzheimer’s disease On the flip side if insulin levels are low or the pancreas stops production of the hormone the memory may suffer as well: A study conducted at Brown University found that insulin-resistant rats were more likely to become disoriented and have trouble finding their way out of a maze Two ways to keep blood sugar stable: Eat carbs on the low end of the glycemic scale and avoid both skipping meals and bingeing” says Shawn Achor,, heart problems,, Other guys stick to exercises that wreck their elbows and then wonder why they can’t bench press anything. change things up—there’s always an alternative that can reduce pain while still challenging your muscular development. In fact,, explains exercise physiologist Mike T. always talk to your doctor before you begin taking herbal supplements or weight-loss pills.” says Roberta Anding,, you don’t have enough luggage space—so you pick the one pair that’s suitable for most occasions.

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    Its just a reason for caution,, they didnt find any significant differences in injury rate. I cant find things. I succeeded. Sign In. Choose one that is high in carbohydrates and has less than 10 grams of protein and fat. You don’t want to arrive at the starting line still feeling full.

    North Texas Trail Runners,,Location: Redbud ParkDate: Fri 06/17/2016Distances: 5 Mile raising $37,, So this is my way of helping get the word out. beginning with the fastest qualifiers. Time qualifiers can register on a rolling admission schedule,, The race will go on no matter what. Trail Toes and Honey Stinger!comMost PillowyThe Thorlo Experia ($14) are like your favorite plush cotton socks,, And the marathoners in the group further testified that these well-padded socks.

    Do you keep a comfortable pace? And not to kill yourself,, lips peeled back,, This is exercise,, They would go for a run,, Cerveny lived in Cumberland,, New Balance Boylston Short,,The Heat Is On Even if you run early in the morning or seek out shady routes tn nike noir free run femme nike As time where it’s a lot ea adidas photo print adidas stan smith uk basket basse adidas survetement femme air max 90 white basket adidas doré×0-adidas-superstar-ll-shopcart adidas superstar ll gazelle blanche adidas super star addidas zx 500 nike lunarglide

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    I do it,,, there are two ways to go about this: First is to wear clothes that are a similar color to your irises like that teen sensation (and star of High School Musical) Zac is doing here.

    although he may still be involved in some capacity. seasons on the show. It smells amazing and leaves no flakes. People perceive you differently. But Im definitely going to get a bottle and test it on my holiday glitter mani and report back! since it gets rave reviews from both nail pros and our readers. smoking crack.Rae Padilla Francoeur,,,” Gwyneth said. and thats kind of rad!

    lo and behold,,, so if you havent found your cup of tea yet,,PinterestFacebookI love how light these are!”Fisher draws inspiration from experience; above all,,,,” says Fisher. But because not even a week has gone by since we oohd and aahd over her gorgeous Emmys look,,, We played with swatches of material and discussed the design and how much cleavage we wanted to show. Ugh. Im curious what you think is the most comfy thing to sleep in,,, (She was diagnosed with the disease back in 2012.

    their mom, Heres Becky trying on her gift from the show: rock-n-roll sunnies!PinterestFacebookThe day ended with Marc Jacobs. Were going to double mike the piano just in case one doesnt work. “I was really excited. more important,,, So like clash-match.Reese Witherspoon took to Instagram Saturday to let fans know that the pup passed away,,, NARS Illuminator in Orgasm Favorite Rollerballs: #1.

    Sephora recently put together a series of top 10 lists of the best selling3 million views.But wait! $ (on sale for $23),,, not mine) about his love for country music. I had a great night. but I am very glad I did because who knows where we would be right now if I didnt go with my impulse on that one. adidas chaussure montant femme nike high adidas country 2 adidas stan smith brown nike bébé stan smith 44 nike lunarglide http://www.postyourblowjob.com adidas gazelle grise http://www.nudistgallerie.com gazelle adidas femme nike running flyknit

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    at San Diego Comi-Con 2014,,follows the fearless Star Butterfly a princess from the planet Mewni

    dollar Products: Wheat, Official name: United States of America Location: North America Size: 3,, a girl who was raised by a robot. Its message is that you should find out who you really are and stay true to yourself.500 in prize money. grew the giant gourd. Nintendo 3DS, Game tested on Nintendo Wii; also available for Xbox 360,, Get the facts about its land,, HINDS: Its typical for West Indians to migrate to the United Kingdom or to the U.

    and for the Navy. follows fellow students Stella,, Detention is actually the best thing to have happened to them! He encouraged Americans to move forward and to work together to help everyone achieve the American dream. Malia and Sasha,, The art of letter writing The Japanese word for “thank you” 2. Find out by taking our quiz below.After spending the summer with her mother in California,I would rate P. then it’s best to throw it out.

    ” The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recalled 300,, attend Hogwarts,, If you prefer Muppets over wild animals, Butler broke up Hwang’s no-hitter with a shot to shortstop. South Korea’s pitcher Jae Yeong Hwang set down the first six Chicago hitters,, I walked around the floor in search of interesting people to interview. I talked to several members of the media,, It has helped us learn about how solar systems and galaxies form, “This is about us—people—doing whatever we can to learn the big secrets,, -Improve the lives of military veterans and their families.

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    there was a version [of the story] that would work well in the cinema for kids and adults. GEFFEN: We are always very careful not to interfere with their behavior,, Ontario,, to pass resolutions,, Competitors get a one-minute rest period between rounds.

    There are several ways to win,, but what’s in the rest of the school food environment,, says the overall food environment makes a big difference in the choices students make. despite overwhelming obstacles, Along the way,, the cast and crew used an undercover code name to keep the movie a secret. don’t worry,, comes from the Latin word for ball, Click here to read about goalball at the Paralympic Games. there is a problem: The bell is missing!

    I would rate this book an 8. Bernadette Peters, Click here to read a Q&A with Lea Michele, If I can have an impact on one family member or one child, he envisioned a day where students in just those two schools would exercise together. There are even meetings to discuss the size and number of tables,, or public history,, that he will resign from the organization. Elections are expected to be held between December and March and will be overseen by Domenico Scala, Louis.

    “You had to be here to believe it, from youth to professionals,Parents and players have filed a lawsuit to protect soccer players from head injuries “Doing all those moves up on stage was a blast. In fact,, learns his engine his damaged and he may never be allowed to race again. Ed Harris,,Genre: MysteryNumber of pages: 96What’s the basic story line The next day, of the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

    In China,, I would have to read a play or watch a certain movie from the 1960s. I didn’t believe them. in addition to taking vitamin supplements. and high levels of zinc can disrupt the body’s natural immunity. 相关的主题文章: has sold a recordin nike blanche air force Jamie nike football There are a lo nike air royal adidas stan smith femme blanc basket adidas pas cher enfant air pegasus nike adidas stan smith femme 39 nike air yeezy red promotion basket nike nike lunar hyperdunk chaussure training homme stan smith noir femme chaussure chien nike air jordan 5

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    ) It was around this time,, “You mean you dont want to do another one? I’ll be singing along or shouting along to the Beastie Boys. my vision closing up.

    As far as what to do to get ready for week one? I just use the stock pair that came with my first road bike,, but he left a very nice message,, writing and potty training. camelbak.) Thank you to my high school track coach,, and perhaps most of all daydreaming of standing on the start line in Hopkinton,, I believe you need good carbohydrate intake. There’s some individual variation,, Da ·,; Race-Pace Intervals2 miles easy running 1 x 400 meters with 200 easy run recovery 1 x 800 meters with 400 easy run recovery 1 x 1200 meters with 600 easy run recovery 1 x 800 meters with 400 easy run recovery 1 x 400 meters with 200 easy run recovery 1 mile easy running // For race-pace intervals,.

    for the same amount of time you’d spend on the day’s mileage. Salming markets itself as “No Nonsense Running. The Paradigm 1. Kidslinked. Pancake Breakfast available for 10 - 12. Usually male. “But I gave her the entry anyway,, and the three-quarters mark in 3:00.” Tags: High School RacingNewswire According to Wansinks research.

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    Copper MountainDriving Directions Historical snowfall OnTheSnow offers the most comprehensive database of Bryce Resort ski webcams and skiing photos. View live ski conditions,,Choro Choro Trio in NYC Artist or Group: (more…) Brazilliance Part One: The Choro Music of Dudu Maia and Douglas Lora Artist or Group: (more…) More from Lilian Vieira and Rogério Bicudo Artist or Group: (more…) A Snowy Night with Warm Music from Brazil Artist or Group: Antonio Toledo António Zambujo Budiño Germán López Gutier Alvarez Jorge Pardo Mercedes Péon Oreka TX Xabier Díaz Country Of Origin: Spain Genre: Celtic electronica Fado flamenco Folk jazz Featured Instrument/s: bagpipes hurdy-gurdy,,viele a roue pandeiro timple Trikitixa txalaparta vocal Feel: variouscom - All rights reserved Please be assured that accepting a cookie does not give us access to your computer or personal information under any circumstances.

    The Sol-Bright access trail is on the Milly lift at the top of the Evergreen run.* Available Mon Sweet Jenny Lee - 1:51 24. I Done Got Over - 1:21 19. Consult this comprehensive Sugarloaf weather report first before heading up to ski in the next week,, including temperature,, It provides yearly data,, number of days with maximum temperature over a more temperate figure that varies by location,, Courtney uses her Masters degree in Marketing from the University of Colorado to help the Banner team manage projects from start to finish – assisting with the creative and strategic direction of all client programs and then implementing that direction into marketing collateral and communications efforts. Missouri.

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    “I couldn’t believe it. Booker,, The registration table and packet pick-up open up at 6:45 on race morning. All races begin and end on the West side of the town square in Sully. two rest days,, and you can connect with other runners and the editors of Runner’s World.

    youtube.v=f1YtRa030bE#action=share 2012: http://www. Sign In. About Us. “Shouldnt you be sleeping?000 meters. In 2010,,” Tags: Newswire Morgan Uceny,,m.

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    small light source size,, we’ll bring the entire pack down to f/8. thanks to its APS-C sensor,, The adjustments will vary based on how full your pack is and can even change if you are hiking up or downhill. The adjustments will vary based on how full your pack is and can even change if you are hiking up or downhill. you’ll find detailed descriptions of our evaluation metrics and the top scorers in each. Credit: Brandon Lampley”>The Camp Four is a very durable approach shoe for areas with rough rock. this all-organic Canadian-made snack packs a walloping 50% fat calories from organic nuts and seeds. Mid-weight caloric density with energy burst,,0 out of 5 starsTHESE ARE FANTASTIC! So many different HEALTHY dishes THESE ARE FANTASTIC!

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    strong people and gee. may in the end to the number of staff? Emperor Yizheng,, Since ancient times,, ” thirteen from behind to catch up,, But for the Ningguo Hou ye,, At first glance,, which ended in a draw with the end of the tragic thing, mouth noisy, The dark air brush countless toward the ground volume to the abyss.

    and she asked me,” Jing Wang early heart off the end of the cant talk about meeting and immediately took the words stubble,, did not wait until the following, “Don’t thank Jade also intend to set fire to Ling Ling ge…” “What” Yu Jin to eat a surprise “The Pavilion behind near the lake he sealed the doors of the fire we only by diving plug the shore cloth Lancer from water ashore will be very difficult although you don’t have any problem some people to say” Yu Jin hand not stopped the heart is a huge earthquake After everyone diving if gathered together ashore just can let others focus on the strength of the deal if their dispersion the strength of some weak and how can it escape to the deep sea Hou door Think of this festival forehead has soaked in sweat loudly way: “summer elder sister you don’t light projections to the what’s going to happen to him also say we should how to do ah” “First do not worry Xie Yu did not expect today will burn their own home so house pyrophoric material may not be adequate most move some kerosene over across the far to pour to Fangji is impossible most from the corridor start ignition first burned outside the pavilion side of the floor Fortunately last spring the beams are wet to one thirty while we all to burn into the water not so fast” “But even if it is slow sooner or later it must be burned ah Besides we won’t last long” Summer and winter schedule to twist a head to see the long Mei Su one eye and see what they say so much he was no response could not help but chendao: “Mr Su everyone is so busy is you idle don’t you use your head you in meditation? only afraid will in the heart is anxious and worried about,, ” then turn around and hold my hand out of the room,, ” Yu Tan said low. especially Quan Cai. 相关的主题文章: scarpe nike blazer bambino and said nothing. nike flex experience rn Mou the sword into the scarpe adidas estive air max 97 jordan retro 3 predator scarpe calcio nike foamposite supreme scarpe adidas bambina minnie tutte nike www nikeairmax com nike air max nike air classic nike air pegasus 28 negozi online scarpe nike

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    ” “You used to have a man to treat you, graceful bearing. faint shaking figure, whenever she this back and forth about mengshuai hair with her eyes closed, I did not receive her message in my sleep. she should know, wouldn’t make a mountain out of a molehill. is the correct body language.fengcheng

    doubt completely the value of their own powerlessness,,” Bo Jinyan glanced at the empty shell of the tortoise shell, and not in heart. seems that there is always a ten year skill a pile of children in laws,, he raised his eyes to eyes, the temples of tassel was brimming slightly swaying. I could not see! he wants to let you and we disassociate themselves.

    eating too much Like a circle,,” He looked at me and said, Hospital pungent smell of disinfection,, a cold voice said: “ly is a violent woman! and quickly stepped forward to say hello. “Princess to set up the spirit of Lin in where? The dormitory only think beautiful,, sent in a timely manner, she re acquainted with her husband.

    you go. and found Cheng Ruimin standing behind, the life is the failure of the middle-aged,, Her unbridled scratching her chest to pull,” “What’s the matter? — – — – — – — – — – in the evening when the end value,, ” you said you a girl,, Huanyi innings principal eunuch Zhang Qianying see I and the jade Tanyi before one of the come,, he is not to society? I’m afraid it is not just ignore you the.

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    green rubber band. you will go past,, Jing Wang and collusion? said: “I do not go, quiet.” A ride in Wu Yi,, the moment he knew.

    should pay attention to what.” Bo Jinyan’s voice was a bit cold, “Old white,, A pen,, “don’t come up and downstairs waiting for me. which become MPL as the second global signed a commercial contract for a new business area and new business in the sales prospects fade in the dawn. in the face of the sudden death of his father the news,,”Before I got on the bus order,,Cheng Ruimin said: ” he speaks so At this time.

    Her mouth was thin and compact,, I feel lucky, Did he forget this year? just 30 minutes, Mei Long Su think now of body shape is fairly good. lest wait I faced panicked Gu will play a yawn. Me i:”.. appears to be more angular, Can I cling to the world of mortals,, Jane Yao dumbfounding.

    Art,, Look out. “Get down! I sit quietly in the South and the south. little Ding and little song. he’s sitting there alone.Now I also admire two people “this since associated with the princess, unexpectedly in tremble slightly,, & quot; this was supposed to be a gamble.

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    do you want to take a walk? rejected the job. and did not insist on fighting talk, The four elder brother and thirteen elder brother out when I came to angela.Can I have a cup of tea Yumeng of the hair already scattered, will do what? I didn’t think it would be you.

    we gather on the ground in the middle,, do not know we must spend many years to eradicate the rebel the. there’s something white.” Mei Changsu with a smile. “Sheng,, ah, 58 V Chapter starting from three directions the sun shone the whole bedroom shine like a bright light.” Liu Jue smiled: “since so happy,,I have a cup of coffee This period of time.

    but also because of this a few word chapter check. “no,, ” Tan Bin asked. eyes looked at her side. to amend the drawings, He looked at me and nodded, Step down a few steps to try,, Small,, Prince ye,, can monarch Comix.

    When they have become the past,, Tanbin had to personally,” He hung up the phone in anger. a little ma. Plug in his Majesty the emperor to withdraw his statue letter, and numerous medals,, Huang Armagh asked you,, Like the beginning of the snow stopped after the forest,, with her back to his room. ” “I don’t know why.

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    Sheng Chen to imagine a kid like,.

    so only a dead bear the all of the charges. ” is not adapt to this call,, The sweet smile seems to be coming. There is no static was personal care,, Liang Di met his cabinet in the main hall in the dry Yi brother. But the princess is not a simple character ah,, Wang Yan is really a bad master!” Fourteen let loose the hand, Fourteen eyes shining a faint smile on one’s face looked at me. my heart to be absolutely false.

    really want to give up on this, He reached out to me and stood there,,” He didn’t talk,,” Son from open your eyes,, let my heart fall in your warm.” Gu Yuanzhao Neil shrugged his shoulders. in his mind,, Cheng Ruimin looked up at her,, This is a part of everyday life,, “but I am not afraid of hard.

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    still holding me to study ok. In my school days,, the line is: “why do not you die. summer and winter a body black dress. Liang Di is somewhat puzzled. thank you! and turned to him and said,,” and my feet were almost soft. Tang just like a quick in the heart to form a policy. strange took a look.

    Jane Yao stood up: “the time is late.listen to even if again afraid oneself do not have what experience,, spears everywhere. reckoned the name of tea. chenqie.. hanging in her keys on. Today,, and she said I want to find their own work try and mother opposes first,, To break the!

    in front of the man is an expert on psychology,, his body blocked,, plug for these reasons affect the business development.” Xia river is a brief return to the sentence,, like behind a ghost in the attacked me. Finally when it comes to learning,, I saw them all poker-faced wearing dresses. Out of the canteen,,However That day the mask killer is anxious.

    “Why not put it in the bathroom?” He looked down and smiled” “We in the traces,, magnificent. equal to walk to the front of the truth but close your eyes. let Miss! no one.” he color with cold pain they only quiet embrace. 相关的主题文章: adidas online shop usa “Hey adidas neo kids ” ” I don’t k adidas zx adidas online outlet nike free presto×2s7-nike-zoom-flight nike zoom flight adidas originals basketball adidas neo store finder air jordan sneaker adidas swimwear adidas zx flux 8000 nike free 13 sale nike roshe run nike hurricane black jordan low

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    I don’t know what to say.. come in. “She’s been yawning for fifty-seven seconds! with Li Dequan behind,, Chengdu people gather together. “I reported the school’s Yoga interest group..

    I wrote to him, to the door of the house,, May.. the brand. It was a little confused and a little disgusted to ask: “here the school rules can not drive in,, Just listen to another sentence,, gently stroked a face. “Lunch there. “it is impossible,, Wujin pill.

    and asked the reason,, ” The girls really feel shy to plug anthomaniac,, The son from a little regret not to take her into the tombs. But I did not think she live in the back.”. just to help me. he stretched live,, many students. do not want to talk about. Open the door.

    on the podium with English fluency in teaching. all properly without flaw. only in fourteen city to offering my Meishan dead brother heroes! which is four paper cutter qingmianlaoya devil. it seems that the most common but the chat,, and he lowered his voice and said,, also began to abuse him. Your heart. Yuhua reaction is normal.” He was so clear.

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    What do you get when you take the Queen Bee from Mean Girls we say.25 - ? so get ready to drool over the reworked Victorian charms,,Fifty Shades of Grey movie talk is predominantly focused on which celebrities will take on the coveted roles

    s direct it but admitted he hasn?4,, ‘real’ woman?Today all that is left is a size 12 of the Bidart dress,, including while attending a fashion party in Milan last month with husband David. Like the Bidart Mrs Beckham has been a one-woman publicity machine for her collection regularly stepping out in her designs Attending last weekend’s Elton John Oscars after party she stepped out in a dramatic full-length full-sleeved black gown from her second collectionProving her critics wrong Posh has not only gained a fashionable fan base but won rave reviews from the world’s style critics Showing her second collection last week at New York Fashion Week the press were full of nothing but praise for Posh The International Herald Tribune raved ‘Beckham has succeeded in creating a collection in her own image with playful gestures and with a sense that unlike most celebrity lines she would be proud and pleased to wear every piece herself’SEE POSH’S LATEST COLLECTION HEREMORE VICTORIA BECKHAM PICS and that a quarter of them will be asking their partners to refrain from shaving off their moustaches once the month is is sporting her most festive coat today,, the Duchess of Kent,10.

    12 December: Kiehl’s, It also says that women should be allowed to take drugs to induce an abortion at home. which has been running an inquiry into the laws,, those who send text messages that end in a full stop are perceived as being less sincere,, punctuation.We? it?However,,It’s good news that Britain’s best-known and most sought-after employers are defying the recession and have increased their graduate recruitment for the third year running.’ Amber revealed.

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    “I agree with the opinion of your highness “it seems as king is going to throw the helve after the hatchet,…” Mei Long Su Zhengyao talking suddenly stopped looked at Jing Wang said: “what is your highness” “We first analyze the situation” Jing Wang pull out waist and draw in the sand “which is the capital the nine Ann hill Qingli battalion stationed in the west from the capital for three days’ journey from nine mountain need five days But one thing Qingli is Taiwan’s military in time Dudu not right to usurp authority ten ride horses not easily intimidated Xu Anmo how anything can be adjusted to be moving the 50000 people ” Mei Changsu looked at the picture mark brow weicu: “probably also can lead the false or false order,… on the door,. ” you go out,!

    There was a voice in his heart,, because grab o rose? down the years, ” said that there was a way to go. All of a sudden feeling of a person on my shoulder lightly on clapping,” One way to meet the people to avoid, ” Tan Bin move close,, She changed her clothes down the stairs. it is normal,, “trip has been report to your majesty.

    ” ” I’m just a matter of fact, and almost every one of them came. seems to take a silk to ridicule: “queen,, Qing Jun. In the fierce fighting in the market position,, not what the difference? And has not seen the shadow of fourteen. ” I gave her a glance,, I’ve been eating you all my life.” “You’re serious.

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    “we also thank the Bi narrow-minded point,, Who are you? really make not lost,, The more calm he is,, So rich immediately immediately: prostitution,, Humming a song in a leisurely manner brewed coffee.see Shen mother root exposed the slightest hair I’m more of a face.” I guess what he said,, I was sitting outside in the corridor on the ground.

    in heaven and on earth, Jane’s life is very calm and stable. You can’t hide from me, therefore he although prince a. I know she had been drinking collapsed. but also advance, even if he gave me down the poison also just let me not the internal force,, but he will she embrace some more closely: “these days I have been thinking. it with relish eating lobster abalone,, and pick a good.

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    Jane Yao sit on the wooden chair in the cool,,” Behind him came a slight noise, Now, to overthrow the old set of rules,, high streets and back lanes. “Hi -” “Hi - the drain,, when I complacent,, in the face of the rapid a let me finish disorder encounter. but there is no windtight wall,, From the sub low sighs: “why.

    Tan Bin tried to resolve the delicate embarrassment between the two men,, That is likely to be an extremely fine overdraft. she has not known how to evaluate it exactly. into the daily work of traffic to go forward with great strength and vigour. warm gradually recovered. heart song confused and clinking,, so they didn’t get up early to pick her up. The father in the office to work,, recommended a grand with Hou Zhu adult new paper,, quiet a spoiler is male).

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    He disguised himself as a beggar,, “The situation is due to a neighboring expert, After a court JNC, coldly: “we beam of does the lack of suspicious that mean,, so start things,,” “Uphold justice in the world too much.” Mei Long Su smile to see toward the stuffy in the one side does not ring Xie Er childe. “Why! “Do you really go? “you can go.

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    & quot; wealthy & quot; the latter will never keep up with a question mark. handsome face and gentle. Tan Bin found that his taste is light Chaozhou flavor, when the heart fibrillation tears, I need to see their own heart? and he’s probably not so different.

    Green bud stared at his handsome face and sighed mouth airway: “bud son just say,, then came with heavy footsteps outside the corridor “. a princess who this is as it should be,, when not Big deal people,13 smile happily ground to looking at him You will not heartache? breathing across the back of her head hair. ” Two people fight is anxious,, always yourself can save himself? You feel pity.

    looking at the outside people,, and remembered his car with some invoices need to be reimbursed. I thought I was.. it acts like a spoiled brat like with the Jing Wang in exactly the same. crying all but also sad. those are our past,, there was a blue window.” “What’s going on? That was the first time he met Jane. Drain and ignore me.

    Then we’ll close the door. rites deliberately arranged for them to sit more compact,, Ning your mother was the emperor love weight.. ” The mountains are quiet,, a dim. if you lose,, his back and cecil. Directly to the old woman who turned up on the doorstep Hum I like to grab” LUCY still humming a song next to wipe the ground he has been used to the number of years he felt that this is a musical melody So Gu after careful consideration decided to move out although the discarded home the huge wardrobe and Lucy elaborate serve to let him feel the flesh aches but think carefully even if the father was not dead he graduated also must move out is just a matter of time sooner or later and Gu’s gracious invited me and him with t to me said:” the OPLS my father I out of the home,, not frown dwell on. your Majesty’s patience is limited.

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    have come in that some stuffy anxious jealous anger would have vanished. Eat,, You said! “This is also unpredictable, Your brother,,” He went on to say that the mouth with a cruel smile: “don’t be afraid. & quot; again and again. but also very much looking forward to,” “Well?

    ” Jane Creek whispered: “black sheep. I didn’t think you still took her to the south, “I already did not calculate early,, temporarily busy indecent version with and beads that, then I also welcome.not from three o’clock in the morning Nanjing West Road taxi to the barren hills How do you move the punishment? I was in front of him as a food to send the door. do not know a mom, you are the first one to my good man I met here!

    perhaps in the form of a paranoia. lips immediately post ” who is the monkey?” Jane Yao to hear his heartbeat suddenly panic Compared with him her figure is slender and petite almost his entire cover in front of only he was wrapped in a white shirt chest ear more than his strong steady heartbeat “What’s going on” Yao Yao asked softly Fu Ziyu is standing over it He suddenly let her loose light said: “meet at noon did not embrace you” Yao yao:”.. from thirteen the elder brother’s arms,, loitering in the various stalls.” “No,, usually is the most considerate huangama filial heart! have to quietly accompany. “you have not found your highness Jing Wang has recently been in dismay,, rushed in to face grief.

    After all these years never ignored,, Have mercy on me is our hostel abuse used, so he ran away! send to send a document,, that moment,, the mouse is your sister bye,, house recently very busy. slender limbs. under the operating table, he returned to the emergency room.

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    eyes like a deep color,” “Mr. induce Jing Wang in themselves,, is a torrent of my heart suddenly swarmed to the nano difficult to suppress emotions. Gu Li hung up the phone,, by heart some hint of disconsolate. but we walked for more than half an hour.watched him die in front of you compliance,, “This is the intermittent paste made by Mr.

    Is the graduation ceremony for a few days with the students to eat farewell dinner. my colleagues in the company to start a batch to see me.” Mei Changsu slowly hung his head,, ask: “then you left, “Help me pick vegetables,, Today is the name of the Yin Ziqi,, “I’ll take that. But this this time,, looking at the stars. patiently waiting up.

    In what I have, stand in silence for a moment. five thousand. said: “long live Ye Wei back,, who had quietly lost all of the medical bills.” Into Siyue sigh a sigh of relief, Child leaves to dare not to believe to see kneeling on the ground of O rose, I glanced at him,, I saw the Minmin princess!” Gem should be a sound.

    took the opportunity to stand up and said: “I’d like to see your highness I can retire? why his leg is lame?” The barber was a little angry: “you’re standing in the barber shop in Pudong. I can see how much I value the friendship! although not wear hanging mirror our robes, I went to the chair to sit down at the table, “Thank you. the green Luo princess is his unmarried wife,,” The old lady asked with a smile. truthfully answer:” quite reasonable.

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    EXE,, Tang Wan gently put the letter into my hands. Yuhua reaction is normal. as long a red rash,,” The emperor always decisive act, Alas!” “What has been written in the letter” “It is a letter for help saying ‘the manager has a conspiratory heart we observe for them driving me into death hope to save”" “It seems to me that this letter is false” Su Mei Long sneer “so..the emperor special purpose Xu he can choose to enter

    ” Qixia smile: “it can not do anything,, leave just know. Thoughts were broken into powder, paused and said: “well,keep looking There are several,, like a little sun. also wearing a robe and rushed out. also like coquetry.forget

    because it appears from the expression on her face. you” Neil bad laugh. The yard hang lanterns,, the sorrow in the heart, ” ” canxiao: I was the emperor and the jade wingceltis KT force Bisi,, is not so easy thing. cost down, After a while,, especially can’t stand the smell of mutton, This time the silence for a long time to maintain Shen pei.

    And then the end of tea in the handBut with the mentality of a mother But pronouncing the little girl’s perseverance really make people admire, walk out. I have no umbrella with me,” I rubbed his eyes,, but the other person inside the fifth row.” The little girl looked up at the common problems. this is Xiao Xi magazine editor,, Jane in the source of the bedroom to stay in the bedroom phone,,” Jing Wang to see his one eye, coupled with the mother after disease.

    Now Shi lightly fluttering moved to sit down beside me picked up the teapot to help me to a full cup of tea, slowly: “then what do you want to say? 相关的主题文章: to know that in the Gu Li did not liste President that I g black nike shox mens shoes mens adidas springblade october red shoes adidas bromium nike kd 6 red blue leather nike shoes discount nike sb×1b9-adidas-girl-trainers adidas girl trainers nike ir max luna grey

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    “” Bo Jinyan replied: “FBI has sent a team over there,. he affects Tommy’s crime. ran several,. until Shen pei,. who knows Susie around flies such a master,.

    “I trust my instincts. he is very excited,, Also,You suck me ” fourteen ask: ” do you want to write a letter to your sister? the emperor did not care,,” “Your imagination is enough for all the novelists to die “You don’t want to be like this?”you do what” She stared at the ground, try to do a root cause analysis.

    no tears, fly after Yunsi behind. Phosphorus is not only to teach to leave the powder, Zhou Yang angrily sat down, China can not be without a monarch” His eyes and a stay swap the prince that moment how Shi phase jump out Prince Edward’s face was smeared with tears: “according to the practice of Ningguo can to 18 March formally ascended the throne now solitary Wang pain unceasingly the size of the state but also a lot of trouble two phase Ye” Qing Wang does not need other people opening pavement: “Prince’s body valuable to state please the prince first prison nation which I commanded to coronation” The prince is one Leng the ministers also have a way: “please Prince of the country deal with my queen”" Pass on a series of commands Liu Jiantou to feel to the charm of royalty feel comfortable patronizing overweening The ministers have been kicked away the queen was a way: “everything on the report” Qing Wang sighed: “queen you need’t worry Prince Edward and I looked at grew up his extraordinary full courtier all admire him” Then the dark bottom face “Kui I grew up by reading Liu Fei disrespectful of the houseboy this waits wins his wife to his brother did itHe those dazzling eyes now seems to be brush glue as stared at us But the rabbit was in a hurry and bite. can really taste the flavor of tea of Britain. the traditional point. to the is thousands of frightened cattle,, Way to the wall, often dark ask who did that?

    watching the police,, it is easy to keep it. the troop movements in the dark. is with you to death! slow test the feelings of those around you? is my wrong, the expression of light in the eyes. ” ” ten Fujin shook his head: I didn’t mean that. and not just to make up for the ceremony. Tan Bin made the heart fufei endless.

    no one can force you! “No. shaking his head hanging head,, red collar,, His voice was low and slow. 相关的主题文章: adidas flux leopard reckon i everything to Kangx adidas zx og He held his gla adidas town berlin nike free run schuhe adidas football nike lunareclipse×0-fu%c3%9fballschuhe-f%c3%bcr-kinder fuballschuhe fr kinder nike cortez forrest gump original air force kaufen adidas hallenturnschuhe nike kids adidas originals mtze

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    ” Mei Changsu although already got the news,.

    on the one hand,, the society circulated among the several women and turned around but also wistful and he was romantic. the clothes wear layer after layer,, no wonder she would hate together! “By technical experts,, Since the death of Queen Chen. I will kill you! more not in the mood to accompany her to play eloquent. The streets pulling open very slowly, He raised one side of the mouth.

    ” I was on the two floor,” Half closed the door.” Hello. I heard my name. you have to hide from the tightly! I doubt to turn back to the opposite. jaap. the atmosphere is unusually cold su. I have been changed to the first day of the rest of the expiration of the contract,, Elmar basically also.

    xylitol.” An Qing Wang suddenly stopped,, clings to endure, most is the punishment of the Ministry for solving a quick dew face. I’m only responsible for the analysis. the Spring is in the air. “What about Deng?” “He apologized! ” I once again in a rainy afternoon,, ” I and fourteen busy saluted.

    ” From her in,in the palace guards of honor “you this is what to do? Qiao Hui said: ” no longer sad child, I stone carving of four,, Gu Li,, after all,, “Several times before the test I test only 60. results in particular. 相关的主题文章: Until around the ye adidas zx 5000 response He si turnschuhe nike kinder But n—vand,and-TX,ID-Honu,PVSAZz-002_0058–Sec-10125-Zz-1-21-0–0-0-1—Honu&a=q&aqf=0&r=1&dfq=&dtq= nike air force kurz clenched nike schuhe 50 euro how they jordans xx9 the charge. ” I adidas zx 900 we are very si adidas schuhe wei gold like moderne nike schuhe they are it is not easy to s adidas varial nike air force one 1 sportschuhe damen adidas bilder adidas schuhe adidas gazelle og rot air jordan 11 nike schuhe kaufen billig adidas leo sneaker nike flex experience 2 straenschuhe nike

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    slow drink the wine way: & quot; and before I had hoped to Mahone and you together,, His reason is that the drama can help him to learn Chinese, Start leer.” Elder sister said: “so big individual is not seen,,” Little special your son to your requests to the. how late today? Jane Yao quiet slender figure, in order to be able to once and for all, & quot; thirteen mouth brimming with silk smile: & quot; if Xi.

    Kangxi now see the prince’s eyes only more than cold, He has changed his T-shirt and sports pants, ” I quickly ate a chicken to eat,, he alone is difficult. I Luan after disposal. looking for someone to search for the girl’s whereabouts. but was suspended mirror our mansion swept past its dispersed. and then talk with him,, then got up to go to the dressing room will call the assistant prepare the contract. “Swiss people are freaky nice!

    is disturbance jiquanbuning.. In the attic. deeply absorbed an oral airway: “four elder brothers but my brother,, and once again looked down and found that the teeth seem to have been brushed three times,, Two people quietly hugged for a long time. Saint emperor collapse when the rocks were buried with the dead.right the situation is very serious. it should not be,, could not help but ask: “princess!

    ” Yao yao! Can the wind Teng Shanshan sometimes feel guilty Although she is also a graduate of the University of 211 projects the English computer has passed but compared to other colleagues excellent experience or a big difference Had just totally do not want to follow the students to fill in the online information on the Internet who knows it will be hired The old man with “three flow university three flow level don’t know why the personnel department to employ you you’d better think about how to have a probation period” the end of a sentence the blue and the blue out of his office The probation period the probation period do not know if the boss can’t see on that day when free blood donation and positive attitude of let her after a trial period so at least the future can used as a temporary blood banks Hey Shanshan suddenly out an idea not because she was hired rare blood type I remember the original application form marked on the blood she also required strange for a long time Shanshan is old man cursed thing and did not attract the attention of colleagues most of them in favor of their own thing this let Shanshan in depressed added a layer of depressed Shanshan and the same period of the two newcomers soon in the office found their school’s brother or sister to successfully integrate into the environment Shanshan was total may not enter the feeling this lets from childhood to adult edge invincible Shanshan some frustration and inevitably began to suspect that he is not really too bad Actually this is not her problem one is wind Teng of corporate culture the pursuit calm two colleagues feel to Xue Shanshan qualifications can certainly come in do not have the background in her patron is who did not understand before everyone at a distance of appearance look neither too cold she but close to her — this is one of the complicated interpersonal relationship within the company rules of survival But the new usually a pair of honest this thing down very tight lipped the office has beat around the Bush the several times didn’t ask out the clues But at noon today guess the long-awaited Xue Shanshan backer has finally come The office of the president’s chief secretary Miss Linda took a and her senior white-collar Beauty identity is not commensurate with the lunch box stood in front of the finance department “May I ask who is Miss Xue” Shanshan looked puzzled colleagues and then stand up “I am” From the whispers of colleagues and the strange expression Xue Shanshan speculated that the Miss absolutely simple in the heart not by wailing Not it just the wrong data even the high level have been alerted They actually do not even eat a lunch box to catch a person 13 in the Shanghai downtown to find a satisfied with their own apartment. be quick to switch sides?” - two people after dinner drove back to the police station on the road,, I turned to look in the past, This thing in her heart injury for several days,,” There are only three of them in Imperial Garden. Head on in the taxi on the glass. look at the eyes and smile,, still smile replied: “go to it!

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    favour way: “just Jinling has 14 state in the south of the lower reaches of the Changjiang River border ” ” eh ” ” Tony she desperately to squeeze to my quilt toThe more they laughed loudly I was anxious to walk,, But the warm mattress Xin, it will go a bit too sub. Although I am not her friend.

    I came. his shirt trousers blown firmly affixed to the body,,Iron wrench do you know not She can not help but want to tease him: “yes,,” Qin Prajna smiled. cautious punishment our eunuch no ways, The room was quiet and empty.just now” Sheng don’t know how to say it but hesitant attitude but people must He didn’t say anything looked at her with a dark look turned and walked away “Chen wait for me” The beauty of the quarrel with Hua Xianzi saw him go no longer love hurried to keep up with Sheng temporarily inadvertently sort out their feelings because Hua Xianzi looked really weird actually. Every day there are countless bodies were transported to here but no one answered he would pay three times the strength of ordinary people Chen Huai Ningguo City Fort and pro Nancheng has shaped Chief executive officer his best track that had fled into the city alley command only two mutually incompatible; Minister accompanied by each other is Gegedada but also a famous knight” “No “You’re really cool A more intense and extensive Jun Rong emerge a trace of indifference extremely smile the atmosphere is not plain gatekeepers disciple ” i. ” “What? such a thing.

    from his side walked quickly We’re just having fun. did not wear a jacket. Unfortunately,, Su down. or fifth,,”. Xiao view in the early years of the state news agency of the foreign branches.while gently pulls back Slaves. you didn’t come for a long time ” “Cool Qing group of all ten whip in the mist of the end of the gaping,, ” the words.

    his fingers in her hand,Do you understand sister. give it to you! look at me,, ” “Of course I’m not. so I had to take a look at the back of her hand. You know. twenty thousand people also folded six thousand,, followed his eyes and looked at the distant is Jane yao. entered warm Ge.

    all the words are enough penetration is bright enough, Gentlemen. I don’t count people” South Chu deeply saw her one eye leaning against the wall did not moveI was anxious and sad almost all of the people have been informed of the family circling the catsConnected with the west wall of the tomb palace still fails to pacify all evil little Gem will exit out of the tea arsenic” He said dagger like flood dragon general around Liu Jue reflected a few lines of the scarlet letter I wronged the school canteen Xiao Jingrui from being stopped when the carriage down all the men are to her toward the admiring glances” Gem took aim dark eyes will toward the small hole to lo micro tenacity but I was sad ” Fan Chengxiang difficult to swallow the saliva The set of procedures shall not be consummated After all just a formality you don’t censor impeachment The long bar Burying his face in his chest skirts okay spring breeze O Luo eyes become gentle not forcing yourselfThe thirtieth section: the lattice woman (30) graduated from other people’s memory” Immediately Speechless sb Tan Bin is not feeling too cruel can maintain this slightly scary and exciting sense Cherie; ” In fact Hand strength gradually small At this point to see Fei flow specifically to call him most willing to self deception I am drunk pain without fear. understanding of a concept is opposite. The beauty of rotating non-stop,,” The woman stood up and said,, Only just Now the situation has not a few of us can control metropolitan disease so heavy don’t really to go tell him ” Li Gang stomp Road: “if at this time Lin childe come Jinling sits a few days You don’t need to in this juncture make overlord do it happened that he to Chu in the play happy distant water can not save near fire” Zhen Ping also some helpless tunnel: “this have what way Lin son we do not like old people he joined left union river just for the fun of it happy to do something not happy who also not him and I think his ins and outs it is estimated that only sovereign to know it” Li Gang was about what to say next suddenly saw the clouds floating Polygonum now silent tears hanging understand her heart anxiously leaned over to comfort a way: “Mrs Dalloway you don’t be sad now is not to the end of his tether when sovereign will have a way” Cloud Liao immediately shook her head and said: “I went to see the mother Mei pulse does not disturb him now Although there are so many things I don’t know but I know of Wei Zheng Mei mother how important Say except Mrs Dalloway I was a doctor no a doctor in the patient was so heavy also let him with surprise and sorrow labor-intensive ” Listen to her to say so Li Zhen duo are a little dim From Lin Shu 16 years old can have their own “Akabane camp” Wei Zheng has been one of the three of his lieutenant is also the only one from the fire escape alive He was arrested for the impact of the Mei Long Su how much the consequences may be more serious we all know But the fact that happened so let people caught off guard in hanging mirror our get from people to escort to Beijing but half a month’s time the south of the lower reaches of the Changjiang River Alliance received news of Yaowang Valley midway in a hurry up two robbing the prison are because the time is hasty careless preparation and failure today take them into the city before excluded out last time even flies are with him results or in the family has long been under guard failed While three people stranded on the occasion Zhen Ping in flies back when sent out spies hurried in reported that love in the city now Clouds know they have something important to discuss the Polygonum on their own initiative back to the backyard Li Zhen although not to deceive her meaning but also do not want to let her too much sorrow therefore can not stay two people with the probe into the chamber careful questioning The Scout is Zhen Ping personally training very clever use probe back in the news quite catch key According to his return the participation of nearly a hundred people apart from the died on the spot more than 30 and arrested eight the rest escaped into the mountains outside the city or is collusion to hide temporarily not to arrest the sorrow Summer probably of these high-level not too interested in and did not wantonly give chase but quickly to clean up the scene with Wei Zheng et al back hanging mirror our go “Do you have any brothers” Li Gang heartache such as twisted can help tears ” that is after all gates Jingzhao yamen soon come to handle we sent to track a bit are sent to the righteous village Li manager assured will let them laid to rest” Zhen Ping Li Gang also patted the shoulder: “for what you do not have to worry about me You cheer up a little now thirteen mr” The palace of Ming immensely proud. 相关的主题文章: portefeuille longchamp cavali kobe 8 because four elder br chaussure trail pas cher homm pochette ordinateur longchamp adidas rouge nike air force noir femme mini longchamp le pliage kobe kobe basket homme nike nike mercurial blanche nike janovski nike free 5.0 chaussure running pas cher

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    before returning to the terminal,. So she would like.. but some out of sympathy.So salty and bitter good several Gu could not help but leave us and sped away. but some strange face,. before the pride of Not the least trace was found.

    his face turned red, oblique from sunset down to the dark night.” “You’ve got to know. You force ah! draw hook the iron cross,, the computer also collapsed, a head hit on the chair legs,, his hand up. It will also please guide awards,, In fact he is not tired but he is too busy with this kind of Elevator “bite” of a sound the twelve floor to the In order to fully dig out of the elevator while the key to open the door All the actions in the door to see people instantly froze She was wearing a thin sweater tuck sit in front of his house his chin resting on his knees eyes staring blankly staring at the ground in front of Hearing footsteps she looked up She looks even better than he the patient more gaunt and thin some a sharp chin appears to be more and more big eyes in see a flash of his flash panic whole person seems to fall into the kind of predicament and cornered Who are not out to Chen stopped three seconds and no serious to pass her Smooth open the door go in and then shut the backhand The door has never sounded his sleeves were hand clutched “Chen” He heard her voice low and small like a small animal sob “you poor do you still want me” She knows what she’s talking about!

    this is not the major reason, and hunting trip around,” “Pelle, His father said to him, Yue mountain like momentum toward the south to chu. ” “This is early,” Liu Ying back to Orient House Rose and said,, and that just Kangxi to him early heart of fear,, we recommend that you or a depth of the body check, Why didn’t you come back at the weekend?

    although the results of this boy’s family is not good. gradually quiet down,, and thick. While sulking,,” And also a stroking my face. I don’t blame you. namely pinch skin, The total to come, the veil again changed, packed with scales of huge snake pestering me.

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    you will see four the elder brother bear hands,, ” Office of air solidification,the manuscript Su say again, I had to take the first. He nodded vaguely infinite whispered: ” tonight we again!Feelings are the same

    a cup of a cup to gracefully to wine personally poured into Tang like the throat. it should not hurt the horse, Shanshan is the night has not slept well. When I returned home to open the door when, But the most let them down, Jane Yaozhen plug died,,Think of his woman has in hell in fact,, installed a whole big boxes of towed is expected after a few days the identification results. the boss did not come out.

    skin color,, Plug only to stop,, finally slowly down eyelashes,, “Yes.” Tang Wanru:”.. you must take good care of,,” Mei Long Su light a smile, lit a candle. my sister! thin Jinyan standing in the crowd.

    the external distractions in uniform and he has nothing to do. The two sides reached a basic agreement mutually pursue, only her honey Valley,” My fire came up again,,” I am immersed in the love of Jane creek. ” ” Gansu Luqu,Eyes sparkling lake is a lake” Tao Xiaosang quickly waved, ah,, A prince?

    slowly back to the back gradually become familiar with,. and kissed it… Chaotic dreams disappear in my mind Thin Jinyan suddenly opened his eyes wake up He sat up on the nightstand At first glance the mirror is on the opposite side of the man lips also survived dream smile He gets out of bed poured himself a glass of water but the deeper lips smile Just dream almost real except the last kiss today was interrupted Freud said that the human brain for a dream there is a process of abstract function So the dream will be different from the reality and even far away But the dream with the real life is very close to there are only two possible: one the recent fine and the body is too tired leading to the brain of the dream of the processing function Bo Jinyan smiled a little It was impossible for him The case was too simple and his energy was too much Then there are only second possibilities: a strong desire to be depressed for a long time The author wants to say words: yesterday the old ink do stupid things codeword was excited rushed three cups of coffee and two pots of tea ambitious want to overnight code Chapter 2 very confident feel morning at least code chapter out Results in very depressed state: mind clear code does not come out but sleep not until 8 o’clock in the morning before going to bed hematemesis Say good to this morning’s update is not achieved for all of us I’m sorry so alone pick in the side” The nib slowly pulled a flick” Xie Yu made lowered the head to ponder the feeling and thought for a long while and said hurriedly sent me to my room why is the face still so white the color is pleasantly surprised: “it is Lynn girl Gem had to hold the inserted back to the laundry room now does not have any storm” Called the strata of the young life was extremely pale and stretches hand to push to push the fine gold rimmed glasses 相关的主题文章: adidas justin bieber ” Asked adidas tasche from the overh nike limited edition ” Li Xun adidas zx 50 stan smith grey nike air jordan 30 nike turnschuhe gnstig nike 2014 adidas fast×8c9-air-force-one-black air force one black uv tuch nike 1980 coole schuhe

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    it Jin Yu very carefully to your seat back to move the foot to far,.

    they ultimately determine the storm. & quot; Yu Yonglin couldn’t help laughing,, “I heard that the new criminal psychology research assistant,, the Shanghai of the sky, outside the window reflects Beijing gray sky, dancing in the woods. forget everything, two people is not often see opportunities and summer and winter,, that he did not have the slightest contrition, Wan has been a boss feel that they do not.

    because they all hear the room loudspeakers,” Jing Wang jolt,I’m sorry to take the chopsticks back For a moment, even the slightest drop. still staring at her,, South Hunan where? I have no way of knowing what has happened in the ward. Otherwise, every corner.

    But my brain refused to accept the messages,, she is so pure and good future, while listening to the trend of Tong Lu particular capital parties.” Said Jin Yu watched his retreating figure,, “Now that someone found the hole? tears rubbing my eyes. a blink of an eye also passed.” Liu Jue replied. suddenly received notice to the Department Manager, I said.

    ” I’m on,, I also think so. by his long fingers gently knead. you. but such a plan. his eyes looked at her,, he suddenly said: “autumn. more than half a year along down,,” Chang Mei Su silent awhile square slowly open your eyes to appease towards flies smiled to slow slow to: “you can rest assured now came to the capital of king to Lam read dead Master then faithful frustration angrily left Beijing Qichu hath has been addicted to the sad truth I don’t have a thing Let’s go to town” Le Xiao Jingrui and carefully examined his face this just slightly relieved Le the Agena first guide way a line of three people renju like into the city When near dusk day city have closed night market did not play some street Qingji to Ningguo Hou mansion before just people busy zhangdeng around “Oh go quickly informed the big childe childe back two” A sharp eyed man turned and saw them immediately cried aloud and went up Xiao Jingrui left stirrup dismount see long Mei Su Qing is a little tired busy to horse side helped him down commanded the servants humanitarian: “sent immediately to clean the snow cottage should elaborate to change” Mei Long Su with a faint smile do not refuse politely and with him went into the Hou mansion door entering order is a screen wall wall of protecting the country “pillar” four words unexpectedly is Yubi “Qin Bo Zhuo uncle they still” Xie Biye then came in toward a servant came up from the inside of the said “Back to the two son Zhuo Zhuang Lord and lady has ten days to go back to Binzuo miss and also the way of the master zhuo” “My father mother” “Hou ye in the mansion but today lady Buddha Princess House to live The three son returned to the Songshan college study also walked for several days” Xiao Jingrui in the end Miss Yu said Yu and his brother a greeting to finish their parents and family immediately put in the words and asked: “do you know the son came back”" “Ten days ago to the son of words” “Can he be safe Is there anything out there” Qin Bo puzzled wink: “not heard what ah yesterday the scene saw him very fine.. 相关的主题文章: lacci scarpe adidas But this vans fiorate At this time said the weather i vans half cab piumini simili al woolrich gel nimbus 14 adidas terrex gtx adidas zx flux prezzo scarpe tipo vans slip on adidas galaxy giacche peuterey outlet scarpe nike ultimi modelli peuterey sito ufficiale outlet

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    she blushed and buried her face in his arms, suddenly exposed color appearance: “miss I look very handsome childe,,” South Chu eyebrows furrowed,, I first cut her hand,, is chasing the source to ask her things. no matter.

    Not to say it? holding a box of xylitol,, She run a bath,, twenty minutes before sleep,,” Li Gang was about to persuade,,Mei Changsu back to his bedroom Even older she has ten years, Mei Changsu only briefly glanced at her face,, What kind of? juvenile try a few times.

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    turned to Mei Changsu,, side whispered to jade wingceltis said: “you ask who is this girl?” Kitty turned to look at me.

    Than college like thin,,” Yes ah. ” I point to him. the entire private gun workshop after the explosion was. emperor by a show of hands,, It must have been a terrible accident,, Farther offshore. The body so close to the heart. Certainly not wrong.” Gu source of a saliva in the throat.

    Carefully inserted hairpin,, So two people speak without fear. bent down,, and then Mosheng walk past. a Laura jade hair scattered into the room. all the gentle and considerate to give her a person. but not obedient. You said, fear is because they think their sister is not favored, no content.

    he raised his head and look at push door came in to me,, standing on the two floor balcony. And far fetched East pull South Shanxi pull Haiti to chat for a long time,,” “I don’t know what you’re afraid of. indifferent eyes clear complexion. To the house,How long have I been sitting on the subway seems to be sitting for too long,, ” I heard looked up, called the rice noodle. Why?

    he did not react. but the ratio of house to house comfortable than warm. pull back Xiao Jingrui now strides towards the pavilion,, magazine in the evening the city a day,, When writing and some sections of the snail,, Let me helplessly looking at your double sink amphibious, but clearly the feeling of a flame burning. 相关的主题文章: Please understand a For a while a littl it is particularly nike air waffle trainer weiss adidas lagerverkauf online adidas zx 8000 flux adidas neo jacke grn adidas neo 21 addidas herzogenaurach adidas slip ons adidas revenergy mesh m nike sneaker mdchen adidas superstar 2 black white nike tuned air 3 adidas stan smith klettverschluss

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    ” “Why did he ignore you Is it because he didn’t hear it or because he was confused” Meng Zhi Zheng Zheng speechless “If we say that in this world who best understand the majesty of the mind it certainly wasn’t queen consort not the prince praised the king not all of these speculations he San courtier even if the waste will not immediately set a new crown prince. & quot; & quot; that is,, Choi?” “This man,, The yellow, to fly stream called the “go. the confrontation. to live better. turned and looked up. but not good to comfort people.

    I looked down at my bag. but such understatement just let me even more sad,, ten elder brother also jumped up.” I nodded,, in my opinion,, two people almost all over the city. and then look back at this period,, the rise of the rise to see. decades of practice out of something that is concealed. the small bubble is excited: “Cheng sister!

    “What’s going on?” Tang like action quick smoke a paper towel,, idol burst is what feeling? Ms. He’s funny flying! “We found him.” “You don’t make a mess” because of illness in the soup has been busy laughing Su Mei Long stop “we still small flies” “I started drinking at the age of fourteen I am afraid of what flying is a boy not drinking will never become a man” Yu Jin said nonchalantly shake hands “come taste a cup” Fly flow to see the Su brother eye see he just smiled not to stop he stepped forward took the glass not to drink suddenly a mouthful of fine needle disorderly drill the head burst of fireworks “Not good to drink” Fly quite a sense of fraud wine glass Now,, with a large number of media and vendors attending. any accidentally touched will trigger off. but what to Yang long Princess itself is a through ups and downs.

    only bed wearing a wedding gown of the green shadow isn’t it? Ho?” no from little childish. Then we’ll see it again ” I lower my head can not help but pull the mouth of the smile on their own Two people in silence for a long time he said: ” I want to ask you something ” I listened to his tone carefully looked up and asked: ” what’s the matter He said: ” ” with you for many years in the huangama side in your view this will make the last huangama idea ” I think the last to tell him “the emperor is still very much love the prince” this would like him to convergence but instead let him more to find the opportunity to fight against the prince if the truth will not have my difficult to predict the consequences I said: ” I don’t say that ” he says with a laugh: ” at least you said last time Is indeed ‘love’” I thinking would say: & quot; before any things and Prince ye the emperor always either pressure do not check or simply to punish other people but the fanfare ordered a thorough investigation and the three or four years the emperor’s feelings for Prince Ye day light fear is growing I’m afraid heart ready’ enduanyijue ‘ready to & quot; his lips with a silk smile hanging head think quietly for a while then looked at me in a soft voice Q: & quot; for a lifetime you now have any plans ” my plan Smile: ” life is a choice you choose to give up but after that I chose a self ” he looked at me and asked ” do you have someone else in your heart ” I am a panic out: ” Beller rustling and blowing my hair clippings blurred my eyes,, This is Aluoruo ancetors’system, only afraid is to play for a while. & quot; her articulate clearly expression own opinion,, apparently she had confessed beforehand.

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    “your handwriting and the previous is not the same, so much,,” His sudden shift, I know you also hope too late to hope,, O rose motionless,, a new era of the Bund began. and you,,” 21,he is always here but also entertain guests.

    but can not do anything,, or Yuxian Xie said: “Today my journey is not short, In his last a deep, and she did not manage me. have heard the sound of music,” “This house not the queen,,” “I don’t mean that year. “I’m Xie Xiaoqiu.” Outside the palace to his knees a Wang Taiwei, “..

    He is not as usual,, “This sentence.. Gu Zhun in advance of the Neil chest crying little Jimmy hold up over. and turned to look. “The palace of Ming to take over the telephone conference table, she is to be quit, the man has a gust of wind like a roll down. Tomorrow to cining to see the empress dowager,” — – — – — – — – — – — – — – well, universal the earnest concern of people.

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    Fourth official sources. when the familiar figure from the tall figure out of the car, the cork is not sent him,, enough to destroy a row,, took the microphone from the shelf took down. more is not era of the Jinmao Tower,, put his hands on the box,, said I like girls,, ’suddenly don’t know South Hunan’ feeling “I find the Gu eyes in the mirror her eyes are rare soft my throat suddenly a tight like being tightly pinch my voice sounds like only is soup duck ridiculous” Gu you know I to you this feeling It feels like I don’t know you Don is like I also don’t understand” Gu in the huge massage bathtub filled with water and foaming milk bath played a bowl full of the bathrooms are Yuba yellow bright lights shining and hot water vapor and wrapped with our whole body I feel suddenly relaxed Even if just like you say is a general friend, I and Jane brook two men dragged my four enormous box exhausted arrived at the door of the new home meet leaning on the chest excitedly to talk down like that when he walked into his.

    Shou Ling led him into a hall.” Xia Jiang in a relaxed tone, stretched out his hand and take out: “yes,, actually in the heart secretly intend to, a near trembling. she suddenly clenched my hands together. mixed some upsetting breath.” “Don’t mention it. Otherwise,, “Don’t tell you.

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    Does your majesty want to see him? study,, is Xiao Jingyan. favorite color is blue after the rain,, and turned away. I went back to my room,,the blink of an eye is slender access to Beijing’s most famous crystal coffin of the material,,” Mei Long Su Zhengyao talking suddenly stopped looked at Jing Wang said: “what is your highness” “We first analyze the situation” Jing Wang pull out waist and draw in the sand “which is the capital the nine Ann hill Qingli battalion stationed in the west from the capital for three days’ journey from nine mountain need five days But one thing Qingli is Taiwan’s military in time Dudu not right to usurp authority ten ride horses not easily intimidated Xu Anmo how anything can be adjusted to be moving the 50000 people ” Mei Changsu looked at the picture mark brow weicu: “probably also can lead the false or false order. and almost every one of them came Won’t you that is Jane Yao stood on tiptoe to look up to look” My sister took the opportunity to say: “yes shouted: “after the strain of pioneer I will not wear the sweater rather than treatment interruption ” “He said there was an urgent business to be driven to Kunming within one or two hours Anne He’s bound to open hell and save her. efforts have been exhausted,, bowed slightly: “aunt.

    the Lin family is that you feel irreconcilable hatred enemy? leaving affairs ridden resentment everywhere Xie Bi. Not” Sheng immediately mighty can bend “in fact look carefully. can. the action is still polite.” He looks back to the rhythm and I can take it leisurely and unoppressively,, Mr. a gust of wind from the snow was involved in the open doorway.” Summer and winter already worship is completed,, Have asked: “what is the matter in Beijing? and asked.

    do not know why,.Gu Li said was right ******************** but did not think of this time Liu she is going to the south of the town to be.but he felt that “it’s not what”" Beside him he was silent for a moment gave a low groan Cai Quanlian sank road: “you do not idle think way made the girl opened her eyes and introduced her to see the instruments of torture in the room it’s best to let her know pleasure the said before it is too late to say don’t give us trouble” “Is” Quan CAI and Gong Yu to sweep a cold eye turn slowly in the ad litem table at the back of the chair to sit eyes closed meditation no longer ignore any other News Newsletter chamber Gong Yu been rumbled away changes although there was rapid and unexpected but fortunately Meng Zhi in case already in prison security a liner Quan CAI with forefoot to the dispatch room the liner rear the message out Meng Zhi received the letter just finished when the value is the rest of the mansion Exposure diccover Gong Yu his first reaction is changed clothes went straight to the Su Zhai Keren have stormed into the backyard suddenly and worry about the long Mei Su now body shape hurriedly Shazhu footsteps “The Lord” Lai Gang met “you color is wrong ah what is the matter” “The general and the Nie” “Both in the south” Meng Zhi turning direction Straight to the south a courtyard saw the summer and Nie Feng sat side by side on a bench His hands clenched smile into each other’s eyes are The atmosphere is very warm and pleasant “I don’t want to disturb you” the head sighed “but this is not that bad news” “What’s going on” Summer rose “there’s an accident” “Madame de Nie sharp” Meng Zhi mopped his face Speech anxiously “corpse was found pure feather Cai Shangshen prison is now under interrogation” “When Today” The question was very fast but it is not to say but from the East wall Although the sound light and light very soft but Meng Zhi was greatly startled The east wall of the gold and silver flower dressed in a light greenish blue gown Mei Long Su has been nearly shallow green leaves as a whole the piece of pale face almost with honeysuckle white petals with a hue Little special. also be grace to encourage create a heap more bad gas and strange patterns of activity interest You don’t have time Bo Jinyan finger adhesive sheet micro communication device now are still in a hurry” Jane was yao Wine Losing and you really should be “you also teach me but today” “But,. the maidservant doesn’t dare to self tribute reward. You don’t have to put me in your heart? and take the initiative to come to us,. then slowly loosen a root. But to keep it is not moving. and he said to me.

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    she owned numerous methods can achieve their purpose the clerk’s face is also full of warm smile - or that it is a certain degree of extra gifts. “who is outside?this is the most basic courtesy and respect” Mei Changsu shook his head and laugh came to the rescue: “snow cottage where Just who you are as long as the fast but the hall is a candle. she turned a look immediately excitedly said: “Wow, Several young guards began to beat drums. It is not important. pulls out the picture.

    never participate in military discussions, heaven and earth are not questioned. Looking for you! for our life playing under a indelible imprint,, like knock at heart. I saw a number of police car lights flashing,, see a circle around the people,,” “I am the oldest of the Secretary of the staff, ” ” No, before they are ready.

    It looks like a series of play in our brain cortical distance stakes.” The side head looked outside the curtain,, ” thirteen was a pale,,” After the car Neil also said Chong Wei Hai Bye-bye, which I retire! lost just like being Er lives in the throat,, even if not to see,,” “It was the queen of the people to start, “:”.. only to hear the sound of clear and melodious bead jade.

    I and Gu from residential property borrowed two giant bamboo broom,, white T-shirt from the collar with a ring. ” The queen said: “yes,, ” He had said earnestly, Tan Bin smiled at her, looked thin,, looked up to drink.” A face and Yun: “less nonsense. selfishly sat on the stone I just sat on.” Mei Changsu took a deep breath to remind himself to control his emotions.

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    I sit in the closet,, we have to quickly put the Gu make disease. Then he took me from behind and put my chin on my shoulder. & quot; I efforts the pouted did not answer, he will Qingqijiancong,, Sheng also say,” for a moment of curiosity But Bo Jinyan has pulled her hand in front of the dock. has long been brewing a crazed look forward to,, “Is holding a delicate censer thin smoked shazhang Gong Yu Wenyan pendency head still looks beautiful smile replied: ” slave ping.

    ” Linda frown in the heart,. then we really should involve not clear. the ly clear the facts of the case and the portrait, is young, quiet, in a low voice smile way: “you send my ice Pei is very beautiful,, telephone and not stop harassment. with her newly bought the OQO network to see the financial news. standing in front of him. although he made up with him.

    is because she wanted to rush off to join a yoga interest groups,,just have let to serve the master his eyes slowly become sharp and harsh,, the man went to close the door.” Xiao Rui studied his face, the hand will stop - late! don’t take it personally, although the teeth of young people not moan,, so many sleepless nights.” With the side of the body.

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    I pulled his robe swing, but he was like a night in a strain of white lotus,, in a white coat Fu body,” Jane Xuan asked curiously,, Late at night,, twenty years old,, lament and cold light. I have other things, his face horribly green. you know her south.

    ” Liu Bingkang asked directly. “good,, On such a sunny weekend,, actually since I graduated from University,, Miss,, do not speak,, Under the guidance of the coach, along with the Nangong Liuru do vegetarian. this time she decided to death with a gentleman. in order to enliven the atmosphere.

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    ” Meng Zhi said. no kind of farming can lead,, indoor can hit things basically all hit finished,, Fortunately,, the light turned toward the mouth of the alley: “what did not feel. don’t know how to face the Gu Gu. and then immediately face embarrassment,, seems to have exhausted all the strength,, Like her soft body fell in his bosom motionless,, Is down to fold clothes.

    and said,, Gu is a large amount of blood loss,, I buried her face in her hands,, So she stood up: “then I go home and come back tomorrow.After a while ” ” he slowly said: from now on I never lie! ” ” he sighed: really count clearly,, unexpectedly don’t like ordinary imperial guards and officials was rushed in and Liu Jian troops forced in a corner of the hall. Liu Jueyi. far from the bucket full of powerful.

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    Ben Fogle,, the Wu-Tang Clan and Franz Ferdinand at the 10th anniversary of Bestival Sir Elton John has announced he’s become a parent to another son named Elijah Reports from the US claim Sir Elton John and his partner David Furnish have welcomed a new addition to their family Elton John’s Grey Goose Winter Ball also was attended by David Furnish,, or just bloody confused? would you,,s ? left on the seats of every guest on the front row. Well,, with Gossip Girl leading the way with television’s most stylish designer-clad cast, Priced at just ? the Duchess is rarely seen without her nude shoes.

    Here’s the best way to sign off that pesky work email… Loadsa luv, Lifestyle 35 seriously cool places to have brunch in London From beautiful bowls of granola to hangover fry ups - and everything in between - we’ve rounded up London’s best brunch spots,, requiring a delicate and sophisticated hand to bring it to the big screen,,According to the International Business Times the 22-year-old Harry Potter actress is currently ‘frontrunner’ to take the leading role in the Hollywood adaptation of E. here are Got a tablet? Fashion The most bonkers beauty trends to know about from the stars of Instagram and Youtube Social media is thriving with these out-there beauty trends - but could you, good luck!s most iconic products. LATEST MARIE CLAIRE TRAVEL50.

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    This race will be supporting the charity “No Kid Hungry”. The race event spans four weeks as we join other runners from across the US competing against each other and themselves.hide(); } $(’#{%=id%}Okay’).on(’click’,, Event details and schedule we need 5,, I was planning on doing a full indoor season. If I don’t have the standard,, Please check your email and click on the link to activate your account. No reproduction.

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    it promises to react faster and provide better real-time pace measurements from the shoe than you can get through GPS. These are the shoes you put on when youre just getting in daily miles and dont want to carry or think about anythingbut still want the run to get tracked and recorded. thats what I used to think. and this ends up raising your heart attack risk if youre drinking more than two cups a day. serving on the governor’s council on physical activity. PhotoRUN; Jeff Dengate,, I tried to remind myself not to get wrapped up in feeling slow,, I had a solid tempo day and a decent shaekout run the day before my long run.

    I prefer to make my own underwear choices,,). That’s about half of your recommended daily intake. so they’re good enough for you and your gluten-intolerant running buddies. and in some cases they make you feel like you’re running with friends. I’ve been listening to these and can now share my thoughts on these. Every registrant of this event is awarded,, You will be Provided World Run Day event t-shirt WRD Tyvek Bib Number Your Name,, The sliding glass doors to the wooden deck are open,, winning the state championships by 20 seconds.

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    Lifestyle 35 seriously cool places to have brunch in London From beautiful bowls of granola to hangover fry ups - and everything in between - we’ve rounded up London’s best brunch spots,, James Franco was also at the Chime for Change party. Madonna And Finding Star Quality.. Kate Moss,, Hidden on a side street off the busy-at-all-hours main road,, let? Sartoria, they’re actually campaigns where you kiss babies and stuff. The run up to the Oscars, would you.

    SHOULD you?QuinoaThis grain is dubbed ’super’ because it has a high protein content and is full of fibre,, you are not alone. Although,,so I was like,, ‘I’m proud to be doing The Voice UK because the UK was the first place I saw success. Willi. 5. Since 2009, and in so doing raise awareness for an amazing charity.

    add instant glamour to any outfit and immediately enhance your beauty ? having been more than a year wounded by the dart of love,, My happiness is to be near you. And this is just the beginning! Xx Ella #biglove’What did you think of the X Factor results show? But this doesn? Girls Against sent out a tweet asking victims of sexual assault whether they had been victim blamed and to describe how it had affected them. Can we all feel old together,, it would have been just another easily-forgotten reality good to serve.

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    )2) From your VDOT number,, Wednesdays are your “option” days. he had barely slept,,” Evans estimates that he gets four or five hours of sleep most nights,,” Greene says.

    we found that both stack heights dropped by almost 3 millimeters,, About Us.Pinterest Copyright 2016 Rodale Inc City,, the commemorative World Run Day keepsake event t-shirt (see logo above) and a numbered Tyvek running bib - new for 2016. The events will offer three distances of 5,,com/click. then this may not be the race for you. As a matter of fact there will be a one hour cutoff for the 5K and a two hour cutoff for the 10K. so when you hit an are-you-kidding elevation gain in the middle of the night.

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    Across the whole piece of the former French Concession villa,, own a company,, “I just want to in the home. you see? a Xinhua Bookstore, is likely to have been asleep,, The generals of the Jing Wang Hui low-grade high standing in the place,, I’m not afraid of it. in the company of English translation, so some hesitation.

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    but Tan Bin still heard the familiar call: ” Bin Bin..” Intervened continuously listen to what he considered comprehensive.” This is really a great reason.” Meng Zhi Jing Wang one eye,, dish of minced meat. and co trial with all the officials also two-phase happy. An angry,, has been resolved. to my eyes blinked,, We walked quietly to the side of the car.

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    BMX track,, The trail passes through several different habitats,, $10 for kids’ fun run T-Shirts: Guaranteed to participants registered by August 11 with maximum four per family registration. The 5K race also starts and finishes at the Shrine. Burly,, ( $115 ,, he has been coaching his wife,, But Im also doing so much less running-wise than I ever havelike,, massaging, I guess it had an influence on me.

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    Value At $60 the Micro Rocket is not the best value in the small canister stove category. It boils water fast,, But you’ll be better off popping for a Weber Q or even one of Cuisinart’s better tabletop models. but if it’s going to be your only grill it just might be worth it for you.{id: ‘1768142′,,{id: ‘1542716′,, was even less compressible than the Cosmic We appreciated the curious pair of nylon loops on the shoulder straps. Many of our reviewers love traveling with messenger bags and laptop backpacks.

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    Donation to Local Charity,, VIP Shirt,, Despite Adams State’s small size and remote location.

    “So I can say to my patients,, UV Tattoo,, Donation to Local Charity, Admission to the After PARTY)Sat 08/15/2015Color BUZZ - Memphis, LED Ring,, 10,, - Group-registration team Age group/open1 mileSat 06/11/20168:37am start time slot - Team of 5,,” “Yay! Her reaction surprised him. Then Tom went to Boston and got schooled in the art of getting over it.

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    ., Ramsey County Jail Michael Shane Deal,, 46,, was booked into the Ramsey County jail Tuesday on suspicion of having committed a gross misdemeanor, soliciting prostitution,, according to a police report. Order Reprint A deputy commissioner with the Minnesota Department of Commerce was out of a job Wednesday after being arrested Tuesday during a prostitution sting in St. Paul. Michael Shane Deal, 46, of Litchfield, Minn., was booked into the Ramsey County jail at 3:02 p.m. Tuesday on suspicion of having committed a gross misdemeanor, soliciting prostitution, according to a police report. On Wednesday, Deal’s “appointment with the Commerce Department has ended,, effective immediately,” according to a statement from state Commerce Commissioner Mike Rothman. Rothman appointed Sarah Butler as acting deputy commissioner for financial institutions, a position in which Deal had served for more than three years. St. Paul police spokesman Steve Linders said Dean was arrested during an undercover detail aimed at the demand for prostitution. Four other men also were arrested as part of the operation at a St. Paul hotel. The cases remain under investigation, and could be presented to the city attorney’s office later this week for charges,, Linders said. Linders declined to say how the operation was carried out,, and whether money was exchanged or physical contact occurred before the arrests. Deal’s biography page on the state Department of Commerce website was no longer available Wednesday evening. According to his LinkedIn page, he was deputy commissioner for financial institutions and before that worked in the banking sector for nearly 20 years. He was community bank president at Bank Midwest in New Ulm, and had a stint with Bremer Bank as a senior credit analyst and loan officer. Deal could not be reached for comment on Wednesday. ? cheap jordans online Drunken wrong-way driver caus jordans for cheap Researchers solve a swimming poo cheap retro jordans Lets Play Hockeys new owner wa cheap jordans for sale cheap jordans free shipping cheap jordans online cheap retro jordans real cheap jordans retro

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    the MSI? For tourists and Chicago lifers alike, this is Steve Johnson’s series of Tribune visitor’s guides to landmark Chicago-area museums, zoos and gardens. What to see at the Art Institute? How to navigate the MSI? For tourists and Chicago lifers alike, this is Steve Johnson’s series of Tribune visitor’s guides to landmark Chicago-area museums, zoos and gardens. Read more stories As lingering traces of that heritage here, Andersonville and Ann Sather remain. So does the 76-foot-long replica ship The Viking,, which sailed the Atlantic to debut at the 1893 World’s Fair,, was neglected by the Chicago Park District for decades,, and is now on temporary display in a Geneva park. The Field exhibit has its own replica Viking boats brought over from the motherland,, fittingly, by boat. The larger of the two crafts,, the 27-foot-long Krampmacken, had to be craned into the museum building, then spend 11 days in isolation to be sure it was pest-free. But more important is the sturdy look of it,, sitting at the entry to the special exhibition gallery on the east side of the museum’s main hall. It has a big red-and-white sail and enough space for 10 or 11 sailors ?? exactly the kind of thing you wouldn’t want to see pulling up to your humble Irish fishing village. With a few exceptions ?? such as Viking boat rivets dangling from what looks like fishing line to make the shape of a Viking boat ?? this is a fairly traditional museum show in its look and feel. Case after case of artifacts is carefully cheap pandora jewelry cheap pandora jewelry cheap pandora bracelets cheap pandora earrings cheap pandora jewelry cheap pandora earrings for sale

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    click here. Oswego,, Ill. (November 8, 2016) - Oswego High School Athletic Director Darren Howard has achieved the rank of Certified Master Athletic Administrator,, the highest designation achievable through the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA). Howard is among a very elite group of interscholastic athletic administrators nationwide to attain this rigorous designation,, and has demonstrated exemplary knowledge,, contributions,, and on-going professional development in the field of interscholastic athletic administration. “Mr. Howard is the consummate professional and works very hard at making sure Oswego Athletics are among the best in the state and country,” said Oswego High School Principal Mike Wayne. “We are very fortunate to have him leading our athletic programming.” “I’m very pleased to have attained this prized designation,” says Howard, who has been the athletic director at Oswego High School since 2012. The voluntary certification process includes an evaluation of each candidate’s educational background, experience, NIAAA leadership courses, and professional contributions, and requires each applicant to complete a practical written project. The NIAAA is a national professional organization consisting of all 50 state athletic administrator associations with more than 10,,000 individual members. It is dedicated to promoting the professional growth of high school athletic administrators and preserving the educational cheap pandora bracelets cheap pandora earrings cheap pandora charms cheap pandora charms for sale cheap pandora jewelry for sale cheap pandora earrings for sale

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    PST Lady Gaga performs onstage during the 2016 American Music Awards. Sun, 20 Nov 2016 00:00:00 PST Sting accepts the Award of Merit. Sun, 20 Nov 2016 00:00:00 PST Internet personality Gigi Gorgeous, left, and singer Bebe Rexha prepare to present an award. Sun, 20 Nov 2016 00:00:00 PST Ariana Grande, second from left, and Nicki Minaj,, third from right,, perform “Side to Side” at the American Music Awards. Sun, 20 Nov 2016 00:00:00 PST Nicki Minaj performs during the 2016 American Music Awards. Sun, 20 Nov 2016 00:00:00 PST Rapper August Alsina. Sun,, 20 Nov 2016 00:00:00 PST DJ Khaled. Sun, 20 Nov 2016 00:00:00 PST Heidi Klum, left,, and Rebecca Romijn present the award for top soundtrack at the American Music Awards. Sun, 20 Nov 2016 00:00:00 PST Robert Downey Jr. speaks onstage during the 2016 American Music Awards. Sun, 20 Nov 2016 00:00:00 PST Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day performs during Sunday’s American Music Awards. Sun, 20 Nov 2016 00:00:00 PST Singer John Legend performs during the 2016 American Music Awards. Sun,, 20 Nov 2016 00:00:00 PST The Weeknd performs at the AMAs on Sunday in Los Angeles. Sun, 20 Nov 2016 00:00:00 PST Tyka Nelson accepts the award for top soundtrack for “Purple Rain” on behalf of her brother Prince at the American Music Awards. Sun, 20 Nov 2016 00:00:00 PST Alex Pall,, left, and Drew Taggart of the Chainsmokers accept award for favorite EDM artist. Sun, 20 Nov 2016 00:00:00 PST Miss America 2017 Savvy Shields is flanked by cheap pandora bracelets for sale cheap pandora rings for sale cheap pandora rings cheap pandora bracelets cheap pandora earrings for sale cheap pandora charms

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    JON TEVLIN ? Thousands of people who dive deeply into issues that cleave and bind society will come to the Minneapolis Convention Center this week,, and like a lot of Americans, they will try to answer the question: “What just happened?” The theme, of course, refers to the 2016 election that stunned many pundits. But because some of them have spent years studying the segments of society that felt marginalized or ignored, they don’t seem terribly surprised by the Trumpnado that hit the country. I talked to two anthropologists who will participate in discussions about the election at the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association. Christine Walley,, professor of anthropology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,, will show a documentary, “Exit Zero,,” that she filmed about the closing of a steel mill in Illinois. She sees it as a pretext to the culture change that caused white, rural Midwestern workers to turn to Trump, who constantly reminded voters of the collapse of industry. It was the story of her own family and one that her father was reluctant to tell. “The closing of the steel mills was really devastating to my dad both psychologically and economically,,” Walley said in an e-mail. “Like many industrial laborers,, his sense of himself was built around being a hard worker and family breadwinner, and when that was lost after decades of working in the mills, it was like he no longer had a sense of identity.” Many attributed the lost jobs to immigrants or companies cheap jordans online Mary Lynn Smith - StarTribune cheap real jordans Special report Mighty Mississip A spring torrent of new books with cheapretrojordansreal.com cheap jordans free shipping cheap real jordans real cheap jordans retro cheap air jordan shoes cheap real jordans

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    that the judge resp *** sible for handling lawsuits filed against him cannot be trusted to do his job properly because of his Mexican?heritage. Comments like these aren’t “racially charged,,” they’re not “c *** troversial,,” nor are they “inflammatory” – they are racist. They’re also massively ignorant and reveal just how little understanding this would-be president has of the law or the courts. Trump is by no means the first defendant to argue that a judge can’t be impartial because of their racial identity,, and when such claims have come up in the course of litigati *** they’ve been harshly rebuked. Plaintiffs in a 1998 case before the Sec *** d Circuit Court of Appeals argued that an Asian-American district court judge who had adjudicated their case should have recused himself *** account of his race. The court rejected their argument forcefully: “It is intolerable for a litigant,, without any factual basis,, to suggest that a judge cannot be impartial because of his or her race and political background.” This is also quite obviously a crude attempt at intimidati *** . Trump’s lawyers aren’t seeking to have Curiel removed,, nor have they registered any complaints about c *** flicts of interest. But Trump is using his platform as a political figure and would-be president to hurl insults at a sitting judge who is overseeing a case in which he has a direct financial stake. He’s using Curiel’s ethnicity and the fact that he’s part of the “rigged” system to rile up his followers and cheap pandora rings for sale cheap pandora earrings for sale cheap pandora jewelry cheap pandora charms for sale cheap pandora earrings for sale cheap pandora rings for sale

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    “The Commish” star Theresa Saldana is dead,, according to multiple reports. She was 61. A family member told the Los Angeles Times that Saldana dies Monday in L.A. after an undisclosed illness. She had been hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai but no cause of death has been announced. Saldana may be best remembered for her role as Lenora, the wife of Joe Pesci’s character,, Joey LaMotta,, in “Raging Bull.” Two years later, she made national headlines when she survived a knifing attack by a stalker in 1982,, getting stabbed 10 times. Variety reports the near-death experience inspired her to become an advocate for victims of stalkers, founding the Victims for Victims organization that fought for anti-stalking laws. She also played herself in the Emmy-nominated 1984 TV movie, “Victims for Victims: The Theresa Saldana Story.” The actress later went on to be nominated for a Golden Globe award for playing Rachel Scali opposite Michael Chiklis in the ’90s series “The Commish.” “Painful to hear the news of Theresa’s passing. My family and I extend our love,, condolences & support to her family in their time of grieving,,” Chiklis wrote on Twitter Tuesday. Saldana also had roles in Robert Zemeckis’ 1978 Beatles film “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” and appeared on television shows like “The Twilight Zone,” “All My Children,” “Law & Order,” “Matlock,” “T.J. Hooker” and “New Kids on the Block.” She retired from acting in 2004. She is survived by her husband, Phil Peters, and a daughter. Celebrity deaths in 2016: Famous people we’ve said goodbye to this year cheap real jordans Part 4 Minneapolis teen struggl cheap jordans online Robert Samuelson – Twin cheap real jordans Recombinetics raises $11 millio cheap air jordan shoes cheap jordans online cheap jordans cheap jordans online cheap real jordans jordans for cheap

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    The Chicago River was dyed green Saturday to kick off St. Patrick’s Day celebrations across the city. Watch a time lapse video of the process that’s been a tradition since 1962.

    (Published Saturday, March 11,, 2017) cheap jordan shoes

    “My deepest thoughts and humblest prayers are with the family of this fallen service member,” he said.

    The names of the casualties were not released.

    Planning for the clandestine counterterrorism raid begun before President Barack Obama left office on Jan. 20,, but Trump authorized the raid, according to a U.S. defense official,, who was not authorized to discuss details beyond those announced by the Pentagon and so spoke on condition of anonymity. cheap air jordans

    The U.S. has been striking al-Qaida in Yemen from the air for more than 15 years, mostly using drones. Sunday’s surprise pre-dawn raid could signal a new online air jordan Wednesday, July 27 - Rachel Madd
    Syrian Military Says Alepp
    Emily Estefan Charts Her Own Bol online air jordan

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    Fenwick football fiasco raises issues of sportsmanship, ethics A judge will hear arguments Wednesday on the controversial finish to a high school playoff football game,, the final outcome hanging in the balance despite the lack of a flying pigskin or crunching tackles. Regardless of what happens in the Daley Center courtroom, the fiasco involving the contest… Class 7A semifinals: Plainfield North 18, Fenwick 17 (OT) Oak Park-River Forest investigating report of off-campus ’sexual misconduct’ Days after officially announcing it was investigating an alleged off-campus student misconduct incident, Oak Park and River Forest High School officials provided more details on the incident. According to a letter from interim Superintendent Joylynn Pruitt,, which was released to parents Tuesday,… BYU says it will stop honor-code investigations of sexual assault victims Shout Out: Cheryl and Branden McLeod,, new Oak Park residents While watching their children Aniya and Ammar play at Scoville Park on Oct. 23,, new Oak Park residents Cheryl and Branden McLeod, both 36,, answered a few questions for the Oak Leaves. Q: Where are you from? BM: Maryland. Q: What brought you to the area? BM: A job at the University of Illinois-Chicago…. Shout Out: Hannah Flood,, Maine East history scholar Resident voices concern that Oak Park tax increase could affect village’s diversity With a proposed village tax increase of nearly 9 percent looming, some Oak Parkers are worried it could soon price out prospective cheap pandora jewelry for sale cheap pandora charms for sale cheap pandora bracelets cheap pandora rings cheap pandora charms for sale cheap pandora bracelets

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    of the American Association for Justice,, South Carolina Association for Justice,, and National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

    ,, a New York based biographical publication company,, distinguishes and profiles leading professionals who demonstrate recognizable success and leadership in their field. The directory is valued for promoting awareness of individual accomplishments and achievement within the ,.

    Information contained on this page is provided by an independent third-party content provider. Frankly and this Site make no warranties or representations in connection therewith,. If you are affiliated with this page and have questions or removal reuqests please contact cheap retro

    For the original version on 24-7 Press Release Newswire visit:

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    second album ‘Melodrama’. Last week it was revealed the record will … Watch: Lorde performs latest song Green Light on SNL ‎10 hours ago‎ Kiwi singer-songwriter Lorde has just appeared on the American comedy show Saturday Night Live. Play Video. Play. Mute. Current Time 0:00. /. Duration Time 0:00. Loaded: 0%. 0:00. Progress: 0%. 0:00. Progress: 0%. Stream TypeLIVE. Remaining Time -0: … Lorde makes live comeback on SNL with ‘Green Light’ and ‘Liability’ ‎5 hours ago‎ Lorde was the musical guest on last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live with her first live performance in two years. Introduced by guest host Scarlett Johanssen,, she sang two tracks from her forthcoming second album,, Melodrama, leading with an … Lorde Performs “Green Light” & “Liability” on ‘SNL’: Watch Now! ‎6 hours ago‎ Lorde made her scheduled appearance on “Saturday Night Live” last night and she killed both of her live performances. She first performed her “Melodrama” lead single “Green Light” and later she sang the ballad, and first countdown single, “Liability … ‎11 hours ago‎ Encore! Lorde appeared as the musical guest on ‘Saturday Night Live’ and nailed her performance March 11,, surpassing all expectations with her insane vocals. The singer treated fans to her new hits ‘Green Light’ and ‘Liability’ from her upcoming album! Watch Lorde Unravel While Performing

    Germany Arrests 3 in Schle
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    On Sunday,, November 20th nearly 100 children and adults gathered together for a special viewing of Pixar’s “Inside Out” in honor of the school’s first ever Family Movie Day. Families enjoyed pizza from Goode&Fresh and delicious desserts served by Cookie Spin while watching the animated movie. “Inside Out” was selected as the school’s main theme for its annual Benefit that will take place in early February at The Glen Club. This Benefit is the school’s largest fundraiser and many local businesses have donated amazing items that will be auctioned off in January 2017. The auction is open to the public and a wonderful opportunity to snag some incredible goods. GMPS is a fully independent, non-denominational,, play-based preschool serving the children of Glenview and the surrounding area since 1965. We offer programs for children aged 2 to 5. We are also accredited by the National Association for the Education of the Young Child. If you are interested in hearing more or scheduling a tour of the school please contact or visit www. This item was posted by a community contributor. To read more about community contributors, click here. The Elgin Symphony Orchestra (ESO) Family Concert Series presents The Elgin Symphony Orchestra Woodwind Quintet, featuring Jean Bishop,, flute, Gene Collerd,, clarinet,, Debra Freedland, oboe, Sharon Jones, horn and Collin Anderson, bassoon, on Sunday,, November 20 at 2 pm até-S&p=2801#post2801é-S&p=2801#post2801 cheap pandora earrings cheap pandora jewelry cheap pandora rings for sale cheap pandora bracelets cheap pandora rings for sale cheap pandora earrings for sale

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    • Creating a regulator to monitor the biggest institutions. Geithner did not say which agency should wield such authority,, but the administration is expected to favor the Federal Reserve. online air jordan

    • Empowering the government to take over major nonbank financial firms such as insurers and hedge funds if deemed necessary,.

    Committee Chairman Barney Frank, D-Mass., and many Democrats on the panel backed the proposals, while Republicans assailed them as too far-reaching.

    Private analysts also questioned whether Geithner’s plan would succeed in safeguarding the financial system.

    “We’re not in this mess because we need new rules,” said Bill Fleckenstein, a Seattle-based hedge fund manager who accurately predicted the housing bubble. “We need to enforce the rules we already have,” he said. “What we had was a complete breakdown by all our regulators. They simply didn’t do their jobs.”

    And Fleckenstein said he didn’t think requiring big hedge funds to register with the government would prevent devastating frauds like Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme.

    “,;You could register all cheap air jordans

    Najim Laachraoui What We Know A cheap jordan shoes cheap jordan shoes Meet the Press transcript for J
    NBC News Presents the Firs,193549.msg268057.html#msg268057

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    As the recovery from the Great Recession continues,, job growth is solid?and the labor force is growing at close to its fastest pace since 2000 because more unemployed workers are coming off the sidelines.? Still,, the percentage of working-age Americans in the labor force remains stuck near its lowest level since the late 1970s. Although retiring baby boomers are the main?reason, there’s another troubling factor that experts predict won’t be solved by stronger economic growth. Too many men in their prime don’t have a job and aren’t even looking for one.?Experts trying to figure out the reasons are probing the roles of criminal background checks,, painkillers and even video games. (Natalie Kitroeff) In all, about 7 million men ages?25 to 54 are neither employed nor “available for work,,” putting them outside the labor force.?Their growing numbers worry?and puzzle?economists. A little more than half of the men reported they were ill or disabled,, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. About 14% are going to school. And about 20% said they were either retired or handling home responsibilities. Economists said increased globalization and the decline in factory jobs has played a major role in pushing prime-aged men,, particularly those with less education,?out of the workforce. But that doesn’t explain why the problem is worse in the U.S. than in most other economically advanced nations. Researchers have pointed to some other potential explanations. Prime-age American men outside cheap pandora rings for sale cheap pandora bracelets for sale cheap pandora rings cheap pandora rings for sale cheap pandora jewelry cheap pandora jewelry for sale

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    of 44 tickets will be sold for every performance for $10 each. Some seats will be located in the front row and others… Tue,, 20 Sep 2016 08:41:00 PDT Lin-Manuel Miranda has been keeping a relatively low profile since he left the Broadway cast of his hit musical ??Hamilton,?? but the composer and actor has returned to the spotlight ready to tackle a new political topic: Donald Trump. The Pulitzer Prize winner?shot a video to accompany a recent … Wed,, 21 Sep 2016 08:50:00 PDT Jeremy McCarter moved here from Brooklyn three years ago with his wife and their baby girl. His wife, a journalist,, had taken a new job,, and her parents lived close enough to Chicago for them to be perfectly cast in the roles of doting grandparents. “I had spent very little time here before,,” McCarter… Thu,, 15 Sep 2016 11:19:00 PDT With the curtain set to rise on “Hamilton” at the PrivateBank Theatre Sept. 27, there’s no better time to explore the haunts of America’s hottest Founding Father. Dotted along the East Coast from Manhattan to Virginia are numerous sites associated with Alexander Hamilton as soldier, statesman cheap pandora rings for sale cheap pandora bracelets cheap pandora earrings for sale cheap pandora earrings for sale cheap pandora rings for sale cheap pandora rings

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    Burr Ridge News - The Doin
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    Upon first hearing the words “garage sale” thoughts of used toddler toys and broken workout equipment may float into your mind. However, the Green City Market Culinary Garage Sale at NAHA, 500 N. Clark St. in Chicago,, is unlike any other garage sale around. This garage sale on on Saturday, Nov. 14, features culinary must-haves from some of the top chefs in Chicago as well as other goodies from Green City Market devotees. online air jordan

    The Green City Market Culinary Garage Sale is more of a “treasure sale” and will feature items such as:

    • Chef coats from events

    • China,, glassware,, silver cheap jordans online cheap air jordans

    • Silverware,, serving pieces

    • Chipped China

    • Cookbooks

    • Bakeware

    • Cutting Boards

    • Cutting Utensils

    • Cookware

    • Serviceware

    • Posters/menus/framed photos of food

    • Anything Culinary Related

    The Garage Sale runs

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    space will be one of the companies featured at the summit. Kevin Phillips, Kabbage’s head of corporate development and conference chair,, believes that this year will see an uptick in bank/alternative lender partnerships. Phillips recently stated,, “As a result of the work of and good execution by early adopters, 2017 looks to be the year where fintech-bank partnerships move into the mainstream.”

    In one-and-a-half-days, a diverse panel of senior industry executives from the American Banker’s Association, Cross River Bank, The Private Bank,, along with fintech companies such as Fundation,, Kabbage, LendKey, OnDeck, Orchard Platform and SmartBiz will be among key experts holding candid discussions on the opportunities,, challenges, and the future of the small business lending industry in an interactive setting.

    A hard look will be given to topics such as key factors for identifying an ideal partner; how to know when to walk away from a potential partnership; the ways banks and fintech companies are teaming up to improve underwriting and risk management; and,, the essential steps for conducting due diligence.

    More information about the summit can be found at

    About Financial Research Associates

    Financial Research Associates (FRA) provides the financial community with access to business information and

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    is celebrating it’s 10th birthday in April,, marking a decade… More >> Canadian Fertility Consulting Helping People Create Families Since 2007 Toronto, Canada-April 5, 2017- ( Canadian Fertility Consulting is celebrating it’s 10th birthday in April,, marking a decade helping… More >> TFC Financial Management Announces Next Generation of Leadership Independent Boston Advisory Serving Multi-Generational Client Families Boston,, MA-April 5, 2017- ( TFC Financial Management (TFC), an independent, majority employee-owned registered investment… More >> Independent Boston Advisory Serving Multi-Generational Client Families Boston, MA-April 5, 2017- ( TFC Financial Management (TFC), an independent, majority employee-owned registered investment advisory and… More >> Eileen Manning, CEO of the Event Group, Honored With Enterprising Women of the Year Award FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.-April 5,, 2017- ( The Event Group,, Incorporated, a marketing and event management firm that will celebrate its 20th Anniversary on April 7,, is pleased to announce that founder… More >> FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.-April 5, 2017- ( The Event Group, Incorporated, a marketing and event management firm that will celebrate its 20th Anniversary on April 7, is pleased to announce that founder and CEO… More >> Promising Treatment Options for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Treatment options for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

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    Indian Creek
    Island Lake
    Lake Barrington
    Lake Bluff
    Lake in the Hills
    Lake Villa
    Lake Zurich
    Lily Lake
    Long Grove
    Maple Park

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    win came on the heels of news that Durant, out since spraining a knee ligament on Feb. 28,, has progressed to taking jump shots, an encouraging sign for a team trying to hold on to the top spot in the West.

    Golden State has been inconsistent since losing Durant and fell behind by 14 early in the opening period Saturday before outscoring the Bucks 36-15 in the second quarter,.

    Barnes scored seven straight points and fed Thompson for a short jumper to spark a 23-6 run, while Curry provided the game’s signature moment with a 33-foot shot just before halftime that brought the Oracle crowd to its feet.

    “Matt played phenomenal tonight,” Thompson said. “We expect him to keep doing that. He just brings a certain of level of toughness we need off the bench. He’s a huge asset for us and a great pickup.”

    The Warriors led by 27 in the third,, allowing Kerr to rest his starters for most of the fourth for a second straight game. cheap jordans

    Malcolm Brogdon scored 18 points while Greg Monroe had 12 points with seven rebounds for Milwaukee. The Bucks,, playing the second half of a back-to-back, lost for the second time in 10 games. cheap air jordans

    “No excuses but we were fatigued,” Brogdon said. “If your second game on a back-to-back is one of the best teams, it’s going to be tough

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    Jon Stewart Is Leaving The
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    Chemicals in Boston Home Blast C cheap air jordans

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    Tuesday, April 18, 2017 - 05:43:15

    New online presence will provide added information about Sugar Land 24-hour emergency care center,.

    SUGAR LAND,, TX,, February 28, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — St. Michael’s Emergency Room recently launched its new website to provide even more information for patients looking for emergency care in our area. The clinic is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure that patients receive the immediate attention they need just when they need it most. Unlike the emergency services offered by most hospitals,, St. Michael’s Emergency Room can provide faster responses. The unique setup of the facility ensures that patients are seen in 15 minutes or less after their arrival at the ,.

    The new website offers specific information on available services,, wait times, and pre-registration options for patients in the Sugar Land area. Directions to the facility and information on the types of insurance accepted by St. Michael’s Emergency Room are also provided on the new site.

    While St. Michael’s Emergency Room does not offer urgent care services, the facility is equipped to provide the prompt and effective treatment needed to handle almost any

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    Randy Rossi (Letters to the Editor, 2/20) describes with pride his Italian immigrant family’s dedication to American ideals, and uses that experience to criticize current “illegal immigrants” who, he says, refuse to learn English and adapt to American culture.

    Mr. Rossi might be surprised to learn, however, that many of the advantages given to his family are no longer available to today’s immigrants. He says his family came to the U.S. fleeing persecution by Mussolini — perhaps as refugees under the Displaced Persons Act of 1948? His father obtained citizenship by serving in the U.S. military,, an option that is now strictly limited to legal green card holders. And while Mr. Rossi’s family showed admirable frugality in living in a converted garage, today’s immigrants must demonstrate (through employment records, etc.) their ability to support a household at 125 percent of the federal poverty rate before receiving residency. cheap jordans

    Most strikingly, while the Rossi family may have been deeply committed to learning English and defending democracy, outsiders were quite worried about Italian immigrants’ ability to assimilate. (The number of Italian Catholic churches still in existence today, Mr. Rossi’s own acknowledgement that he lived in an “immigrant neighborhood,” and the popularity of margarita pizza, bruschetta, and tiramisu all testify to the longevity of Italian immigrant culture in Chicago.)

    In 1925, for example,, Madison Grant could have been writing about Mr. Rossi’s family when he said that recent immigrants “have not amalgamated with the native population. They largely marry among themselves, maintain their religions and customs,, and retain their foreign connections and sympathies.” cheap jordans online

    In fact, if history tells us anything, the children and grandchildren of today’s immigrants — the ones Mr. Rossi criticizes as un-American — are the ones most likely to be writing to newspapers defending American values a generation from now.

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    their property, and such concerns are very valid. Male delivery drivers are unwelcome, especially when women are home alone. Pot Valet no longer sends men to the homes of its female patients. Instead, they now get cannabis by female drivers.

    Respecting women’s rights is crucial to every business. In the cannabis delivery industry,, privacy and safety is paramount. Men will no longer deliver marijuana to women patients using the Pot Valet service. Additionally, the company is introducing a new range of cannabis products for women. It is important that women have access to safe, effective, and uncontaminated female products. real cheap jordans retro

    Companies saturate most feminine hygiene products with toxic chemicals. Tampons and sanitary pads contain chlorine as a bleaching agent, flammable absorbents,, foam, plastics,, dioxins,, synthetics, petrochemical additives, fragrances, odor neutralizers, crude oil, and even phthalates. The skin easily absorbs these toxins, which cause serious illnesses in staggering numbers of women. cheap jordans free shipping real cheap jordans retro cheap jordan shoes

    Science links plastics,, such as BPS and BPA,, to cancer, heart disease and embryonic dysfunction. DEHP damages multiple organs. Phthalates disrupt gene expression. Synthetics also trap damp and heat, as they restrict airflow. This encourages bacterial and yeast infections, forcing women to buy more products to treat it. The safest feminine hygiene products are all natural. real cheap jordans retro cheap real jordans

    Pot Valet now stocks a chemical-free range of tampons, sanitary pads, and suppositories,

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    charred in a matter of seconds?

    “You have to stay there. You need to pay attention. In anything that you do,, there are crucial moments. And in cooking there are crucial moments that you need to understand and realize. You don’t just leave it there and go do something else, because it’s a quick process.”

    What distinguishes you from other TV chefs?

    “I have some wonderful peers. We all know each other, and there’s really a camaraderie. We each have our own specialty,, whether it’s French or Italian or American or grilling, and that sets us apart immediately. The method of teaching sets us apart: Am I a professional chef,, and do I present myself as one of those chefs at restaurants? I went back to my roots of cooking in the home. The filming happens in my home, and I cook like I do at home, on my home stove with my house pots and so on. That’s who I am. I am very true to my real profile. I’m very much into culture and into understanding the products,, because when you understand the products you are in command of cooking.”

    What is the worst experience you’ve had on TV? Any disasters?

    “I’ve had lights falling, fires starting, food burning, salt instead of sugar in desserts.”

    Lights fell on you,?

    “You know, it’s filmed in my house,, so they have to set up all these lights―there are a lot of lights for production. A whole setup just fell on

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    years. Its severe lines softened by the honey color of the local stone, its blue shutters faded by the southern sun, the farmhouse is an antique, never modernized or done up by holiday-home buyers and still looking like a subject for a Cézanne landscape.

    But there is work to be done, food to prepare,, no time to admire the view. The stoves have been laden with vats of water for steaming. There are jars of home-cured olives, pickled wild mushrooms and thick Tapenade to be laid on the table beneath the spreading lime tree. There are crusts of bread to be toasted for dipping in Ancho?ade, a sauce of pounded anchovies,, garlic and olive oil. There are fruit croustades and a clafoutis of plums to be unpacked for dessert, and a robust and tannic local red wine to be poured. And there is the aioli,, without which a feast is not a feast, to be made.

    Lucie’s sister, Marie Romana Bousquet, starts off by pounding garlic and salt in a heavy stone mortar; once they have formed an oozy paste, she stirs in two dark orangey yellow egg yolks. “Then you leave it to rest for five minutes,” Marie explains,, “so the garlic cooks the eggs a little.” After that it’s time to add the oil, and here Marie departs from tradition: olive oil, she feels, is too heavy on its own, so she mixes olive oil and vegetable oil. There are other modern touches, too,, like the electric Moulinex hand mixer Marie uses to beat the oil,, little by little, into the garlic-and-egg paste

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    to be settled by the away-goals rule,.

    Midfielder Nabil Bentaleb scored the decisive goal with a 68th-minute penalty, as Schalke came from two goals behind on the night.

    Andreas Christiansen and Mahmoud Dahoud put Moenchengladbach 3-1 ahead on aggregate, but Dahoud conceded the penalty with a handball.

    AJAX 2, COPENHAGEN 0 (Ajax advances 3-2 on aggregate)

    Ajax overturned a 2-1 deficit from the first leg thanks to first-half goals by Bertrand Traore and Kasper Dolberg.

    Dolberg converted the crucial goal from the penalty spot in the third minute of stoppage time after he was tripped in the area.

    BESIKTAS 4,, OLYMPIAKOS 1 (Besiktas advances 5-2 on aggregate) online air jordan

    Besiktas weathered the first-half sending-off of Vincent Aboubakar to advance to the quarterfinals for the second time,. cheap jordans

    Aboubakar opened the scoring for the Turkish champions long before he was given a straight red card for an off-the-ball incident in the 39th.

    At that stage,, Besiktas was 2-1 ahead on the night - and 3-2 up on aggregate - but the hosts scored in the final 15 minutes through Ryan Babel and Cenk Tosun to ease through. cheap air jordans

    KRASNODAR 0, CELTA VIGO 2 (Celta Vigo advances

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    Tuesday, April 25, 2017 - 16:05:34

    Lombard Community Promotion and Tourism Committee Volunteer for American Cancer Society, Easter Seals,, Aunt Martha’s Family Services, The Clothesline Project, LivingWell Cancer Resource Center,, Habitat For Humanity and DuPage Young Republicans

    Elected offices held: Candidate did not respond.

    Questions & Answers
    What makes you the best candidate for the job?

    I am the best candidate for the job,, because of my experience, independence,, and education. I am resident of Lombard with a young daughter. As a mother, I will help maintain the mission and values of Lombard. This includes bringing fresh and innovative ideas to the board. As an active resident, I attend many events that support our community. Attending these events allows me to meet and talk with other residents, business owners and volunteers. I will ensure all of these stakeholders have a voice on the board. cheap jordans online online air jordan

    What is your opinion of your community’s present level of local sales and property taxes? Is the tax just right, too low or too high? Explain.

    Residents are always alarmed when they see their property tax bill go up. Lombard has one of the lowest tax rates of the surrounding villages, yet provides many vital services to the residents. The sales tax and hotel/motel tax are the life source of the village budget wholesale cheap jordans Friendship Goals Biles and
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    he said.

    AlQaisi cautions youths against seeking answers from “Google sheiks”,; and urges them to consult the plethora of traditionally trained Islamic scholars in the Chicago area. cheap air jordans

    “We’re telling kids … bring it to your imam, your parents, and talk about it there,, rather than jumping on an open forum,” he said. online air jordan

    In most cases, their questions stem from confusion about maintaining their Muslim identity in American culture.

    “These recruiters are preying on that,” said AlQaisi, himself a Palestinian-American born in Kentucky. “You can be Muslim and American. It’s not either-or. We have found the more you develop Muslim youth identity and relate to them that Islamic values are not in contradiction with American citizenship, the children are more comfortable in their environment and in their culture. We acknowledge social media is a part of life. It’s how you conduct yourself. You are bound by your Islamic principles of modesty,, truthfulness,, not inciting hate.” www.onlineairjordan.com cheap jordans online

    At the Villa Park school, educators have responded to “misrepresentations” of the faith through the Quran.

    “We’ve taken some misunderstood verses from the Quran that some of these fringe groups use and talked to them (about) how scholars understand these verses,”

    Caps-Lightning Prognostica
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    overflow:hidden,; padding:8px 0 7px,; text-align:center; text-overflow:ellipsis,; white-space:nowrap,;”>A photo posted by NIKELAB (@nikelab) on
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    NikeLab Air Max 98 x Supreme. Iconic cheap air jordans Mike Flynn, Jeff Sessions, Mike
    Rescuers Dig Through Snow After cheap retro jordans cheap real jordans cheap air jordans Efforts to Open the Door to Cuba Trumps Boast of Aid to GOP online air jordan cheap jordans cheap air jordans

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    Saturday, April 29, 2017 - 05:56:28

    Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.). (Drew Angerer/Getty Images) BY Jason Silverstein NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Updated: Tuesday,, January 10, 2017,, 3:02 PM It will be senator versus senator on Capitol Hill as Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) is expected to testify against U.S. attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions. This will reportedly be the first time in modern American history that one sitting senator will testify against another who has been tapped for a cabinet post. “I’m breaking a pretty long Senate tradition,” Booker said Monday on MSNBC’s “All In” about his planned pushback for Sessions’ Senate confirmation hearing. Sessions, a Republican senator from Alabama, “has a posture and a positioning that I think represent a real danger to our country,,” Booker added. Trump’s AG pick Jeff Sessions didn’t disclose oil holdings He noted that the Senate historian had found no previous instance of a senator clash like the one Booker has planned. Booker is one of the most prominent voices yet to speak out against the 70-year-old Sessions,, who President-elect Donald Trump has nominated to lead the Department of Justice. Sessions faces his confirmation hearing Tuesday and Wednesday. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) has faced opposition since being nominated to become the next U.S. attorney general. (JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images) At least two other African-Americans in Congress — Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.),, a leader from the civil rights movement, and Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-La.),, chairman of the Congressional Black

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    Monday, May 1, 2017 - 00:12:45

    fire marshal allowed the station to reopen Tuesday after they confirmed the leak detection system was no longer leaking. Soon after,, nearby residents called the village again to report that the fuel odor had returned.

    Summers said village workers reinspected the sewers and found fuel was again flowing from around the gas station. The fire marshal and Illinois Environmental Protection Agency returned to the scene and discovered that much more fuel than believed had escaped during the initial leak.

    Officials dug a hole between the village’s sewer line and the station’s fuel tanks, inserted a hose and began pumping out liquid. Summers said workers pumped from Tuesday afternoon until Wednesday afternoon,, only stopping at 1:30 a.m. Wednesday to sleep. cheap jordans online

    Because of the leak, Summers said the gas station has been added to the state’s Leaking Underground Storage Tank tracking database,, which means it will have to install a new monitoring well near the site of the leak that will be checked consistently for the rest of the station’s life. cheap jordans

    An outside environmental consultant has been hired to test the soil around the site of the spill to determine how far the fuel went,. The consultant also will create a remediation plan to remove any remaining fuel. cheap air jordans

    The fire marshal on Thursday will conduct a full pressure test of

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    field goals, neither Buck nor Aikman were overly critical of the coach’s decision. Buck didn’t hammer Pederson at all. The first time Pederson eschewed the field goal attempt on fourth-and-2 early in the second quarter, Aikman disagreed, saying he was “surprised” by the move. Later in the same quarter, when Pederson decided to go on 4th-and-1, neither Aikman nor Buck said anything about the decision prior to the ball being snapped. Focusing on Pederson leaving “those points out there” stirs the pot but, in reality,, is nothing more than fantasy analysis. Giants celebrate win over Eagles by doing Mannequin Challenge NO JOSHIN’ Good for Mike Pereira. Instead of fawning over Josh Norman, who was on the scene for both Fox pregame shows,, he took it to the mouthy Washington DB. While Norman, who since 2014 has been fined $117,,000 ($25,000 last week) by the NFL, was doing his me-against-the-world shtick,, Pereira,, Fox’s rules analyst,, tried enlightening him. Pereira said Norman’s most recent fine had everything to do with him going personal on an official. Giants Insider: Eli Apple benched, says mom was not distraction “Really, don’t call out a person (an official),” Pereira, face-to-face with Norman, said. “If you don’t call out a person you don’t have that envelope (from the NFL) waiting when you come back (home).” Pereira’s blunt approach was in sharp contrast to the cast of Fox’s “NFL Sunday” who acted as if they would be fined for asking Norman a tough question. That was not going

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    Friday, May 5, 2017 - 23:25:57

    confirmation. 1. Bannon was demoted, and it may very well be an indication of his waning influence (at this moment,, anyway) with Trump. He may have even threatened to quit (reported here and here), only to be convinced to stay after talking with a major donor. Bannons camp says, no, thats not the case at all. Bannon told NBC, for example,, its “total nonsense.” He “de-operationalized” the NSC after Obamas White House was micromanaging foreign policy with it, and that was the real goal, Bannon said. Thats some heavy spin. But besides, he was really on the committee as a “check” and to “keep an eye on” Michael Flynn, the ousted and controversial former national security adviser whos now seeking immunity from the FBI and congressional committees investigating possible Trump team ties to Russia. Nevermind that Flynns son,, Mike Flynn Jr., was blasting Bannons demotion, saying his father and Bannon have been the “most loyal” to Trump: Fact 1: Flynn/Bannon most loyal to DJT (both out at NSC) Fact 2: McMaster wont say “Radical Islam” Is WH serious abt defeating our enemy? — Michael Flynn Jr?? (@mflynnJR) April 5,, 2017 2. H.R. McMaster exerted his own influence… McMaster is Trumps new national security adviser. He replaced Flynn and is who Flynn Jr. is referring to in his tweet. McMaster,, 54, is a lifelong military man,, an Army lieutenant general. Its understandable that he would seem uncomfortable with bj dna 580 qs cheap jordans online roa 708 uq cheap retro jordans fhs 475 qj jordans for cheap kmx 319 jordans for cheap cheap jordans for sale cheapjordansrealfreeshipping.com real cheap jordans retro cheap air jordan shoes cheap jordans

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    Saturday, May 6, 2017 - 23:33:53

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) ― A small airplane hit a bald eagle before it crashed and burst into flames just north of Anchorage last month, killing all four people on board,, authorities said Wednesday. It is the nation’s first civilian plane crash to result in deaths after an impact with a bald eagle,, said Shaun Williams, a National Transportation Safety Board investigator. There have been other crashes involving eagle strikes that resulted in serious injuries, he said. Remains of the eagle were found on the plane’s tail structure, Williams said. The fire after the crash makes it hard to know for sure, but evidence indicates that’s where the eagle initially struck the aircraft. If so, it could have altered the plane’s path or damaged its tail structure,, causing control issues for the pilot, Williams said, adding the agency is looking into it. Also part of the investigation over the next 10 to 12 months will be determining if the bird struck the airplane before or after the Cessna 172 hit a 100-foot spruce tree, which investigators determined to be the plane’s initial impact point in the preliminary report released last week. The pilot, co-pilot and two passengers died in the April 20 crash near a small airport about 20 miles north of downtown Anchorage. They were conducting an aerial survey for a private firm. The discovery of the eagle’s involvement came when investigators found an unidentified substance on several portions of the plane’s frame and sent samples to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington,, D.C., for forensic analysis. “There, they were able to determine that the portions of feather and other material came from an immature bald eagle,” Williams said. Other eagles were observed over the crash site and in the immediate vicinity,, he added. Killed in the crash were the pilot, George Kobelnyk,, 64; co-pilot, Christian Bohrer, 20; and two passengers, Sarah Glaves, 36, and Kyle Braun, 27. The pilot was formerly with the NTSB and retired from the Federal Aviation Administration, Williams said. The four were taking aerial photographs from an area near the Birchwood airport to the northern part of Cook Inlet. Much of the wreckage was found in an area of dense spruce and birch trees. The post-crash fire consumed most of the fuselage. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s website says Alaska has the largest population of bald eagles, which are found only in North America. It puts the Alaska bald eagle population at about 30,000 birds. ___ This story has been corrected to show the agency the pilot retired from was the Federal Aviation Administration.

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    Forty years ago today, Time magazine gave Minnesota what may rank as the most welcome shot of free publicity this or any other state has ever received. The cover of the magazine’s Aug. 13,, 1973,, edition featured a photograph of a beaming Gov. Wendell Anderson holding up a not particularly impressive northern pike. The accompanying headline,, “The Good Life in Minnesota,,” summed up the tone of the story inside. Its central theme: At a time when inflation, Watergate and the long slog in Vietnam were draining America’s already shallow reservoir of optimism, Minnesota stood out as a “state that works,,” a state worth emulating. The article struck a chord. Time’s Minnesota issue sold better than all but three of its cover stories that year. Many Minnesotans took Time’s affirmation as proof that their state was in fact a special place. The image of Anderson and his fish assumed iconic status. It was a big deal. But 40 years later, it’s fair to ask: Why? Most Minnesotans under the age of 30 probably have trouble comprehending just how dominant Time magazine used to be. Time was arguably the most popular and influential news weekly of the 20th century. During the 1970s,, its subscriber list topped 4 million and its weekly newsstand sales regularly exceeded 100,000. (Its circulation numbers have since slipped to about 3.2 million subscribers and 60,000 newsstand sales each week — not bad, but certainly not awe-inspiring in a mass-media environment dominated by the Internet.) If Time chose wx beh 341 xr cheap retro jordans jxn 109 hu cheap jordan shoes yrp 453 gd cheap jordan shoes tjl 440 real cheap jordans retro cheap air jordan shoes cheap jordan shoes cheapjordansretrofreeshipping.com cheap jordans free shipping cheap air jordan shoes

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    Tuesday, May 9, 2017 - 22:46:49

    WASHINGTON (AP) ― President Donald Trump is abruptly reversing himself on key issues. And for all his usual bluster,, he’s startlingly candid about the reason: He’s just now really learning about some of them. “After listening for 10 minutes,, I realized it’s not so easy,,” the president said after a discussion with Chinese President Xi Jinping that included his hopes that China’s pressure could steer North Korea away from its nuclear efforts. “I felt pretty strongly that they had a tremendous power” over North Korea,, he said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. “But it’s not what you would think.” That’s just one of several recent comments offering insight into what looks like a moderate makeover for an immoderate president. As he approaches 100 days in office Trump appears to be increasingly embracing what he describes as his “flexibility” ― acknowledging he may not have thought deeply about some of the issues he shouted about throughout his political campaign. Over the past 48 hours,, the outsider politician who pledged to upend Washington has: ― Abandoned his vow to label China a currency manipulator. ― Rethought his hands-off assessment of the Syrian conflict ― and ordered a missile attack. ― Turned his warm approach toward Vladimir Putin decidedly chilly and declared U.S.-Russia relations “may be at an all-time low.” ― Decided NATO isn’t actually obsolete,, as he had claimed. ― Realized the U.S. Export-Import Bank is

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    Editors note: This piece was produced in partnership with the Chicago Architecture Foundation, which provided research, expertise and other assistance during its development. More content below this sponsor message Rachel Glick recently moved to Oak Park from the West Coast. Visiting downtown, she was quickly struck by the diversity of building types of Chicago. We have Art Deco,, neo-classical, modernist, and contemporary buildings sometimes within the same block. And while Chicago’s architecture is famed for this kind of diversity,, Rachel found herself disenchanted by the stylistic hodgepodge. She thought many of Chicago’s newest buildings had a generic style you can see in any modern city. After travelling overseas and seeing cities in Israel and Italy with city-wide buildings styles,, sometimes enforced by city codes, she wondered why Chicago architecture doesn’t honor its past more: If historic architecture in Chicago is so celebrated and admired, why dont we build more new buildings just like those beautiful historic ones? Architects have always wrestled with some version of Rachel’s question. Should buildings emulate the forms of the past,, or should they innovate and create an aesthetic unique to the era and the society in which they are built? What role do new materials,, new technologies,, and new expectations play in determining how a building should look? And what does it mean for a building to ?be considered “beautiful” anyway? Rachel’s question is an opportunity to consider vq eil 372 lk cheap jordan shoes ncm 618 ix cheap air jordans rad 957 gd cheap retro jordans ocf 264 cheap real jordans cheap retro jordans cheap jordans www.airjordanshoesforcheap.com jordans for cheap cheap jordans for sale

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    Wedding Centerpieces Are Signifying The Personality From The Bride And BridegroomWe constantly attempt to provide valid information in the form of tutorials for the internet based community. You are about to read Wedding Centerpieces Are Signifying The Personality From The Bride And Bridegroom. Please go through the article and submit your tips as a comment.In every single wedding occasion, the Wedding ceremony table would have to be decorated with several objects. These objects are known as Wedding Centerpieces as these centerpieces are produced for wedding decoration purpose. Youll be able to envision one wedding ceremony table consisting various Wedding Centerpieces put to the table. Initial of all, we can say about greeting cards. A lot of people would have sent greeting cards for several occasions with lovely pictures or sceneries or styles. These greeting cards could be organized on the wedding ceremony table. The table cloth would be in expensive and sophisticated quality with ornamental styles in multi coloration. The cups and plates that are to become used for that marriage ceremony event would also be positioned on the wedding ceremony table. The marriage ceremony event is inclusive of flowers and floral decoration. Around the marriage ceremony table, the floral arrangement could be so lovely and amazing. These flowers are brought from numerous locations and organized mixing plenty of flowers in various colors. On the 4 corners with the wedding ceremony table these flowers could be kept as bouquet .Many individuals who enjoy wedding ceremony occasion and deems it being a sacred occasion would like to maintain very traditional utensils to the wedding ceremony table. For example, if a person whos aged about seventy decades and celebrating his son’s marriage ceremony occasion, he wouldnt purchase new cups and plates or spoons and forks for his son’s marriage and for decorating to the wedding ceremony table. He would use only the previous cups and plates which he would have employed on his wedding ceremony day. He feels that his son would be cherished in his married life if he use those old cups and other utensils about the wedding ceremony day although acquiring foods on wedding table. A lot of Wedding Centerpieces are basic but standard and regarded as as sacred by the folks all over the place inside the planet.You are now going through Wedding Centerpieces Are Signifying The Personality From The Bride And Bridegroom authored with revisionrhinoplasty. anticipate you loved the contents plus we are in no doubt that you will like the rest of the piece of writing as well.My handle is revisionrhinoplasty as well as I exist and work wherever lying on the web. I be attracted to to write down remarkable articles or reviews.Please submit supplementary reports often so that you can easily establish your attendance on the world wide web.;comments:1#comments;comments:1#comments;comments:1#comments;comments:1#comments,puma-pas-cher-aliexpress,puma-2016-font-31641.html Puma By Rihanma Creepers Femme,nike-air-jordan-flight-45,chaussure-pas-cher-nike-28768.html Nike Air Jordan 4 Homme,nike-pas-cher-femme,nike-air-requin-pas-cher-31579.html Nike TN Requin 2016 Femme

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    2.0. improve.

    In the past, ‘IL11ILILIIlLLLILILLLLIILLLIIL11111LLILiiLIliLlILlLiiLLIiILL.3. ed . This is a colorful, You ought to be able to get a return margin somewhere in the neighborhood of 100%.0. and in the united states more and more parents are beginning to address this important issue and seek answers. MD,0.

    00:504666,1. music only or media players (music plus FM radio, with cardboard fish with paper clips attached, eval(ez_write_tag([[250, issues including exchange-commissions and up-to-date currency exchange rates. Some sports arbitrage programs will allow you to list those bookmakers and it is going to then go on alert you, Smiles and good outdoor exercise certainly are a great combination. Roanoke City Schools.’brighthub_com-medrectangle-4′.

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    Thursday, May 18, 2017 - 05:34:31

    that he possesses integrity and honesty and is committed to justice. “He’s honest. He’s fair. He’s been a friend to many of us,, on both sides of the aisle,” Majority Leader Mitch McConnell,, R-Ky.,, said. “It’s been tough to watch all this good man has been put through in recent weeks. This is a well-qualified colleague with a deep reverence for the law. He believes strongly in the equal application of it to everyone.” Sessions won unanimous backing from Senate Republicans but picked up the support of just one Democrat, Joe Manchin of West Virginia. Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley is expected to name a replacement for Sessions as early as Thursday. Bentley has named six finalists for the Senate appointment, including state Attorney General Luther Strange and GOP Rep. Robert Aderholt. Strange is considered a leading candidate for the job since Bentley interviewed potential replacements for state attorney general, according to people close to the process. However, Bentley’s office has said he has not made a decision. Wednesday’s vote came amid rising tension between Republicans controlling the chamber over delaying tactics by minority Democratic that have left fewer of Trump’s picks in place than President Barack Obama had eight years ago. Democrats no longer have filibuster power over Cabinet picks,, however,, after changing Senate rules when they controlled the chamber in 2013. Next up for the Senate is Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga.,, Trump’s pick for health secretary. A final

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    entertaining first period ended without a goal. Pittsburgh outshot the Blue Jackets 15-11,, clanging the crossbar and the post with shots while Bobrovsky held tight as the Penguins swarmed and bumped him around. The Blue Jackets got some great looks,, too, but also couldn’t penetrate. After Sidney Crosby bounced a slap shot off the post to start the second period, the Blue Jackets struck. William Karlsson pushed the puck out in front of the goal and Ryan Murray finished it with a backhander from the slot with 1:33 gone. The Penguins tied it 6:13 into the period when Cole zinged a wrister from the left point past the glove of Bobrovsky,, who was screened by one of his defensemen. Brandon Saad looked as though he might end it when he got a breakaway with 38 seconds left in regulation, but shot the puck directly at Matt Murray. “It was a fun game to be a part of,,” Columbus coach John Tortorella said. “I think both teams played hard,, played honest. Both teams gave up some pretty good scoring chances along the way. I just thought we stuck with it.” The two teams likely could see each other in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. “When we play them, I think we know we need to be ready,” Crosby said. “There’s a different feel than a typical game. There’s more intensity, it’s more physical, so I think we prepare that way.” NOTES: The crowd of 19,,188 was the second-largest ever for a Blue Jackets regular-season game. … Columbus C Lukas Sedlak

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    Thursday, May 18, 2017 - 06:26:56

    July 19,, 2016 New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says there is “no way that Melania Trump was plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s speech.” Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, called the allegation “absurd.” Click here to read more July 18, 2016 will be covering both the Republican and Democratic conventions, beginning today in Cleveland. Click here to read more July 17,, 2016 Donald Trump introduced Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate July 16,, but, in doing so, oversold Indiana’s economic performance under Pence. Click here to read more July 15,, 2016 President Obama said “it is easier for a teenager to buy a Glock than get his hands on a computer or even a book.” But the White House couldn’t provide anything more than anecdotal evidence to support his claim. Click here to read more July 13,, 2016 Donald Trump says there has been “a substantial rise in the number of officers killed in the line of duty ― a very big rise.” There has been an increase in firearms-related deaths in the last six months compared to a year ago. But the number of police fatalities has substantially declined in recent years. Click here to read more July 7, 2016 On July 5, FBI Director James Comey said a “very small number” of emails sent and received by Hillary Clinton over her private server “bore markings indicating the presence of classified information.” We are now learning more about those emails. Click here to read more July 5, 2016 An FBI investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information resulted in no criminal charges, but it revealed that Clinton and her campaign made past statements that have turned out to be false or misleading. Click here to read more July 5, 2016 We provide answers to common questions about Clinton’s emails. Click here to read more June 30, 2016 Now that the last of the Benghazi reports have been issued, we look at some key public and private statements made by Hillary Clinton and others in the State Department following the 2012 attacks, which resulted in the loss of four Americans. Click here to read more June 24, 2016 It’s a simple question, one that we ask candidates, campaigns and political committees all the time: “What evidence do you have?” It’s a question that needs to be asked more often by TV news anchors,, as NBC’s Lester Holt did in his interview with Donald Trump. Click here to read more Q: Are sexual assault and rape preexisting conditions under the GOP health bill? A: ? No. The bill doesn’t identify any preexisting conditions, and it says insurers can’t deny coverage to individuals who have them. But insurers could charge more for medical conditions in certain cases. Read the full question and answer

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    Thursday, May 18, 2017 - 06:53:09

    and committing “criminal acts.” On screen, these words appear and morph into a portrait of Scott, while the narrator concludes by saying: “There’s nothing Republican about Rick Scott.” It turns out that the McCollum campaign is simultaneously attacking Scott on a “porn” allegation. But there’s a grain of truth to that only for those willing to connect several dots in the way that the McCollum campaign wishes. Here’s the connection,, as laid out by reporter John Frank of the Miami Herald on June 16: Miami Herald: The seemingly infinite paper trail detailing Rick Scott’s business investments now leads to Quepasa,, a Latino social networking website that partners with Playboy Mexico to find the Playmate of the Year. Scott owned a 13.8 percent interest in Quepasa in April 2010,, according to SEC filings, worth about $7.6 million. The company’s connection to the adult magazine began in 2009 (after Scott was an investor) and the announcement was titled,, “Playboy Mexico and Get it On.” They also helped pick the “Cyber Chica of the Month.” For the record,, that was in the Herald’s “Naked Politics” blog. (Insert your own joke here.) Behind the ‘Florida First Initiative’ Florida reporters seeking who’s behind the Florida First Initiative have traced connections to McCollum,, who says his campaign is not involved, and Alachua County GOP Chairman Stafford Jones, who hung up on a reporter seeking information about the group

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    Thursday, May 18, 2017 - 07:16:07

    to the?public and in some states aren’t subject to key rules?that apply to government agencies, such as open meetings and public records laws.” In December 2012,? the National Labor Relations Board ruled that a nonprofit operator of a Chicago charter school is a ” ‘private entity’ and therefore covered under the federal law governing the private sector,” as Chicago’s?WBEZ reported. Nonetheless, charter schools in Chicago must be approved by the Chicago School Board,, which can pull a school’s charter if it is deemed to be underperforming. It’s also worth noting that charter schools,, though publicly funded, receive less funds on average than their non-charter public school counterparts. The Illinois State Charter School Funding Task Force,, an independent state agency established in 2011,, said that “on average, charter schools receive 78.3% of the funds that their district counterparts receive. This disparity amounted to approximately $1800 less per pupil in the charter schools.” Charter School Funding The ad also implies that Emanuel, as mayor,, played a direct role in allocating funds away from traditional public schools and to charter schools. The ad starts with Garcia standing in front of a shuttered school, saying “the mayor shut it down.” He goes on to say that Emanuel “took” money from the closed schools and “gave” it to “elite private schools.” The mayor of Chicago does play a larger role in education compared with mayors in other cities,, but Emanuel does not have direct control

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    Friday, May 19, 2017 - 02:14:58

    PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) ― Moments after scoring a franchise-record 59 points in Portland’s victory over Utah, Damian Lillard said he believed he could top it. The declaration was quintessential Lillard. “A lot of players have played here, so just to think about that it’s a great honor,, but hopefully I’ll beat it. Hopefully I’ll get past that,,’ the Trail Blazers’ focused point guard said. “I think I will.” Something else that happened following Saturday night’s 101-86 win was also typical of Lillard: He gave the game ball to Utah veteran Joe Johnson,, who scored his 20,000th career point during the game. “That’s an accomplishment for him as well,” Lillard said. Lillard’s step-back 3-pointer with 1:49 left pushed him past Damon Stoudamire’s previous franchise record of 54 points, set in New Orleans on Jan. 14,, 2005. He also surpassed Brandon Roy’s Moda Center record of 52 set back in 2008. He pointed to his wrist,, indicating “Lillard Time” ― which becomes a thing in Portland when he takes over games ― and then raised his hands before pounding his chest. He shouted to the standing Moda Center crowd: “I got this.” He finished with nine 3s to match his career high and the Blazers’ record. He set another team record with his 27th game of 30 or more points this season. He is also the only Blazers player to have three games in a season with 50-plus points. Oh,, and he didn’t have a single turnover. Coach Terry Stotts said simply, “Damian was

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    booths and high-top tables outside of the cafeteria,, for a more relaxed eating space. And a number of classrooms were converted to lounge study areas that are open to the hallway. Even hallways spaces are utilized as study areas with long study bars built along the wall. From basketball to Harry Potter club During LEAP hour — which happens every day after the first three 52-minute class periods — students can be found in these spaces doing schoolwork,, eating and socializing. It’s not an open campus,, meaning students can’t leave school grounds to grab lunch or hang out. But they’re granted a fair amount of autonomy during this period. They can choose to sit in the cafeteria for the full hour, if they want. Or they can get more individualized help on school work they’re struggling with or participate in a variety of preset activities called “connections” that are scattered throughout the building. When the bell rings at 10:53,, students have 10 minutes to transition to their first destination, where they must stay put for 20 minutes. When the bell rings again,, signaling another 10-minute passing period, they have the option to relocate for the remainder of the LEAP hour. For Yaachie Chuol, 15, that means eating lunch then heading to the gym, unless he needs help on an assignment. “It relieves more of my stress and makes me feel happier during the end of the day,” he said,, taking pause to reflect before rejoining friends for a game of pickup basketball. MinnPost photo by Erin HinrichsYaachie cheap air jordan shoes cheap jordans online promdressok.com cheap air jordans cheap jordan shoes

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    Friday, May 19, 2017 - 05:40:09

    DETROIT (AP) ― An ex-convict was arraigned on murder charges Friday in the death of a Detroit college police officer who was shot in the head while trying to arrest the man. “This case strongly illustrates the dangers that police officers face every minute of every day,,” Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said. DeAngelo Davis, 31,, is accused of shooting Wayne State University Officer Collin Rose on Tuesday. Davis was arraigned on first-degree murder, murder of a police officer and gun charges, and ordered jailed without bond. Wayne State Police Chief Anthony Holt said he was relieved Davis was jailed and off the street. Wayne State, which has more than 27,000 students, employs about 65 officers. Rose died a day after the shooting,, and is the only Wayne State officer killed in the line of duty. In a statement, Worthy said Davis was riding a bicycle when Rose stopped him. The officer was shot shortly after requesting help from other officers. Detroit Police Chief James Craig said Rose was investigating possible thefts of navigation systems from vehicles. The prosecutor’s office says Davis was not represented by an attorney at Friday’s arraignment in Romulus District Court and that one hasn’t yet been assigned to him. He is scheduled for Dec. 9 probable cause hearing and a Dec. 16 preliminary examination. “Officer Rose was respected,, admired,, and one that had an excellent work ethic,,” Worthy said. “Our hearts go out to the family and friends.” Wayne State University said Friday that it’s accepting gifts in Rose’s memory after receiving inquiries from many people who want to make donations. The school said its officers work tirelessly and courageously to ensure the safety of our campus and community. “We greatly appreciate the outpouring of support and generosity,” the school said in a statement. “These gifts will be used in support of the Wayne State University Police Department.”

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    Friday, May 19, 2017 - 05:55:36

    going to work …I feel like my performance is about an emotional connection. I want to connect with people, whether it’s like a romantic song or a happy song. AP: How enjoyable is the reality-TV dimension of Boy George? George: I think these days, as an artist,, you have to be slightly entrepreneurial. …Nobody really sells records anymore. I mean,, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, I think the young kids sell lot of records. But for an older kind of artist, more of a sort of heritage,, vintage type of artist,, you have to think outside the box. …So for me with “The Apprentice,,” it kind of blew out my business brain. I don’t really think of myself as a business person. I think of myself more as a creative-type person, but it’s quite nice to be challenged physically and mentally. AP: How did you get along with Arnold Schwarzenegger? George: He is funny. Some great one-liners,, some great banter between him and the contestants. And he’s good! I think people are going to be really surprised. He’s really good at it. Totally different energy to our potential president, but he’s cool. AP: You’ve had an incredible career and also gone through your struggles. What do you say to young people who might be going through difficult times? George: I don’t know whether when I was 20 years old or 25 years old if somebody would have come along with incredible wisdom whether I would have really listened. Because I think we grow into ourselves. And unfortunately we do it in the

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    Friday, May 19, 2017 - 07:58:20

    JEFFERSON CITY,, Mo. (AP) — Michael Sam, the first openly gay NFL draftee,, slammed a Missouri measure that would shield some businesses that deny services for same-sex weddings, telling fellow opponents Wednesday that it is “the opposite of respect and it is the opposite of equality.” Sam,, who came out as gay before the 2014 NFL draft after starring at the University of Missouri,, said the measure would make it easier than ever for people to discriminate against members of the LGBT community. “It does not reflect the Missouri I know,” Sam told a crowd of about 80 demonstrators in the Capitol Rotunda,, including some of who held signs decrying the proposal as “backward, bigoted and bad for Missouri.” The St. Louis Rams picked Sam in the seventh round before cutting him in training camp. After Sam spoke, some of the protesters split off to try to persuade members of a House panel to vote against the legislation. Emerging Issues Committee chairman Rep. Elijah Haahr, a Springfield Republican, announced late Wednesday that he was delaying a vote on the measure until next week to give members more time to deliberate. A vote had been expected Wednesday evening. Haahr said committee members have faced pressure from people on both sides of the issue since the Senate passed the measure in March after a failed 37-hour filibuster by Democrats. If passed by the GOP-led Legislature,, it would bypass Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon and head straight to voters. They would

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    Friday, May 19, 2017 - 08:18:00

    MADISON,, Wis. (AP) ― University of Wisconsin chemistry professor Robert Hamers has a jam-packed day ahead: an hourlong lecture, a conference call with colleagues about nanotechnology,, meetings and plans to check on students in the lab. With a workweek that he estimates often extends to 65 hours, Hamers is hardly lazy,, but Gov. Scott Walker wants to make sure professors like him don’t neglect the classroom. The governor has joined a national conservative push to get professors to do more teaching and less research. Provisions in his state budget proposal would reward faculty who spend more time in the classroom and make state aid to universities contingent on faculty instructional hours. Republicans say they want to ensure undergraduates get enough bang for their tuition dollars. University officials say the GOP is trying to appease a base that’s suspicious of higher education in general, and they worry about pushing professors to deliver lectures instead of pulling in federal research dollars and seeking discoveries that reshape society. “The idea that learning only takes place in a classroom setting is completely wrong,,” Hamers said,, calling it “an outmoded way of thinking.” “What is more valuable?” he asked. Providing a lecture for 75 students or offering a two-hour,, one-on-one interaction that a student remembers “for the rest of their life?” It’s difficult to gauge how much time professors spend in classrooms across the country. The

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    Friday, May 19, 2017 - 08:41:16

    WASHINGTON (AP) ― The Obama administration is revising a federal rule that allows wind-energy companies to operate high-speed turbines for up to 30 years, even if means killing or injuring thousands of federally protected bald and golden eagles. Under the plan announced Wednesday,, wind companies and other power providers could kill or injure up to 4,,200 bald eagles a year without penalty ― nearly four times the current limit. Golden eagles could only be killed if companies take steps to minimize the losses,, for instance, by retrofitting power poles to reduce the risk of electrocution. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe said the proposal will “provide a path forward” for maintaining eagle populations while also spurring development of a pollution-free energy source that’s intended to ease global warming,, a cornerstone of President Barack Obama’s energy plan. Ashe said the 162-page proposal would protect eagles and at the same time “help the country reduce its reliance on fossil fuels” such as coal and oil that contribute to global warming. “There’s a lot of good news in here,” Ashe said in an interview, calling the plan “a great tool to work with to further conservation of two iconic species.” The proposal sets objectives for eagle management,, addresses how bird populations will be monitored and provides a framework for how the permitting system fits within the agency’s overall eagle management,, Ashe said. Wind farms are clusters

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    Friday, May 19, 2017 - 08:56:55

    North and South Korea have signaled a forceful U.S. stance on North Korea’s recent actions. But no one was predicting what might come next. Behind the heated rhetoric,, Trump’s strategy in the region looks somewhat similar to predecessor Barack Obama’s ― albeit with the added unpredictability of a new president who has shown he’s willing to use force. Pence on Monday had traveled to the tense zone dividing the two Koreas,, where he warned North Korea’s leaders that after years of testing the U.S. and South Korea with its nuclear ambitions,, “the era of strategic patience is over.” The unannounced visit at the start of Pence’s 10-day trip to Asia was a U.S. show of force that allowed him to gaze at North Korean soldiers from afar and stare directly across a border marked by razor wire. As the brown bomber jacket-clad vice president was briefed near the military demarcation line,, two North Korean soldiers watched from a short distance away,, one taking multiple photographs of the American visitor. Pence told reporters Monday that Trump was hopeful China would use its “extraordinary levers” to pressure the North to abandon its weapons program. But Pence expressed impatience with the unwillingness of the regime to move toward ridding itself of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. In Moscow,, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told reporters he hopes “there will be no unilateral actions like those we saw recently in Syria and that the U.S. will follow the

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    Friday, May 19, 2017 - 23:13:48

    Q: Does President Barack Obama support taxing motorists based on the number of miles they drive? A: No. But it is one idea being studied as a way to replace the federal gasoline tax. FULL QUESTION Is this true? Just received today from Newsmax. White House Wants to Track and Tax Your Mileage Read more on White House Wants to Track and Tax Your Mileage FULL ANSWER The idea of taxing motorists based on the number of miles they drive — known as a vehicle miles traveled (VMT) tax or fee — has been a matter of policy discussion in Washington for several years. The Obama administration has yet to endorse it,, but the Department of Transportation has requested $20 million in next year’s budget to establish the Surface Transportation Revenue Alternatives Office. The office,, which would be located within the Federal Highway Administration,, would look at a “range of revenue-generation alternatives,,” not just a tax on miles traveled. FHWA website: The proposed office will lead a phased research and demonstration effort to analyze a range of revenue-generation alternatives with the potential to replace the petroleum-based system currently used to fund surface transportation programs. Although there are other financing schemes,, such as expanding toll roads and bridges, the VMT has gotten the most attention,, because policy experts consider it to be the most reliable funding source for future highway projects. Why? The number of vehicle miles traveled increases at a faster

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    Friday, May 19, 2017 - 23:14:23

    decision to veto the heartbeat bill. Ohio lawmakers still have the option to override Kasich’s veto. Doing so would require a three-fifths majority of each chamber. Janet Folger, president of Faith2Action,, an anti-abortion group pressing for the heartbeat bill,, called on Republican House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger to bring an override veto to the House floor. A message was left with Rosenberger’s office. The developments in Ohio are a prelude to a broad offensive to be launched in January by abortion-rights opponents emboldened by the election success of Donald Trump and the Republican Party. GOP lawmakers in numerous states ― including Texas,, Missouri, Iowa, Indiana and Kentucky ― plan to push for new anti-abortion legislation. Their efforts are being supported by a national anti-abortion group,, Americans United for Life, which released a report Tuesday contending that many abortion clinics are in violation of state health and safety standards. In Congress,, Republicans are expected to advance legislation banning most abortions after 20 weeks and halting federal funding for Planned Parenthood as long as it performs abortions. The president-elect has pledged to support both measures. In Oklahoma on Tuesday, the state Supreme Court threw out a law requiring abortion clinics to have doctors who have admitting privileges at hospitals within 30 miles of their facility. The court ruled that measure, which requires doctors with admitting privileges to be present for abortions,, violates

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    Friday, May 19, 2017 - 23:19:30

    into two different worlds. A glass door leads to the high-rise condo’s balcony with its impressive views of midtown Atlanta,, while gold-framed paintings bought…Christopher Oquendo/Fast Copy News Service Photos: Basement remodel gives family its work/life balance back Photos:?Transitional design creates warmth in Buckhead high-rise condo With its traditional red brick and large modern windows, The Brookwood boasts a transitional architectural style and a convenient Peachtree Street location. With its traditional red brick and large modern windows,, The Brookwood boasts a transitional architectural style and a convenient Peachtree Street location.Christopher Oquendo/Fast Copy News Service Photos: Basement remodel gives family its work/life balance back Photos:?Transitional design creates warmth in Buckhead high-rise condo The condo’s balcony,, furnished with an outdoor table and chairs from Macy’s,, is an ideal place to enjoy a glass of wine at sunset. The condo’s balcony,, furnished with an outdoor table and chairs from Macy’s,, is an ideal place to enjoy a glass of wine at sunset.Christopher Oquendo/Fast Copy News Service Photos: Basement remodel gives family its work/life balance back Photos:?Transitional design creates warmth in Buckhead

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    ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ premiere Photos: 2017 Shaky Knees Music Festival? Festival goers cheer during Cage the Elephant’s performance at the Shaky Knees Music Festival in Atlanta,, Georgia,, on Friday, May 12, 2017. (DAVID BARNES / DAVID.BARNES@AJC.COM) Festival goers cheer during Cage the Elephant’s performance at the Shaky Knees Music Festival in Atlanta, Georgia, on Friday,, May 12, 2017. (DAVID BARNES / DAVID.BARNES@AJC.COM)DAVID BARNES / SPECIAL Photos: Stars hit red carpet for latest ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ premiere Photos: 2017 Shaky Knees Music Festival? LCD Soundsystem performs during the Shaky Knees Music Festival in Atlanta, Georgia, on Friday, May 12, 2017. (DAVID BARNES / DAVID.BARNES@AJC.COM) LCD Soundsystem performs during the Shaky Knees Music Festival in Atlanta, Georgia, on Friday, May 12,, 2017. (DAVID BARNES / DAVID.BARNES@AJC.COM)DAVID BARNES / SPECIAL Photos: Stars hit red carpet for latest ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ premiere Photos: 2017 Shaky Knees Music Festival? LCD Soundsystem performs during the Shaky Knees Music Festival in Atlanta,, Georgia, on Friday,, May 12, 2017. (DAVID BARNES / DAVID.BARNES@AJC.COM) LCD Soundsystem performs during the Shaky Knees Music Festival in Atlanta, Georgia, on Friday, May 12, 2017. (DAVID BARNES / DAVID.BARNES@AJC.COM)DAVID BARNES / SPECIAL Photos: Stars hit red carpet for latest ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ premiere Photos: 2017 Shaky Knees Music Festival? LCD Soundsystem performs during the Shaky Knees Music Festival

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    Saturday, May 20, 2017 - 01:43:14

    ABC News/Yahoo!/WMUR-TV debate at Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire. Less than 12 hours later, they meet again for an NBC News/Facebook debate on “Meet the Press.” Here are some possible lines of attack to expect, based on what the candidates, their campaigns and their surrogates have been saying lately. ‘Timid vs. Bold’ A major storyline heading into New Hampshire has been former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s stepped-up attacks on former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. Gingrich took out a full-page newspaper ad in New Hampshire, criticizing Romney as a “timid Massachusetts moderate,,” and describing himself as a “bold Reagan conservative.” He also has a TV ad in New Hampshire called “Timid vs. Bold.” Upon arriving in New Hampshire, Gingrich said: “The contrast will be very wide and that will be a key part of what we describe going forward.” It’s likely that we’ll hear a lot from both candidates about their conservative credentials. We found little to quibble with in the print ad (other than the claim that Romney “expanded abortion services in Massachusetts,” which we will deal with in the next section). There are some places,, however,, where the print ad could use some context. It’s true,, for example,, that Romney said he did not want to “return to Reagan-Bush,” as the ad says, but that was during the 1994 Senate campaign. The TV ad exaggerates when talking about Romney’s economic plan. It’s true that the Wall Street Journal called Romney’s economic plan “surprisingly timid,,”

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    Saturday, May 20, 2017 - 03:10:37

    Va.,, in May,, McAuliffe said,, “So as governor, I want to make sure we pay our teachers the national average, in order for us to get the best possible teachers.” The Cuccinelli campaign estimated it would cost $2.8 billion over the next four years to raise Virginia teachers’ pay to the national average. McAuliffe spokesman Josh Schwerin says his candidate never promised to immediately raise teacher pay to the national average or that the state would immediately assume all college student debt. Rather, he said, those are priorities that would be funded based on available state revenues. “This is the difference between responsible budgeting and ideological budgeting,” Schwerin said. “It would be irresponsible to say how much you’re going to spend before knowing how much revenue there will be.” Rather than promises,, Schwerin said the platform lays out McAuliffe’s “spending priorities so voters know exactly where he stands.” In addition to the projected savings from Medicaid expansion — which, again,, the Washington Post concluded was not a “sustainable or realistic way to finance new spending” — McAuliffe has talked about “[saving] millions of taxpayer dollars through operational efficiencies” such as reducing government expenditures on energy,, reducing state employee travel expenditures and implementing “technology-driven asset management strategies.” The McAuliffe campaign doesn’t estimate how much money those “efficiencies” might free to fund McAuliffe’s priorities. But it’s one

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    at 49:50 in the video, members again stand and applaud. But the camera?focuses on Owens,, who is standing, clapping?and crying, and remains on her feet for more than?30 seconds. When the camera turns back on members of Congress around 50:25, most Republicans and Democrats are standing,, but a few Democrats are sitting, including Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a former Democratic National Committee chairman, and Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison,, the new?deputy DNC chairman. Wasserman Schultz and Ellison are seated together — as seen in the circle to the left in the image below. That led some to claim that Wasserman Schultz and Ellison didn’t stand and acknowledge Owens, which is not true. Both Wasserman Schultz and Ellison stood during the first ovation and sat down just as other members began to do so. They can be seen standing in the lower left-hand corner of the first photo above, right where the time stamp is. What we don’t know, because of the camera angle, is whether either stood during any portion of the second and longer ovation. It is also false, as reported by the?website Independent Journal Review,, that?“former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and other top Democrats, however, remained seated.” Sanders, who was seated behind the Joint Chiefs of Staff, can be seen standing in both of the photos above, and Pelosi, in a white suit, can been seen standing in the second photo. During the first ovation,, Pelosi was out of view

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    now the perfect time to freshen up your workout playlist. Besides, how better to… This is the best time to shop for a college tuition deal. Now is a great time to find a (relative) bargain on a private college education. The share of tuition and fee revenue these… Porn addiction can make you impotent. You think it’s a bit of harmless fun but watching porn really does affect a man’s performance in the bedroom. Men partial… I won a boxing match while pregnant. It was around the time of the 2014 Commonwealth Games team selection that I started feeling sick during training. I’d been… Catholic school student pens 127-page paper defending gay marriage. This student earned an “F” ―?as in fabulous. An 11th grader at a Catholic high school in Missouri who… Business Microsoft’s president blames NSA for WannaCry attack. A top Microsoft executive partly blamed the US government for the WannaCry ransomware attack,, saying hackers found a crucial… Lyft and Waymo are ganging up against Uber. Lyft and Waymo, the self-driving car startup owned by Google parent Alphabet,, are teaming up to challenge Uber. Lyft,, the… People have stopped buying guns since Trump took office. The gun run appears to have jammed. In the five full months since Donald Trump was elected president,, the FBI has undertaken… Coworker claims L.A. Reid sexually harassed her. L.A. Reid, the influential head of Epic Records,, was ousted from the Sony Music label after a co-worker complained to the… Whistleblower;comments:1#comments

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    Mitt Romney and President Obama each distort the facts in TV ads aimed at young mothers: ‘Obama’s Debt’? The Romney campaign announced on Sept. 18 that it had launched a new TV ad titled “Dear Daughter.” It shows a young mother holding her infant daughter as the narrator speaks over soft piano music about the impact of “Obama’s policies” on women. It starts off by saying,, “Dear Daughter. Welcome to America. Your share of Obama’s debt is over $50,,000.” But that $50,,000 was not all accumulated under Obama. The Romney campaign supports its per-capita debt claim by dividing the total public debt ($16 trillion) by the U.S. population (314.4 million). That’s nearly $51,,000. Yes, the total public debt currently stands at $16 trillion, including about $4.8 trillion that the government owes itself and $11.2 trillion that it borrowed from the public. However, it was already at $10.6 trillion on the day Obama took office. (You can find that figure by inserting the inauguration date of Jan. 20, 2009, on the Treasury’s “debt to the penny” website.) So, the debt has increased by roughly $5.4 trillion since Obama took office. And not all of that can be blamed on Obama. The federal fiscal year begins on Oct. 1,, so the federal government was more than three months into fiscal 2009 when Obama became president. Shortly before Obama assumed office, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office projected that the deficit for fiscal year 2009 would be $1.2 trillion. The fiscal year ended on Sept. 30,

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    its electoral votes between candidates of opposing parties, when seven of its then eight electors selected Republican Charles Hughes and one selected Democrat Woodrow Wilson,, according to Dr. George Edwards III, a Texas A&M political science professor and an expert in the Electoral College. In 2008,, Obama’s campaign was credited for the rare split after conducting an intensive ground effort in the 2nd District,, identifying and registering new voters and targeting young,, minority and occasional voters. The campaign also encouraged extensive early voting and spurred a large Election Day turnout. The win has been a thorn in the side of Republicans, who have spent decades trying to reinstate a winner-take-all system for awarding the state’s five electoral votes. They came close earlier this year but were thwarted by a filibuster just before it won final approval in the Legislature. Butler dismissed the idea of Nebraska Republicans unhappy with Trump skipping the general election; he’s certain they’ll want a chance to reclaim Ashford’s congressional seat and believes GOP challenger Don Bacon,, who won easily Tuesday, will inspire them to vote. Republicans down on a Trump presidency will come around as the November election nears, he said. “As they start to contrast Donald Trump to what the alternative is, they’ll ask themselves,, ‘What’s relatively less terrible than those people?’” he said. “Well, it’s Donald Trump.” ___ Associated Press Correspondent Grant Schulte

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    . “The Kremlin has made more than one bet (in the French vote),, but the question is if these bets are real. I believe it’s a delusion.” While Russian TV stations use the French election to buttress the Kremlin view of the world in domestic public opinion,, Moscow appears to have little ability to influence the French agenda. The Russian state-run Sputnik news agency and the TV network RT have French-language websites,, but they are mostly aimed at those who already have a pro-Russia worldview. It’s unclear if they have any impact on a broader French audience. “It is clear that at the moment the direct audience for Russian media in France is very marginal,” said Christophe Deloire, head of Reporters Without Borders media rights watchdog. He added,, however,, that Russian influence via social media networks could be more difficult to measure. Macron’s aides claimed in February that Russian groups were interfering with his campaign soon after a spike in social media claims that Macron is gay. The married Macron denied the claims and within days his campaign officials blamed Russian media and Russian hackers for attempting to sway the French election,, but did not provide proof of Russian hacking. Macron’s cybersecurity chief Mounir Mahjoubi told The Associated Press at the time that his campaign website was briefly knocked offline but that hackers had failed to “open the door” to its databases. He said the campaign registered thousands of attempted attacks

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    to say that President Obama and his team promoted the stimulus as an infrastructure bill,” Grabell told us in an email. “But in the end, there was very little in the stimulus for infrastructure. I estimated that only about $80 billion, a tenth of the Recovery Act, was devoted to infrastructure. That’s a broad estimate that includes roads and bridges as well as more modern infrastructure, like smart grid and broadband. Of that,, about $27 billion was reserved for roads and bridges.” Trump’s claim that “[n]obody ever saw anything being built” is just silly. The Department of Transportation reported that the ARRA “initiated more than 13,,000 projects through the Federal Highway Administration, improving more than 42,,000 miles of road and more than 2,700 bridges.” It also was used to help purchase “more than 11,500 buses and 665 rail cars, construct or rehabilitate more than 850 transit facilities nationwide” and helped fund the construction or repair of “thousands of corridor miles of track,” the upgrade of more than 30 stations and the purchase of new passenger cars and locomotives. The stimulus bill also helped to fund aviation infrastructure, such as $35 million toward a new air traffic control tower in Oakland, California,, and runway rehabilitation at airports around the country. The Transportation Department website lists dozens and dozens of projects fully or partially funded by the ARRA. Here’s how ProPublica’s Grabell put it in his book: Michael Grabell: Generations from now,,

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    conditions on the ground.” At a June press conference,, he reiterated that July 2011 is the planned date to begin transition, not the date for full withdrawal,, and added that there would be reevaluations of the plan in December of 2010: Obama, June 24: We didnt say wed be switching off the lights and closing the door behind us. What we said is wed begin a transition phase in which the Afghan government is taking on more and more responsibility. That is the strategy that was put forward. What weve also said is, is that in December of this year, a year after this strategy has been put in place,, at a time when the additional troops have been in place and have begun implementing strategy,, that well conduct a review and well make an assessment: Is the strategy working? Is it working in part? Are there other aspects of it that arent working? How is the coordination between civilian and military? Are we doing enough to build Afghan security capacity? How are we working effectively with our allies? We’ll leave it to readers to judge how that differs from Sen. Graham’s desired strategy of saying “Our goal is to transition next summer. We’ll see what the conditions are.” Robin Hood on the Set? AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, on CNN’s “State of the Union with Candy Crowley,,” blamed the whole deficit on tax cuts given to the wealthy. Trumka, Sept. 5: That’s what resulted in the deficit in the last 30 years. They gave more tax cuts to the rich. They did not give them

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    ?state?senators,, not all “politicians.” The ban affected only out-of-state travel and failed to affect taxpayer-funded travel within Missouri,, which is a far greater cost. Furthermore, the ban expired after one year. Kinder’s campaign told us that he had banned out-of-state travel for politicians during his time in the Senate. It’s true that legislators’ out-of-state travel expenses plummeted under Kinder. But the expenses failed to disappear altogether. State representatives — not affected by the Senate ban — continued to spend tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars on trips outside Missouri. Our thanks to Michael James of Hannibal, Mo., who uploaded Limbaugh’s radio ad to our Spin Detectors page,, through which we ask our readers to help us monitor political claims and campaigns across the country. James said the travel ban claim sounded “outrageous” because lawmakers often travel on official business to meetings and conferences. Rush Helps a Friend Kinder’s campaign paid for Limbaugh’s ad,, which ran throughout July during a tough Republican primary race for the lieutenant governor. Kinder was recently involved in a scandal regarding his own use of travel expenses as a member of the state’s executive branch. Last year, he?repaid the state $54,000 in lodging expenses after the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that he billed taxpayers for hundreds of nights of hotel stays to attend society balls,, baseball games and political events. The revelation played a part in Kinder scuttling

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    readers of may be feeling a sense of deja vu. We wrote about an ad featuring Holmes back in 2009,, when Americans for Prosperity was making a pitch against the health care law. We noted that CBC News (the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) aired a story July 31 quoting a top neurosurgeon in Canada saying that the claim that Holmes would have died is “an exaggeration.” Holmes was diagnosed with Rathke’s cleft cyst, a rare,, benign cyst that forms near the pituitary gland. It’s not known to be fatal. Another neurosurgeon told CBC News that he’d never heard of someone dying from the condition. Back then,, we also asked the Mayo?Clinic — where Holmes was treated — about the usual prognosis of the condition. Fredric Meyer, M.D.,, chair of neurosurgery at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., responded in a statement that “RCC is a benign lesion and is not typically life-threatening.” After our story ran, Holmes released a statement through Americans for Prosperity in which she says her husband “was told in no uncertain terms that if I waited the time scheduled to see specialists back in Canada I would be dead.” Holmes noted that she was suing the Canadian government and could not release her medical files,, but she said that she suffered from a rare disorder and that doctors she spoke with before and after her treatment said she needed surgery within hours to days. Ultimately, we don’t know what an American doctor may have told Holmes’ husband about whether her condition was life-threatening,

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    LYON,, France (AP) ― Marine Le Pen,, France’s far-right presidential candidate,, unveiled her platform Saturday, envisioning a thriving nation “made in France,” with its citizens first in line for state services and the state unshackled by the rules-laden European Union. The French would guard their own borders,, spend francs instead of euros and defend themselves under the National Front leader’s plans. Immigration, especially by Muslims, would be contained. A policy of “national priority” would give French citizens preference for public housing and other services over EU citizens and immigrants, and lower the profile of France’s large Muslim population. Le Pen hopes the British decision to exit the European Union and the election of U.S. President Donald Trump could provide a morale boost for right-wing, populist voters. “The entire world ― it’s true for Brexit, it’s true for Mr. Trump ― is becoming conscious of what we’ve been saying for years,,” she said in a television interview. The timing could not be better for Le Pen, a leader in early polls for France’s two-round presidential election on April 23 and May 7, to roll out 144 nationalistic promises at a weekend conference. Le Pen speaks Sunday at the conference, but had plenty of supporters to speak for her on Saturday. “The survival of France is at stake. It’s the first time we’ve been so close to the goal,,” National Front official Jean-Lin Lacapelle said. “France is a Christian

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    Analysis The Clinton campaign said its new mailer to Ohio voters is meant to counter an earlier Obama mailing that quotes Clinton as praising NAFTA. “In a campaign when you are attacked unfairly it is incumbent on you to set the record straight, and that’s what we’re doing in the mail,” Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson told reporters on a conference call Feb. 25. Retaliation in Kind We found the Obama mailer to be misleading in our Feb. 24 article. Here we judge that Clinton is retaliating in kind, with a somewhat misleading mailer of her own. The mailer says,, “Ohio needs to know the truth,,” and adds,, “It’s all on the Record.” But it quotes the record selectively to misrepresent Obama’s position. The quotes come from two news accounts, one from The Associated Press and another from the Herald & Review of Decatur, Ill. What’s not said is that they are both reporting on the same 2004 campaign event in Shirley,, Ill., when Obama was running against Republican nominee Alan Keyes for the U.S. Senate. And both are quoted selectively, omitting Obama’s criticisms of NAFTA. The mailer quotes The AP account as saying,, “Obama said the United States should continue to work with the World Trade Organization and pursue deals such as the North American Free Trade Agreement.” That’s accurate as far as it goes,, but what’s left out is that Obama also said the U.S. needs to be more aggressive in protecting American interests and the interests of “workers

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    In a strained attempt to portray Democratic Rep. Bobby Bright of Alabama as a puppet of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the National Republican Congressional Committee makes an interesting claim:?”Bobby Bright […] The post NRCC’s Dim Ad on Bobby Bright appeared first on In a strained attempt to portray Democratic Rep. Bobby Bright of Alabama as a puppet of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the National Republican Congressional Committee makes an interesting claim: “Bobby Bright voted with Nancy Pelosi over 70 percent of the time.” That’s entirely true, but context is everything: Bright’s low score ranks him next to last in party loyalty. The ad,, which first aired Sept. 12, is one of several released by the NRCC this week that use Pelosi as a foil. In some of those ads, the NRCC relies on the Washington Post’s votes database,, which ranks members based on party votes, to prove their blind allegiance to their leader. For example, the NRCC criticizes Reps. Chet Edwards of Texas (96 percent) and Ben Chandler of Kentucky (94 percent) for voting with Pelosi over 90 percent of the time. Bobby Bright? As of Sept. 16, he clocks in at 71.8 percent. Only Rep. Walt Minnick,, D-Idaho,, has a lower score among the 435 House members, at 70.9 percent. That was low enough to earn Minnick the endorsement of the Tea Party Express. So,, to the contrary,, the ad provides evidence that Bright’s votes are relatively independent of Pelosi’s. And that’s true. Bright voted against his party

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    QUITO,, Ecuador (AP) — Thousands of experts and leaders from around the world are gathering in South America to dream up the city of the future even as the continent struggles with urban planning issues such as slums that have dogged the continent for decades. The third United Nations Habitat Conference kicked off in Quito on Monday with the goal of tackling haphazard growth and fostering livable, self-sustaining cities amid a boom in the global urban population. United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon,, 11 presidents and hundreds of experts were among those on the guest list. The meeting comes as a downturn in prices for global commodities has threatened gains in government-constructed public housing that have helped many escape the sprawling shantytowns creeping up the hills of South American cities. Experts estimate that more than 105 million people in Latin America live in informal slum communities without access to basic services such as water and electricity. Urban planners say more of these people should be brought into the conversation about how to construct cities. ?”The mistake we’ve made is to only let architects and planners manage cities. Habitat III should be the Habitat conference that balances the input of citizens and experts,” said John Dunn,, professor of urban planning at the Universidad San Francisco in Quito. Those attending the Habitat gathering say urban planning can be a key tool for creating a more equitable world. More than two-thirds of the world population live in cities with greater levels of inequality than they had 20 years ago,, conference organizers say. “The new global urban agenda has to focus on overcoming the social exclusion that defines cities in Latin America and all over the world,” said Luis Bonilla,, chief operating officer of Techo International, an organization that has built housing for the poor in 19 countries. The four-day conference, which takes place every 20 years,, will tackle issues ranging from climate change and public transportation to social justice and housing discrimination. Attendees say they hope the policies that come out of the conference will help reshape the world’s urban centers over the next two decades. “We need a change of mentality,” said Jose Morales, professor of architecture at the Catholic University in Quito. “We have spent the last 40 or 50 years building cities only for cars. We’ve forgotten that cities are for people and communities.”

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    Trump delivered an unusual speech at the CIA headquarters criticizing the media’s coverage of his inaugural crowds. Wesley Wark, a University of Ottawa professor and national security expert, said U.S. allies may ask more questions about the source of American intelligence products. For example,, he said, they might think a certain piece of intelligence is from Trump’s strategic adviser Steve Bannon,, a conservative media executive who now sits on the National Security Council. “There will be a growing concern about politicized ― as opposed to truthful, objective ― judgments and reports,” Wark said. Last weekend’s testy conversation between Trump and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull concerned a refugee deal Trump inherited from Obama. It didn’t relate to the “Five Eyes” intelligence-sharing program the U.S. has with Australia,, Canada, Britain and New Zealand. Nevertheless, California Rep. Adam Schiff, the House Intelligence Committee’s top Democrat,, said the spat can’t be dismissed as simply “Trump being Trump.” Schiff said Australia shares America’s interest in fighting terrorism and countering Chinese actions,, and stood alongside the U.S. in every war of the last century. “This is not a relationship to be taken for granted or abused,,” he said. The committee chairman, GOP Rep. Devin Nunes of California, isn’t worried: “I have no doubt that intelligence sharing with our allies will continue to be robust and productive.”

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    March 30, 2017, in New York. (AP… TCU’s Kenrich Williams (34) celebrates with the trophy for Most Outstanding Player after beating Georgia Tech in an NCAA college basketball game in the final of the NIT Thursday,, March 30,, 2017,, in New York. (AP…Frank Franklin II/AP Photos: Georgia Tech cruises to win in NIT semifinals Photos: Rough night for Jackets in NIT final TCU’s Kenrich Williams (34) loses control of the ball as he drives to the basket past Georgia Tech’s Tadric Jackson (1) during the first half of an NCAA college basketball game in the final of the NIT Thursday,,… TCU’s Kenrich Williams (34) loses control of the ball as he drives to the basket past Georgia Tech’s Tadric Jackson (1) during the first half of an NCAA college basketball game in the final of the NIT Thursday,…Frank Franklin II/AP Photos: Georgia Tech cruises to win in NIT semifinals Photos: Rough night for Jackets in NIT final TCU’s Brandon Parrish (11) celebrates against Georgia Tech during the second half of an NCAA college basketball game in the final of the NIT Thursday,, March 30, 2017,, in New York. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II) TCU’s Brandon Parrish (11) celebrates against

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    scholar Norman J. Ornstein told us that measuring a first-term senator’s record based solely on a count of sponsored legislation that became law is fundamentally flawed. Most bills that pass are sponsored by committee chairs or the committee’s ranking member of the minority party, Ornstein explained, or sometimes subcommittee chairs. Those positions are largely based on seniority. The statistics back him up. According to our analysis of the 96 bills that passed the Senate since January 2013, 57 percent were sponsored by either a committee chair or the ranking minority member of a committee. A National Journal analysis in 2014 found that when it comes to sponsoring bills that get enacted into law, seniority is a major factor. It ranked the senators by the number of bills they sponsored and each of the top 10 senators had served more than 30 years in Congress. In other words,, the authors concluded, “it’s skewed against rook?ie sen?at?ors be?cause they’ve had less time and don’t have the seni?or?ity to see their bills be?come law.” It also helps to be a senator when your party is in the majority,, the National Journal analysis found. And,, we should note,, Republicans have held a majority in the Senate only since January 2015,, meaning Democrats were in control for most of the time served by Rubio and Paul. National Journal,, May 16, 2014: If you wanted to struc?ture your en?tire le?gis?lat?ive ca?reer in or?der to get in this Top 10 list (and who wouldn’t?), a good guide would look like

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    know if you saw that campaign,, but I ran ads about what I wanted to do for Alaska. I didn’t run attack ads.” That’s not accurate, in at least one instance. One of Begich’s 2008 ads refers to the indictment of Stevens, and features “longtime Ted Stevens voters” questioning the senator’s innocence. The ad doesn’t spell out exactly what the people in the ad are talking about, but the reference is quite clear. One man says, “He’s not the same Ted Stevens he used to be,” and a woman says, “The saying goes, where there’s smoke,, there’s fire.” That’s followed by more Alaskans referring to the ethics charges plaguing the longtime senator. “There’s still too many unanswered questions. … I think he’s just, you know,, trying to cover it up. … He’s let us all down and it’s time to move on.” NextGen’s Banner Attack Political attacks aren’t limited to the TV. The group NextGen Climate Action placed 4-foot banners around Iowa this week that say, “Joni Ernst: The Iowa Jobs Killer,” with an image of destroyed wind turbines. NextGen says the banners highlight Ernst’s opposition to the Renewable Fuel Standard and wind production tax credit,, but that’s a distortion of Ernst’s position. She has said she’s against subsidies in general but supports the RFS. The RFS,, created in 2005, is a government mandate that requires a certain amount of renewable fuels — such as ethanol — be used in transportation fuel. It’s a popular issue in Iowa, and the Senate race,, as the corn-based ethanol is made at 42 plants

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    Malaysian authorities say initial autopsy results show a chemical weapon — VX nerve agent — was used in the fatal poisoning of Kim Jong Nam,, older half-brother of North Koreas leader Kim Jong Un. More content below this sponsor message VX is an odorless substance that can exist as liquid or gas. It can kill within minutes if its passed through the skin. It is 10 times more toxic than sarin and classified as a weapon of mass destruction. Early last week,, while Kim Jong Nam was traveling through the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, two women approached him, touched his face and held a cloth over it. He was able to walk to a help desk, which took him to an airport nurse area, but soon fell severely ill and died before making it to the hospital. The women who approached him were caught on airport security cameras and captured within days of the attack. They are from Southeast Asian countries and are now in custody. But police believe the plot involved far more people than the two women. Authorities are seeking at least seven North Koreans, including a diplomat,, in connection with the crime. That VX nerve agent is responsible for Kims death strengthens the claims made by South Korea that the North Korean regime ordered the hit. VX is man-made and not that difficult to produce, according to chemical weapons experts. But it tends to be used by state actors. For example, Saddam Hussein is believed to have used VX nerve agent on Kurdish citizens of Iraq in the 1980s. South Korea last week blamed North Korea for the killing and called the rather public assassination a terrorist act. North Korean officials in Malaysia, meanwhile, were rejecting the autopsys results before it was even concluded. And to add to all this drama,, someone this week apparently tried to break into the morgue where Kims body is being held. That incident is under investigation. Stay up-to-date with the latest news,, stories and insider events. Youve signed up to receive emails. Please check your email for a welcome confirmation. The body believed to be that of Kim Jong Nam has yet to be identified by next of kin, so Malaysia is refusing to release the remains. Malaysian authorities have asked the North Koreans to provide a DNA sample from a Kim family member. But North Korea is not cooperating. The Malaysian police inspector general has been talking with the press this week, but not answering many questions, saying instead that a lot of answers reporters are seeking are “subjects of the investigation.” Later he said that the investigation could last years. Chan Kok Leong contributed to this post,, from Kuala Lumpur. Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit cheap air jordan shoes www.cheapjordan1s.com cheap jordans online cheap retro jordans cheap air jordans jordans for cheap


    Thursday, June 1, 2017 - 03:01:46

    an increasingly advanced nuclear capability. As these quotes make clear, Hagel had no problem calling Iran a state sponsor of terror. But he did resist efforts to have the Senate designate Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a terrorist group, because he said he believed it would unnecessarily play into the drumbeat for war. Military Option for Iran Lastly, the ad claims, “While President Obama says all options are on the table for preventing a nuclear Iran,, Hagel says, ‘Military action is not a viable, feasible, responsible action.’ ” The ad cites a Dec. 12,, 2012, story in the Washington Post for Hagel’s comment,, but the Post was reporting a comment Hagel made to the Pakistani Press International on April 13, 2006: Hagel, April 13, 2006: I do not expect any kind of military solution on the Iran issue. … I think to further comment on it would be complete speculation, but I would say that a military strike against Iran,, a military option, is not a viable, feasible, responsible option. Since then,, Hagel has made several comments in which he did not rule out the possibility of military action in Iran. For example, in his 2007 address to the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Hagel argued for diplomatic efforts and said that with the U.S. already “bogged down” and “overburdened” with wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, “the answer to dealing with Iran will not be found in a military operation.” However,, he did state that with regard to Iran: “The United States must employ a comprehensive

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    on pass-through business income by the?nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. But in?1958, S corporations were created,, enabling businesses to have liability protection and pass profits through to their owners. There were certain requirements for businesses to meet to qualify for S corporation status, such as a limit on the number of shareholders, and in the 1980s, the requirements were loosened. This “pass-through” structure is how partnerships and LLCs,, which came about largely in the 1990s, are also organized. From 1980 to 2007,, CBO said, the percentage of businesses that were C corporations went from 17 percent to 6 percent. “That change was more than offset,” CBO said,, “by the increase in the hybrid forms described earlier — specifically,, limited partnerships, S corporations, and LLCs; that set of entities increased from 5 percent to 20 percent of all businesses” during that period. (Sole proprietorships, the most popular form of business, “remained fairly steady” at 70 percent to 75 percent.) While C corporations made up only 6 percent of businesses in 2007,, they still were responsible for?most of U.S. business receipts. (C corporations — like publicly traded companies — tend to be larger entities.) But, the percentage of business receipts attributable to?C corporations declined from?86 percent in 1980 to 62 percent in 2007,?the CBO report said. And that figure?has slipped even further since. An October 2015 paper by several experts with the Treasury Department and National

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    NEW DELHI (AP) ― Traders angry at a US-based animal rights group have turned their ire on two iconic American brands, pulling Coke and Pepsi from shelves in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The Tamil Nadu Traders Association said the soft-drink makers were draining too much water in the state but that they targeted the American brands because PETA had pushed the 2014 ban on the popular local tradition of bull-taming. The trading association said its ban that went into effect late Wednesday was supported by more than 1.5 million local shop owners and beverage sellers in Tamil Nadu. In a separate case, a court Thursday lifted restrictions on water supplies to Coke and Pepsi factories in the drought-prone state. In January,, Tamil Nadu was rocked by protests by tens of thousands of people demanding that the ban on bull-taming,, or jallikattu, be lifted. The government rushed new legislation exempting the tradition from animal cruelty laws. During the protests,, thousands of young people turned their anger against the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to other American multinational companies and vowed to shun sodas made by them. Traders pledged that they would not sell colas and would instead stock locally made soft drinks or coconut water. “On March 1, following a campaign among traders and the public against foreign brands,, we implemented the decision of our association members to sell only domestic brands of beverages,,” said A. M. Vikrama Raja,, president

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    Tim Kaine has misrepresented Mike Pence’s current stance on climate change, making it a regular talking point in his campaign speeches. The post Pence’s Stance on Climate Change appeared first on Tim Kaine has misrepresented?Mike Pence’s current stance on climate change, making it a regular talking point?in his campaign speeches. Kaine, the Democratic vice presidential nominee,,?has?repeatedly?claimed?that Pence, the Republican vice presidential nominee, “says ‘climate change is a?myth.’” Pence did say?that on his campaign website when running for the House in 2000. In a post titled “Global Warming Disaster,” Pence wrote: “Global warming is a myth.” But more recently, on Sept. 27, Pence said?“there’s no question” that human activity has “some impact on climate.” Kaine has made?similar claims on at least eight?occasions between?Oct. 10?and Nov. 2. In one instance, at a campaign rally in Davidson,, North Carolina, on Oct. 12, however, Kaine correctly used the past tense, claiming, “Mike Pence said climate change is a?myth.” But in many other cases, Kaine misleadingly claimed Pence currently says?climate change is a myth. For example, on Nov. 2 in Dubuque, Iowa, Kaine said, “Donald Trump says, and this is a quote,, ‘Climate change is a hoax created by the Chinese.’ And his running mate,, Mike Pence, says, ‘It’s a myth.’” Trump did?tweet?on Nov. 6, 2012: “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive,,”

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    WASHINGTON (AP) ― President Donald Trump is heading into one of the most challenging weeks of his presidency,, juggling a renewed health care push and a looming budget deadline. It’s all complicated by a potential showdown with Democrats over paying for a border wall. The symbolic 100-day mark for the administration is Saturday. That’s the same day government could shut down without a budget deal. Trump has announced a rally in Pennsylvania that day. Despite Trump’s dismissal that the 100-day marker is “artificial,,” the White House is planning a packed week of activities leading up to Saturday. Trump will sign executive orders on energy and rural policies,, meet with the president of Argentina and travel to Atlanta for a National Rifle Association event. Top aides will also fan out around the country to promote the administration. Aides stressed on Sunday talk shows that funding a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border and a vote on an effort to repeal and replace President Barack Obama’s health care law were priorities. But they also suggested a shutdown could be avoided. “I don’t think anyone foresees or expects or would want a shutdown,,” said budget director Mick Mulvaney on “Fox News Sunday.” Trump would like to revive a failed effort by House Republicans to replace the Affordable Care Act,, or “Obamacare.” He also hopes to use a $1 trillion catchall spending bill to salvage victories on his promised border wall,, a multibillion-dollar down

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    reach nearly 1.6 million veterans, an increase of 25.6 percent. And according to the VA, the number of community health clinics has increased 40% during Bush’s three years,, with accompanying increases in the numbers of outpatient visits (to 51 million last year) and prescriptions filled (to 108 million). But They Keep Repeating: “It’s a Cut” That’s just the opposite of the impression one might get from listening to Democratic presidential candidates debate each other over the past several months. One thing they seem to agree on is the false idea?that Bush is?cutting funding for?veterans. Examples: Oct 9, 2003: Sharpton: As this president waved the flag,, he cut the budget for veterans,, which dishonored people that had given their lives to this country, while he sent people like you to war. October 27: Dean:??I’ve made it very clear that we need to support our troops . . . unlike President Bush who tried to cut — who successfully cut 164,,000 veterans off their health-care benefits. Jan 4, 2004: Kucinich: Look what’s happened with this budget the administration has just submitted. They’re cutting funds for job programs, for veterans . . . Jan 22, 2004 : Kerry: And while we’re at it, this president is breaking faith with veterans all across the country. They’ve cut the VA budget by $1.8 billion. Feb 15,, 2004 : Kerry: And most importantly, I think he’s cut the VA budget and not kept faith with veterans across this country. And one of the first definitions of patriotism is keeping faith

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    Leifer… Cop who tackled James Blake strikes deal to avoid trial. The cop who violently tackled retired tennis star James Blake outside a Midtown hotel in a case of mistaken identity won’t… Lawyer sanctioned for making more than 600 objections. A city attorney is in trouble after making more than 600 objections during a deposition of an NYPD cop and telling the officer… ‘She was heartbroken’: Dad recalls moment he told daughter that mom died saving her. The Long Island teen who was saved from an out-of-control car by her mom on Mother’s Day was “devastated”… Opinion What Trump voters share with Spike Lee. Why did Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in 2016? A new survey hints plausibly that the results reflect a deep clash of… ‘Appropriation’ is how culture works. In July 1954,, a 19-year-old Memphis truck driver recorded at Sun Studio the song “That’s All Right.” When a local disc… What a real Penn Station plan would look like. Govs. Cuomo and Chris Christie have a challenge: how to help commuters this summer as Penn Station shuts tracks. Instead… Looking for real leadership at Penn Station. Who will stand up to fix the mess at Penn Station? The 210,,000 New Jersey and Long Island commuters who use the station each… Yet another taxpayer-funded union perk. When “public employees” aren’t even pretending to work for the public,, how is it right for them to still get paid by… Living This playlist will get you a better bod. Summer is fast approaching,, which makes now the

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    TEHRAN,, Iran (AP) ― Iran executed a nuclear scientist convicted of spying for the United States,, an official said Sunday, acknowledging for the first time that the nation secretly detained and tried a man who was once heralded as a hero. Shahram Amiri defected to the U.S. at the height of Western efforts to thwart Iran’s nuclear program. When he returned in 2010,, he was welcomed with flowers by government leaders and even went on the Iranian talk-show circuit. Then he mysteriously disappeared. He was hanged the same week that Tehran executed a group of militants, a year after Iran agreed to a landmark accord to limit uranium enrichment in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions. Amiri first vanished in 2009 while on a religious pilgrimage to Muslim holy sites in Saudi Arabia. A year later,, he reappeared in a series of contradictory online videos filmed in the U.S. He then walked into the Iranian-interests section at the Pakistani Embassy in Washington and demanded to be sent home. In interviews,, he described being kidnapped and held against his will by Saudi and American spies. U.S. officials said he was to receive millions of dollars for his help in understanding Iran’s nuclear program. Iranian judiciary spokesman Gholamhosein Mohseni Ejehi said Amiri “had access to the country’s secret and classified information” and “had been linked to our hostile and No. 1 enemy, America,, the Great Satan.” The spokesman told journalists that Amiri had been tried

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    when you get a complicated problem,, we break it down into its components. And the first component is to secure the border. We also should note that we have written in the past that the 2013 bill was not strictly amnesty,, a term that generally means immediate, permanent legal status for those who are in the country illegally. And, for that matter,, neither was the 2006 bill, which would have required individuals to pay thousands of dollars in penalties and fees in order to become legal residents. Nevertheless,, Perdue does not support amnesty,, and he had nothing to do with the National Council of Chain Restaurants’ endorsement of the 2006 immigration bill. Common Core Comeback The ad also repeats a misleading claim about Perdue’s position on the Common Core State Standards Initiative,, saying that Perdue “has no problem with Obama’s Common Core.” As we explained in May, the Common Core Standards Initiative is neither Obama’s doing nor a federal mandate, but rather a set of standards developed by states for what children from kindergarten through 12th grade should know in English and math. Perdue’s cousin, Sonny, helped launch the standards when he was governor of Georgia, and 43 states and the District of Columbia have voluntarily adopted them. Obama has endorsed them. Perdue has distanced himself from Common Core. He told the Marietta Daily Journal in February that he agrees with the “original intent” of the standards, but has a problem with how they are being implemented. In a later

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    up to about $380,000 per year,, which would add up to more than $1 million. Moreover,, the characterization of the project as simply testing “whether male fruit flies like younger female fruit flies” is misleading. The study was in fact part of ongoing work looking into olfaction and other sensory perception,, the aging process and how it relates to sexual and social activity. A paper that came out of the same line of inquiry appeared in the prestigious journal?Science in 2013, showing that exposure to female pheromones without the opportunity to mate actually decreased male flies’ life spans. In short, sexual reward “specifically promoted healthy aging,” according to Pletcher. His lab’s work could yield insights both into how humans age and into aging-related diseases. Perhaps the more important point, though,, is that such findings in flies are not as trivial as Paul would like his audience to believe. Fruit flies first were used as a model organism in 1906,, and more than 100 years later remain among the most important and useful tools in the biology toolkit. “It has been pioneering research,”?Hugo Bellen, a?Drosophila expert at Baylor College of Medicine, told us in a phone interview. Drosophila “has led to the discovery of genes that cause cancer, genes that [affect] metabolism, genes that cause developmental defects, genes that play a critical role in neurodegeneration. It has been a discovery tool for many, many different pathways, proteins, diseases.” Bellen has written extensively

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    Tobacco giant R.J. Reynolds, the top seller of the menthol cigarettes favored by most black smokers,, is seizing on the hot button issue of police harassment of blacks to counter efforts by public health advocates to restrict menthol sales. In recent months, the company has quietly enlisted black groups and leaders, including civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton and ex-Florida Congressman Kendrick B. Meek, to hold meetings at prominent black churches on the theme of “Decriminalizing the Black Community.” Sharpton and Meek, along with speakers from groups involved in criminal justice reform, have warned of the unintended consequences of banning cigarettes with the minty,, throat-numbing additive–namely, the risk of creating an underground market and giving police new reasons to lock up black males. The meetings have been held at churches in Minneapolis, Los Angeles and Oakland,, and in other forums. Reynolds makes Newport cigarettes,, the most popular menthol and the No. 2 U.S. cigarette brand overall, with a market share of nearly 14 percent. The company has paid travel costs for the panelists and contributed to their organizations, according to the panelists and Reynolds spokesman David Howard. However, promotional flyers (here,, here and here) suggest that Sharpton and his National Action Network are the main sponsors of the meetings, rather than the tobacco company. Anti-smoking advocates have blasted the campaign as deceptive and a scare tactic. “How can the tobacco industry wholesale cheap jordans cheap jordans online cheap air jordans cheap air jordans cheap jordan shoes

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    father after he evicted her. 18:56 13.05.2017 Sex club posed as a church to evade the cops: officials. 17:31 13.05.2017 North Korea fires apparent ballistic missile off its coast. 16:00 13.05.2017 Trump eyes ‘fast decision’ on FBI director as interviews begin. Rangers’ 22-year-old rookie provides a big lift And so with their backs nearing the wall,, Rangers coach Alain Vigneault turned to a rookie one day after his 22nd birthday…. Time: 00:55 From the Isles of Samoa: Stitches Letters, oh we got letters … Richard Siegelman writes,, “The Rangers may have lost two straight games, but neither… Time: 00:34 Ryan McDonagh answers Alain Vigneault’s challenge in big way Two losses from the end of their season,, Alain Vigneault shared a simple and strong message about what needed to change after… Time: 23:58 Jose Reyes’ infield-pop drop leads to Mets’ fourth straight loss The calendar says 2017, but Tuesday at Citi Field it might as well have been 1962 for the Mets. In the eighth inning,, the… Time: 23:24 Pete Kozma’s untimely error sinks Luis Severino and Yankees Pete Kozma wasn’t hiding from his role in Tuesday’s loss. The veteran infielder owned it. He rightfully pointing the… Time: 23:07 Former WWE star, brother of Roman Reigns, dead at 47 WWE announced Tuesday that Matt Anoa’i, who performed in WWE as Rosey,, passed away unexpectedly at the age of 47. Rosey… Time: 23:01 One Albert ends a 45-year career in sports broadcasting PHOENIX ― Suns television play-by-play announcer Steve

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    warhead. 20:18 14.05.2017 Osama bin Laden was obsessed with al Qaeda’s ‘brand’. 19:15 14.05.2017 Trump ‘hits a few balls’ on Mother’s Day. 18:52 14.05.2017 Trump orders emergency meeting after global cyberattack. 17:46 14.05.2017 Macron plants kiss on wife during inauguration. 16:22 14.05.2017 Former FBI official says promotion of interim director is ‘disgraceful’. 16:17 14.05.2017 This 14-year-old is way smarter than you. 15:30 14.05.2017 Most Americans don’t support Comey’s firing: poll. 15:24 14.05.2017 Warner: I’d subpoena Trump-Comey tapes ― if they exist. 12:58 14.05.2017 Trump administration suffers ‘crisis of credibility’: Schumer. 12:49 14.05.2017 Man shot in the neck while standing in doorway. 10:31 14.05.2017 Trump may drop Spicer,, Bannon and Priebus: report. 09:37 14.05.2017 School turns away immigration agent looking for 4th grader. 08:06 14.05.2017 Grandchild of Nazis becomes friend of elderly Holocaust survivor. 07:41 14.05.2017 Several dead after Greek train derails,, crashes into house. 07:32 14.05.2017 Cyber attack hits 200,,000 in at least 150 countries: Europol. 06:54 14.05.2017 Emmanuel Macron inaugurated as French president. 22:07 13.05.2017 Kids name rocket after Trump because he ‘conquers all’. 21:34 13.05.2017 Meet the Western women who are flocking to join ISIS. 20:24 13.05.2017 High school quarterback killed days before graduation. 20:07 13.05.2017 A century ago,, this man paved the way for President Trump. 19:27 13.05.2017 Rich girl charged with shooting

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    Thursday, June 1, 2017 - 06:38:52

    ARLINGTON,, Va. (AP) — Tired of rolling over the NHL in the regular season and falling short in the playoffs,, the Washington Capitals went to great lengths to make sure their best players won’t be tired this time around. Alex Ovechkin saw the lowest ice time of his career,, Nicklas Backstrom the lowest since his rookie year and Braden Holtby played fewer minutes than he ever has as a starting goaltender in an 82-game season. Balancing out the minutes and workload was an organizational effort to gear up for the playoffs and give the stacked Capitals the best chance to finally lift the Stanley Cup. “We tried different things,,” Ovechkin said Tuesday. “I think right now we’re in better shape than we were last year and mentally-wise, as well, because you can see we have four lines who can create and four lines who can be out there and get the job done,, it doesn’t matter which situation.” To prove the plan worked, the Capitals will have to get the job done against the Toronto Maple Leafs in the first round beginning Thursday and advance past the second round for the first time in the Ovechkin era. But two months before the Cup is handed out,, there’s already evidence that Washington is primed to win the first title in franchise history. After averaging 21:18 in his first 11 NHL seasons, Ovechkin played 18:22 and ramped that up over the course of the year. His 1,506 total minutes were the fewest he’s played in an 82-game season and yet he played in all of them. The Russian

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    turtles and Hawaiian monk seals. More albatrosses live on Midway than anywhere else in the world. The visit came as Obama uses his final months in office to try to lock in an aggressive legacy on climate change and environmental protection. After Midway, Obama planned to open his final trip to Asia on Saturday with a visit to China,, a chance to showcase his unlikely partnership with President Xi Jinping on global warming. The marine monument, created in 2006 by President George W. Bush,, grows to 582,,578 square miles under Obama’s expansion, an area more than twice the size of Texas. Enlarging the monument reflects Obama’s strategy of using his executive powers to put lands and waters off-limits to development,, despite concerns from critics who oppose what they call his heavy-handed approach. Obama’s decision to expand the monument was the subject of fierce debate within Hawaii,, with both sides invoking Native Hawaiian culture to argue why it should or shouldn’t be expanded. Supporters said the larger monument was needed to protect a place considered sacred by Native Hawaiians by making it off-limits to commercial fishing and recreational activities. But opponents argued the region is heavily dependent on fishing and can’t afford the hit,, adding that a federal ban would infringe on the traditions that ancient Hawaiians used to protect natural resources. The White House estimated that the region’s longline fishing industry would suffer about a 6 percent loss as a result of making

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    Finally, repairing existing circuits.

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    where people could genuinely remember and mourn the loss of loved ones. we can easily embrace it completely, who eat plenty of fried foods and processed red meat,Exposure to certain chemicals particularly asbestos, state.

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    Vos droits à la confidentialité en Californie La présente Politique de Confidentialité décrit les politiques et procédures de BuzzFeed, Inc. (”nous”,, “notre” ou “nos”) sur la collecte,, l’utilisation et la divulgation de vos informations sur (le “Site”) et les services, les caractéristiques,, le contenu ou les applications que nous offrons (collectivement avec le Site, les “Services”). Nous recevons des informations vous concernant à partir de sources diverses, y compris: (i) par le biais de votre compte utilisateur sur les Services,, si vous vous inscrivez pour le Site et les Services (votre “Compte”); (ii) votre utilisation des Services en général; et (iii) des services et des sites internet tiers. Lorsque vous utilisez les Services,, vous consentez à la collecte, au transfert, à la manipulation, au stockage,, à la divulgation et à d’autres utilisations de vos données tels qu’ils sont décrits dans la présente Politique de Confidentialité. Afin d’tre conformes aux pratiques locales et exigences légales, nos pratiques relatives à la confidentialité peuvent varier selon les pays où nous exer?ons nos activités. ? quoi s’Applique la présente Politique de confidentialité?? La présente Politique de Confidentialité couvre

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    crisis. Related content Since Puerto Rico gained self-rule in the late 1940s, improvident populist governments have lavished additional pension benefits on public employees, from holiday bonuses to loans for international travel. These measures have rarely been accompanied by moves to pay for them, and occasional efforts to fill the funding gap have fallen short. Puerto Rican leaders have been eternal optimists, “always thinking things would eventually improve,,” said del Castillo,, 40 years old and now legal counsel to the Teachers Retirement System (TRS), one of two main public-employee pensions on the island. “But things continued to deteriorate,, and deteriorate, and deteriorate.” Today, TRS and the other main pension fund,, the Employees Retirement System (ERS), together covering about 330,000 workers and retirees,, are virtually penniless. Their combined unfunded liability totals $43.2 billion. With about $1.8 billion in assets to pay $45 billion in liabilities, the 96 percent combined shortfall is among the biggest of any U.S. state pension this century, and probably the biggest ever for pensions “of this size and scale,” said Keith Brainard, research director at the National Association of State Retirement Administrators. And they’re only sinking further. Their combined burn rate – the difference between what they pay out and what they receive in contributions – is more than $1 billion a year, forcing them to rapidly liquidate assets. At that rate, they are forecast to run

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    Officer and Member of the Executive Board at the Company since May 6, 2003 and from 2007 onwards he also acted as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BASF Corporation, New Jersey,, U.S. In 1985,, Dr. Bock joined BASF Aktiengesellschaft in the Finance division. In 1987, he was appointed Executive Assistant to BASF’s Chief Financial Officer. In 1991, he became Head of Technology, Director Planning and Controlling, Engineering Plastics divisions at the Company. Then,, in 1992, Dr. Bock was appointed Senior Vice President of Finance and Accounting at Robert Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany, where from 1994 onwards, he acted as Senior Vice President of Finance and Accounting. In 1996, he took the position of Managing Director at Robert Bosch Limitada,, Campinas, Brazil. Dr. Bock began to act as Chief Financial Officer at BASF Corporation, New Jersey in 1998 and in 2000 he was appointed President of Logistics and Information Services. Dr. Bock also served as Member of the Supervisory Board at Wintershall Holding GmbH until March 31, 2010. Between 1977 and 1982, Dr. Bock studied Business Administration at Westfaelische Wilhelms-Universitaet Muenster and Universitaet zu Koeln as well as at Pennsylvania State University. After three years in research,, he received his Doctorate in Economics from Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitaet Bonn. Michael Diekmann Mr. Michael Diekmann has been Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board at BASF SE since March 4, 2008. He is Member of the Personnel Committee,

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    LONDON Centrica said it will drill a new production well at its Chestnut oilfield in the North Sea, which was going to be shut later this year. The Chestnut oilfield is off the coast of Aberdeen in Scotland and has been producing oil since 2008 but was only expected to do so for three years. The field produces 4,,000 barrels of oil equivalent a day and the additional production well should bring a further 10,000 barrels a day on stream,, bringing total daily production to nearly 14,000 barrels a day,, Centrica said. The 35 million pound investment will extend the life of the field by at least three years. “Chestnut has been an important part of Centrica’s North Sea portfolio for nearly 10 years, so we’re delighted to not only boost production from the field but also extend its life even further,” Nigel MacLean, asset manager for the central North Sea at Centrica, said in a statement. “Fields like Chestnut underline the importance of maximising the potential of as many North Sea fields as possible, whether they be major finds or small pools,,” he added. ? (Reporting by Nina Chestney, editing by David Evans) Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles Next In Commodities EU,, China fail to agree on steel, trade dumping at summit BRUSSELS The European Union and China failed on Friday to reach agreement on the problem of steel overcapacity and the EU’s stance toward Chinese dumping, despite “narrowing differences”. U.S. refiners process record volume of crude as demand climbs: Kemp LONDON U.S. oil refineries are processing record volumes of crude but stocks of refined fuels remain well contained thanks to strong exports and demand at home. Trade rivals have limited armory as U.S. quits climate deal LONDON Washington’s withdrawal from a global pact on climate change might give U.S exports a competitive advantage but supporters of the deal will struggle to respond with any carbon tariffs due to the complexity of keeping them within international trade rules. MORE FROM REUTERS Sponsored Content From Around the WebPromoted by Revcontent

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    (Repeats story with no changes) LONDON May 16 Tata Steel has agreed the key commercial terms of a deal to cut benefits and improve the funding position of its British pension scheme, the Indian company said on Tuesday. The pension scheme was a major stumbling block in talks to merge Tata Steel’s British and European steel assets with those of Thyssenkrupp, because the German company was opposed to taking on Tata’s 15 billion pounds in UK pension liabilities. The deal, agreed with the scheme’s trustees,, will see Tata plough 550 million pounds into the final salary British Steel Pension Scheme (BSPS). It is subject to formal approval by The Pensions Regulator, but Tata said it expected to get approval shortly. Tata has also agreed, as part of the deal,, to sponsor a new pension scheme, which will have lower benefits than those of the original scheme,, and to give the BSPS a 33 percent equity stake in its UK business. With benefit cuts in place, the new scheme will pose less of a risk to the company, Tata said. The British Steel Pension Scheme is one of Britain’s largest final salary schemes with 130,000 members. The pension scheme’s members who do not agree to move to the new scheme will automatically transfer to the Pension Protection Fund (PPF), which said all the scheme’s members, including those in the new scheme, are guaranteed PPF compensation levels. The PPF is a lifeboat for pension schemes in Britain that run into trouble. (Reporting by Maytaal Angel and Carolyn Cohn. Editing by Jane Merriman) Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles Next In Intel Audi CEO may not stay until end 2022 due to board pact -sources BERLIN,, June 3 Embattled Audi Chief Executive Rupert Stadler only got a five-year contract extension last month because of an agreement among supervisory board members that he would not serve out his full term, two sources close to the company’s supervisory board told Reuters. Schwarber slam carries Cubs past Cardinals CHICAGO — Kyle Schwarber hit his first career grand slam to put the Chicago Cubs ahead in a 5-3 victory over the St. Louis Cardinals on Saturday afternoon. UPDATE 3-Sailing-Oracle Team USA get America’s Cup headstart with New Zealand win * Sweden’s Artemis Racing beat Groupama Team France (Updates with challenger semi-final details,, Spithill quotes) MORE FROM REUTERS Sponsored Content From Around the WebPromoted by Revcontent

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    (Corrects paragraphs 2 and 18 to show China will likely test for residue of beta-agonists in beef instead of banning beef from cattle fed the drugs) * Deal to resume U.S. exports to China raises farmers’ hopes * U.S. producers set to track cattle to meet China rules * Agreement would prohibit use of growth-promoting drugs * U.S. may challenge top beef exporter Brazil in China By Tom Polansek CHICAGO, May 19 Talks on restarting U.S. beef exports to China are moving fast and final details should be in place by early June,, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said on Friday, allowing American farmers to vie for business that has been lost by rival Brazil. As part of a trade deal, U.S. ranchers are set to face tests over the use of growth-promoting drugs to raise cattle destined for export to China and to log the animals’ movements,, according to the USDA. The two sides are negotiating to meet a deadline,, set under a broader trade deal last week, for shipments to begin by mid-July. Finalizing technical details in early June should mean beef companies, such as Tyson Foods Inc and Cargill Inc , can sign contracts with Chinese buyers to meet the deadline,, the USDA said. China banned U.S. beef in 2003 after a U.S. scare over mad cow disease. Previous attempts by Washington to reopen the world’s fastest-growing beef market have fizzled out. But now, the quick progress of the latest talks is raising hopes of U.S. farmers. “Both sides feel the urgency to get it done by the deadline,,”

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    Council and the Chairman of the Khon Kaen University Council in Thailand. Dr. Narongchai also acts as the Chairman and an independent director of three entities listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand,, namely MFC Asset Management Public Company Limited,, Ananda Development Public Company Limited and Thai-German Products Public Company Limited. He is the Chairman and an independent director of The Brooker Group Public Company Limited,, which is listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand’s Market for Alternative Investment. Dr. Narongchai is also the Chairman of the Seranee Group of companies. He previously served as an independent director of each of Malee Sampran Public Company Limited and ABICO Holdings Public Company Limited and as the Vice-Chairman and an independent director of Thai-German Products Public Company Limited,, all companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. Chak-Kwong So Mr. Chak-Kwong So is Independent Non-Executive Director of AIA Group Ltd. He was appointed a Non-executive Director of the Company on 28 September 2010 and re-designated as an Independent Non-executive Director of the Company on 26 September 2012. From August 2007 to September 2010,, Mr. So served as an Independent Non-executive Director of AIA Co. He is currently an independent nonexecutive director of China Resources Power Holdings Co. Ltd. (listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange) and serves as the Chairman of Airport Authority Hong Kong. He is also an independent senior advisor to Credit

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    people can make terrific livings and be happy.” Asked specifically what he would say to African-Americans who feel targeted by police because of their race, Trump said,, “We have to talk to ‘em and we have to build up the spirt.” He added: “We have to talk with the police. And we have to get people to really get along. People are not getting along in this country. We are in a divided country.” Trump went on to predict the problem would only grow worse. “When President Obama said the other day that he doesn’t think it’s as bad as people think, I think it’s far worse and certainly far worse than he believes it is,,” Trump said. “We are in a divided nation. I looked two nights ago and you were having trouble in 11 different cities,, big, big trouble. And the press actually plays it down. “I mean,, you were having big, big trouble in many cities. And I think that might be just the beginning for this summer.” Trump also had harsh words for the Black Lives Matters movement,, which has organized some of the protests. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a Trump adviser, labeled the group “inherently racist” over the weekend in an interview with CBS News. “When you say black lives matter, that’s inherently racist,” Giuliani said. “Black lives matter. White lives matter. Asian lives matter. Hispanic lives matter. That’s anti-American and it’s racist.” Asked whether he agreed with Giuliani’s assessment,, Trump

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    BRUSSELS (AP) ― The European Union approved the proposed merger of Dow Chemical and DuPont on Monday,, declaring itself satisfied with commitments the companies have made to divest businesses. Both plan to join in a $62 billion deal and then break apart into three separate, publicly traded companies. Those companies would focus on agriculture,, material science, and the production and sale of specialty products. EU antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager said the bloc’s conditional approval ensures that the merger “does not reduce price competition for existing pesticides or innovation for safer and better products in the future.” The 28-nation bloc had raised concerns over the merger in the form originally proposed, but the EU’s executive Commission said that “the commitments submitted by Dow and DuPont address these concerns in full.” Dow and DuPont said in February they were willing to divest more businesses to address regulators’ concerns. The companies will sell the DuPont pesticide businesses and “almost the entirety of DuPont’s global R&D organization,,” the Commission said. Part of Dow’s petrochemical business also will be sold ― manufacturing facilities in Spain for acid copolymers and a contract through which it sources ionomers. Dow is based in Midland,, Michigan. DuPont has its headquarters in Wilmington,, Delaware. U.S. authorities are still examining the proposed merger. The companies said in a statement that they “continue to work constructively with regulators in the remaining relevant jurisdictions to obtain clearance for the merger,, which they are confident will be achieved.” They said that they believe the outcome of the EU review “is pro-competitive and maintains the strategic logic and value creation potential of the transaction.”

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    WARSAW, Poland (AP) ― A Polish state historical institute presented new evidence Tuesday that Lech Walesa,, the leader of a peaceful pro-democracy struggle that challenged the communist regime in the 1980s, acted as a paid informant to the communist secret police in the 1970s. The evidence, based on an analysis of handwriting in documents from secret police files, strengthens allegations that have been public for many years. While not shocking, the repeated allegations are having the effect of tarnishing the historical legacy of the democracy icon,, a man who had long been considered one of the greatest Poles of the 20th century. The allegations are also convenient for the populist government, which is keen to see Walesa ― a harsh critic of the government and of ruling party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski ― toppled as a national authority. The 73-year-old Walesa was away from Poland on Tuesday when a historian,, a prosecutor and a forensic expert presented evidence that the handwriting of an agent nicknamed “Bolek” matched that of Walesa, the former president and Nobel Peace Prize winner. On Sunday,, knowing the evidence was to be released, Walesa spoke out about the matter,, insisting, as he has in the past,, that he is innocent and that the documents that were analyzed were forgeries. He said it was “tragic” that people believed the allegations and said “the truth is on my side.” The communist-era files indicate that Walesa signed an agreement to collaborate

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    Change is coming. will soon be gone, but don’t worry! is your new destination for news from The Associated Press. Personalize your news feed and get curated local content in a fresh new design at -122.332 SEATTLE (AP) ― Mike Hopkins seemed destined to become a head coach. The surprise is that it’s not happening at Syracuse. Mar. 19,, 2017 4:14 PM EDT -84.388 ATLANTA (AP) ― Ben Lammers keeps getting better, and Georgia Tech is enjoying the benefits of his efforts in a surprisingly fun season. Feb. 19,, 2017 10:03 PM EST -117.429 SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) ― Jordan Mathews scored 16 points,, Josh Perkins had 15 and No. Feb. 5, 2017 1:12 AM EST -76.1474 SYRACUSE,, N.Y. (AP) ― Andrew White will sleep a bit more soundly the next few nights. Jan. 4,, 2017 10:56 PM EST -115.137 LAS VEGAS (AP) ― Malik Monk scored a Kentucky freshman record 47 points and hit the go-ahead 3-pointer with 16.7 seconds left to lead the Dec. 18,, 2016 1:40 AM EST Follow @APEastRegion RT @APEastRegion : Boston bickers over shady effect proposed skyscraper’s would have on prized parks ― and city’s $153M windfall. More: http… 10m Follow @AP Detroit-area dog owner charged after his pit bull mauled the man’s mother and her boyfriend. Follow @AP_Oddities RT @AP_Oddities : Investigators are trying to determine what caused an Oregon home to catch fire twice in a day. Follow @AP Royals’ retirement plans differ from country to country. Here’s a quick look. Follow @APCentralRegion RT @APCentralRegion : River levels fall after record #Midwest #flooding , but dangers of raw sewage and other floodwater hazards remain. http… 56m;comments:1#comments

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    NEW YORK (AP) ― Don’t panic, music fans ― Panic! at the Disco’s singer Brendon Urie is about to make his Broadway stage debut in “Kinky Boots.” The singer-songwriter will play a factory honcho in the musical starting next month, lured by the show’s producers who were curious to see if he was interested in exploring some sort of musical theater role. Urie joked that he offered to build sets, but will settle on singing. “It’s a familiar thing, I guess, but it’s such a different world. I’m so excited to jump in,” Urie tells The Associated Press. “This is a step in an exciting direction for me because I’ve always dreamed of being a part of Broadway in some way.” The Tony Award-winning “Kinky Boots,” which recently celebrated its fourth anniversary on Broadway, is based on a 2005 British film about a staid British shoe factory on the brink of ruin that retrofits itself into a maker of footwear for drag queens. It has songs by Cyndi Lauper,, a story by Harvey Fierstein and some fierce-looking drag queens in 6-inch heels. Urie will play the role originated by Stark Sands,, who earned a Tony nomination in it. Urie, who helped build theater sets in high school, said he’s feeling a jumble of emotions as he gets closer to his May 26 debut at the Hirschfeld Theatre. “I’m terrified. I’m excited, anxious. I can’t wait to get started on it,,” he said. “I’m mostly just curious, really.” He hopes to be in the show until the fall. He’s preparing to adjust to an eight-show-a-week schedule and is furiously listening to the cast album. “I’d seen a couple of other musicals and this one just made the most sense to me,” he said. “I said, ‘I want to be a part of this magic that I’m watching.’” Panic! at the Disco formed in 2004 and its 2005 debut,, “A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out,” went platinum thanks to the band’s smash hit single, “I Write Sins Not Tragedies.” Urie is the sole remaining and only full-time member of the original group. Urie is just the latest in a wave of musicians jumping to Broadway,, including Sara Bareilles in “Waitress,,” Josh Groban in “Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812,” Sting in “The Last Ship” and Green Day’s frontman Billie Joe Armstrong in “American Idiot.” Urie said he spoke with singer Carly Rae Jepsen, who starred in “Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella” on Broadway in 2014, who told him it was the best time she’s ever had. “I want to give it a 110 percent. As much as I can,” he said. ___ Online: ___ Mark Kennedy is at

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    court saying it would survive under the standard the government was asking the court to apply. Trump signed a new version of the travel ban executive order in March after federal courts across the country blocked enforcement of the first version, finding that it was likely unconstitutional. A federal judge in Hawaii blocked two provisions of Trump’s second executive order: the travel ban, and another provision that temporarily suspended the US refugee program. Arguments on Monday focused on the travel ban; there was little discussion of the refugee program suspension. The judge in Hawaii,, US District Judge Derrick Watson,, found that the travel ban likely violated the constitution’s Establishment Clause by discriminating against Muslims. The challengers had also argued that the ban violated a section of federal immigration law that prohibits discrimination in the immigration visa process on the basis of nationality. Wall,, however,, argued that another section of immigration law gave the president broad authority to halt the entry of foreign nationals into the United States, and that it wouldn’t make sense to allow people to get visas if they were going to be barred from actually entering the country. Of that distinction,, Judge Michael Daly Hawkins quipped that it would be “like Tom Hanks at the airport,,” an apparent reference to the movie The Terminal, where Hanks plays a foreign traveler stuck at an airport because of diplomatic complications. Gould asked Katyal if the court could

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    DALLAS (AP) ― President Donald Trump is calling his administration’s approval of the Keystone XL pipeline a new era for American energy policy. As expected,, the State Department reversed a decision by the Obama administration and favored energy development over environmentalists’ objections to the pipeline,, which will carry thick Canadian crude oil to Nebraska,, where it can flow on to refineries along the Gulf Coast. Trump on Friday called it “a great day for American jobs.” The costs and benefits of the pipeline have been hotly debated, however, and many experts believe it will have only a small impact on the U.S. economy. ___ JOBS The company proposing the pipeline, Calgary-based TransCanada Corp., estimates the project could create up to 6,,500 construction jobs for two years. In a 2014 report, the State Department projected the pipeline would support 3,900 in construction jobs. Including work indirectly related to the construction, the number of jobs balloons to 42,,100, the State Department estimated. But once the pipeline is finished,, it will create just 35 permanent jobs, according to the report. ___ ECONOMIC IMPACT The State Department estimated that construction of Keystone XL would contribute $3.4 billion to the nation’s output. That’s about 0.02 percent of the $18 trillion U.S. economy. ___ TAXES The State Department estimated that Keystone XL would generate $70 million in new state and local taxes along the route during construction and $55.6 million in property

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    BOSTON (AP) ― The public is getting a rare peek at first and early editions of some of William Shakespeare’s most beloved plays. The Boston Public Library is commemorating the 400th anniversary of the Bard’s death with “Shakespeare Unauthorized,,” a free exhibition that opens Friday. The library famously holds a copy of the “First Folio,” the earliest published collection of Shakespeare’s works. Early “quartos,,” or booklets for individual works like “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,,” ‘’Hamlet” and “The Merchant of Venice,” are also among the highlights of the exhibition. “These are the books that all modern Shakespeare texts are based on,” says Jay Moschella,, the library’s curator for rare books. “They’re extremely valuable and we’re one of the few places that has them. They’re one of the great cultural treasures of Boston.” “Shakespeare Unauthorized” features roughly 60 items, a relatively modest selection from the library’s sizable holdings of original works by Shakespeare, which are considered among the largest and most comprehensive among public institutions in the U.S. The last time the library showcased these materials was 100 years ago,, on the 300th anniversary of the Bard’s death,, according to Moschella. Most of the year, they’re securely kept and made available to researchers by request. The library purchased much of its collection of Shakespeare materials ― along with thousands of other early

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    as possible to take care of the consequences of their choices and decisions.” Other options need to be explored,, however, because the new plan is unnecessarily complex and time-consuming,, she said. You can read all comments submitted here. nonadult Carina Canaan,, 24,, was jailed for 10 days in an El Paso county jail for unpaid traffic tickets while she was pregnant with her son. nonadult Rob Kerr / AFP / Getty Images The personal ties between Donald Trump and Jeff Zucker, the chief executive of CNN, extend beyond the reality TV hit they created together into a far more personal realm: the expensive Manhattan private school where they have both sent children, and where Zuckers wife was until recently a member of the board. Trumps foundation has contributed more than $150,000 over the past three years to the Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School,, a nonprofit school on Manhattan’s Upper West Side also known as Columbia Prep. Caryn Zucker is listed as a board member for the school in tax documents covering July 2012 through June 2014. Zucker has drawn criticism inside and outside of CNN for the cable channels coverage of Trump, including charges that CNN has turned its platform over to a demagogue and hasnt been sufficiently skeptical of Trumps routine campaign falsehoods. Zucker has brushed off these charges,, saying that its only natural for a political frontrunner

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    MAIDUGURI,, Nigeria (AP) — An explosion targeted a passenger-filled taxi in northeastern Nigeria’s largest city on Wednesday,, killing eight people in the deadliest bombing there in several months,, officials said. The National Emergency Management Agency said in a statement that 15 people had been hospitalized with injuries. No one immediately claimed responsibility for the blast. The blast occurred as the taxi approached a gas station in the outskirts of Maiduguri. The bodies of victims were sprawled on the ground next to the bombed-out vehicle as officials inspected the area. It was unclear if a bomb had been planted in the taxi or if a passenger detonated explosives. “Security has been beefed up at the scene of the explosion,” the emergency agency’s statement said. Northeastern Nigeria is the epicenter of the Boko Haram extremist group’s seven-year uprising that has claimed more than 20,,000 lives. Maiduguri city had been spared deadly bombings in recent months as soldiers were able to shoot suicide attackers before they reached their targets. President Muhammadu Buhari recently painted an optimistic picture of the military campaign against Boko Haram. In a speech on Oct. 1 marking the anniversary of the country’s independence from Britain, he said the insurgent group “was defeated” in December and that residents of the northeast enjoyed “relative safety” as they went about their daily lives. “Commuters can travel between cities,, towns and villages without fear,,” the president said.

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    settlements in the West Bank or the Palestinian refugee camps than to visit them? So, in partnership with the Rev. William Tabbernee,, executive director of the Oklahoma Conference of Churches,, Harris reached out to Wellington, Fla.-based Mejdi Tours to coordinate a tour of the Holy Land that would allow Oklahomans to experience for themselves the situations that have arisen due to the ongoing conflict. Along the way, the group would get to experience the holy sites significant to all three of the Abrahamic faiths and sample Middle Eastern cuisine,, such as falafel and baklava. The Oklahomans represented the Judaic and Islamic faiths as well as several Christian denominations, including Catholic, United Methodist, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). The visit to the Temple Mount/Dome of the Rock helped set the stage for the eight-day “dual narrative” tour given by two knowledgeable guides. The two men,, one an Israeli Jew and the other a Jordanian Arab,, struck up a running commentary as the Oklahomans visited site after site and heard personal perspectives of people on various sides of the ongoing conflict. The sometimes perplexing accounts and situations fraught with decades-old religious tension did not deter group members from experiencing the spiritual. The Rev. Evan Taylor, outreach minister of East Side Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Tulsa, said he experienced a profound moment of faith while he stood with the group

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    for drug maker Eisai, conducted undercover purchases of the anti-nausea drug Aloxi from Medical Device King and shared his findings with the FDA, later testifying for the government. Dahl, now a board member for the non-profit Partnership for Safe Medicines,, said Eisai was motivated by patient safety. “If we find a crime, we refer it to the government,,” he said. As agents made their rounds, they encountered many doctors who had only purchased Botox or medical devices. Some got less than $1,000 worth of drugs. Special Agent in Charge South instructed agents to conduct surprise visits to doctors’ offices,, refer each for prosecution and seek asset forfeitures, an April 2013 email shows. Agents often entered offices without warrants. Thomas Kubic, president of the non-profit Pharmaceutical Security Institute, sees value in agents visiting doctors. “You don’t know if it is genuine or counterfeit,” he said. Only a handful of doctors have faced prosecution for buying foreign, unapproved Botox. One, Anoushirvan Sarraf, was convicted at trial in 2014 on felony charges in connection with illegally importing and purchasing Botox from Gallant Pharma, an unlicensed Virginia supplier the FDA began investigating in 2009 after complaints from Allergan. Jonathan Simms, Sarraf’s attorney, said his client denied being part of a conspiracy. In the same case,, court testimony shows, the FDA asked Allergan to help it find a doctor who would go undercover,, though the effort failed. Other drug makers

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    left right Smoke rises from the site of a suicide attack after a blast in Kabul, Afghanistan June 3, 2017. REUTERS/Stringer 1/6 left right An injured Afghan man lies on the ground after a suicide attack blast in Kabul,, Afghanistan June 3, 2017. REUTERS/Stringer 2/6 left right An ambulance carries victims near the site of blasts in Kabul, Afghanistan June 3, 2017. REUTERS/Mohammad Ismail 3/6 left right An injured man receives treatment at a hospital after a blast in Kabul, retro, Afghanistan June 3,, 2017. REUTERS/Omar Sobhan 4/6 left right Afghan policemen stand gurad near the site of blasts in Kabul,, Afghanistan June 3, 2017. REUTERS/Mohammad Ismail 5/6 left right Afghan policemen arrive at the site of blasts in Kabul, Afghanistan June 3, 2017. REUTERS/Mohammad Ismail 6/6 By Mirwais Harooni and Samar Zwak | KABUL KABUL A series of blasts in Kabul on Saturday killed at least 19 people at a funeral for one of the victims of clashes between police and protesters a day before. The latest explosions continued a wave of violence in the capital since a devastating truck bomb on Wednesday. Saturday’s blasts shattered an uneasy calm which had descended after authorities blocked the streets of Kabul in a bid to prevent a repeat of the bloody confrontation between protesters and police on Friday. The violence, fueled by public anger over the inability of President Ashraf Ghani’s divided government to ensure security in Kabul, has exacerbated political tensions between rival factions,, and Ghani

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    Britain’s?Prime Minister Theresa May attends an election campaign event in Wolverhampton, May 30, 2017. REUTERS/Darren Staples LONDON A song labeling Prime Minister Theresa May a liar has shot to the top of music sales charts in Britain, mocking her “strong and stable” motto ahead of the June 8 national election. “Liar liar GE2017” by Captain SKA now tops Amazon’s listing for songs downloaded in Britain, and stands at No.2 in Apple’s iTunes UK chart, despite receiving no airplay from radio stations. Hitting out at the austerity policies of Britain’s Conservative Party,, the song stitches together samples of May’s speeches with choruses of “She’s a liar liar, no you can’t trust her”. “We all know politicians like telling lies / Big ones, little ones, porky pies / Saying they’re strong and stable, won’t disguise / We’re still being taken for a ride,,” reads one verse. May is expected to win comfortably on June 8,, but her party’s lead in opinion polls has narrowed sharply in the last week, calling into question her decision to call the unscheduled election seeking a strong endorsement of her Brexit strategy. Captain SKA,, a London-based band led by producer Jake Painter, is aiming for the No.1 spot in Britain’s official Top 40 chart. “The success of this song shows people are fed up with this government of the rich, for the rich,” the band said in a statement published by Official UK Charts Company,, which said “Liar liar” was

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    Merchandising Officer of Walgreen Co.,, a national drugstore chain, since January 2015. From March 2013 until June 2014, Ms. Hefner Filler served as President, North America of Claire’s Stores, Inc., a specialty retailer; from May 2007 to June 2012, as Executive Vice President of Wal-Mart Stores Inc., an operator of retail stores and warehouse clubs,, and from April 2009 to June 2012 also as Chief Merchandising Officer for Sam’s Club,, a division of Wal-Mart; and from May 2004 through December 2006, as Executive Vice President―Global Strategy for Kraft Foods Inc., a food and beverage company. Robert Hugin Mr. Robert J. Hugin is Independent Director of the Company. He has served as Executive Chairman of the board of directors of Celgene Corp.,, a global biopharmaceutical company, since March 2016. Since joining Celgene in 1999, he has served in a series of progressively more responsible leadership positions including serving as Chairman of the Board from 2011 to March 2016 and as Chief Executive Officer from June 2010 until March 2016. Prior to joining Celgene, Mr. Hugin served as a Managing Director at J.P. Morgan & Co. Inc., which he joined in 1985. From 1976 to 1983,, Mr. Hugin served as a United States Marine Corps infantry officer. Mr. Hugin is also a director of The Medicines Company. Mr. Hugin was originally proposed to the Nominating and Governance Committee for election as a director by a third party recruiting firm. Teri List-Stoll Ms. Teri L. List-Stoll is Independent

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    . Está en el tono con el que Gordon (Jeffrey Nordling), marido de Renata (Laura Dern),, amenaza a Jane y en el sentimiento de aprensión cuando Joseph (Santiago Cabrera), el ex amante de Madeline, le grita y se acerca a ella enfurecido mientras están solos. Está ahí cuando Madeline está sola en el coche,, sumida en un mar de lágrimas tras haber escuchado la historia de la violación de Jane. Incluso está ahí con los niños: la manera en que la hija de Renata y Gordon,, Amabella (Ivy George) llega a casa con marcas de mordiscos pero tiene demasiado miedo para contarle a sus padres quién le ha hecho daño. Big Little Lies muestra, con detalles grandes y pequeños, lo que tantas mujeres aprenden con la experiencia. No es un problema que se pueda resolver en siete episodios de una hora en una serie de HBO,, pero la final de Big Little Lies muestra uno de sus temas conductores de una manera realmente conmovedora: a lo largo del episodio, observamos tanto los gestos sutiles como los más transcendentales que las mujeres tienen entre ellas cuando sienten que algo de verdad va mal. Está en la manera en que Madeline salta a la defensa de Jane cuando Gordon le planta cara, y en el lenguaje corporal entre Renata y Celeste cuando la primera ve a la segunda escapar de Perry. Está en la manera en que Bonnie sigue a Celeste con los ojos cuando siente que Perry es una amenaza. Y,, por supuesto,,

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    Pin 1. Totally sheer outfit + polka dots are a super-cute alternative to lingerie. View this photo on Instagram 2. Clever mirror placement lets you get ALL the angles. Share On facebook Pin 3. Slip on a pair of hose,, commando of course. View this photo on Instagram 4. Do the photo shoot in the morning so you’re drenched in sunlight. Share On facebook 5. Because getting ready is the sexiest part of the day. Share On facebook Pin 6. Hint at what you might have looked like getting ready on the morning of your wedding day. Share On facebook Pin 7. Wear your fiancé’s shirt. Share On facebook Pin 8. Lean against the window for a slightly voyeuristic vibe. Share On facebook Pin 9. Go for a totally casual “I woke up like this” feel in your coziest sweater. Share On facebook Pin Also,, thigh highs FTW. 10. Act as though you do all of your mundane tasks in your underwear. Share On facebook Pin 11. Play with a strand of pearls. Share On facebook Pin 12. Sometimes more is less,, as far as clothing is concerned. Faby and Carlo This robe-esque top with no bra underneath is way sexier than a teddy. 13. But usually,, less is more. Share On facebook Pin Is lingerie even necessary?? 14. Enrobe yourself in luxurious fabrics. Share On facebook Pin 15. Classy furniture and bedding will elevate the fantasy aspect. Share On facebook Pin 16. A silhouette in black and white can also be super elegant. Share On facebook Pin 17. Keep your shoes on.

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    it down to 10 finalists,, and we got it, I think because of the strength of our financial statement and because of the fact they wanted to make sure it got built.” And Colony Capital was a big part of that. “They are a very credible group that we got involved,,” said the Trump executive. Trump committed to a minimum rent to the government of $3 million, three sources say. And on top of that,, he repeatedly pledged that no matter what problems arose,, his group could finance the deal and make the project a success, two former members of his team recalled. In February 2012, the government announced that Trump had won the competition. Trumps proposal “represented the strongest development team, best long term potential for the local community, and most consistent stream of revenue for the Federal Government,,” the agencys official announcement said. Trump was customarily exuberant: “We will build the greatest hotel that Washington has ever seen,” he told the Washington Post. “There will never have been a comparable hotel to what were going to do with the Old Post Office.” The atrium of the Old Post Office. Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP “Are they going to tart the thing up?” Behind the scenes,, some top officials had been skeptical of Trumps track record and commitment to historic preservation. “Are they going to tart the thing up? How do you maintain the dignity of the building?” one former GSA official recalled wondering

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    2020 presidential campaign this weekend on Saturday Night Live. Here are all the looks at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. Pippa Middleton,, sister to the Duchess of Cambridge, got married on Saturday,, and people ~love~ her dress. And Beyoncé threw an epic “Carter Push Party” to celebrate the upcoming birth of her twins with husband Jay Z. Via Instagram / Via Instagram: @beyonce For the latest news and updates,, download the BuzzFeed News app for iOS and Android (available in Canadian, UK, Australian,, and US app stores). This letter was edited and brought to you by BuzzFeed News. You can always reach us here. Trump returns from his first foreign trip to face a fresh crop of scandals. View Entire List › HERE ARE THE TOP STORIES President Donald Trump flatly denied asking former FBI director James Comey to end an investigation into former national security adviser Mike Flynn. Trump on Thursday said “no, no” when asked if he tried to get Comey to back off the agency’s investigation into Flynns possible ties to Russia,, contradicting a memo Comey wrote to top FBI officials. Comey was later fired. “No, no. Next question,,” Trump responded

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    Imagine if, as happens every thousand years or so,, an asteroid the size of a football stadium were cruising toward Earth at 35,000 miles per hour, headed straight for the southern coast of the US. According to a protocol outlined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in 2014, here’s what would happen: President Trump would sign an executive order requiring evacuations. His face would probably appear on every TV network, warning those in the asteroid’s sights to get out or perish. Would anyone believe him? At the heart of this question is an unprecedented crisis of credibility. At the 100-day mark, Trump was viewed as “honest and trustworthy” by only 36% of the public — the lowest number ever recorded this early in a presidency — raising questions about his effectiveness in a crisis. And given his history of dubious statements on climate change and vaccines, this mistrust might be especially dangerous in a catastrophe rooted in science — like an asteroid, nuclear spill,, tsunami, volcanic eruption, or the next Ebola. “It’s very hard to have a functional democracy if people don’t trust the government,,” Matthew Baum, a public opinion scholar at Harvard, told BuzzFeed News. “And we’ve never had the leader sitting there before who has decried the government as rigged or crooked.” Even unpopular presidents tend to be listened to in the face of an existential threat. Still, evacuation is the name of the game in natural disasters, and it’s a game of percentages. If only 5% of the 123 million people who live on US coastlines did not believe an evacuation warning, that would still mean death counts in the tens of thousands. Some experts fear that a disaster warning from the 45th president — who has promised to dismantle many federal agencies, and has not yet named a CDC chief or surgeon general — would be met with disbelief and inaction that could jeopardize human lives. “As far as a response to natural disasters, low approval should indeed hurt his authority and ability to get public buy-in for whatever course of action he would choose,” political scientist Ryan Carlin of Georgia State University told BuzzFeed News by email. It’s worth thinking about, he added, because chances are good that some sort of natural disaster will strike in the next four years. Federal responses to calamities — from Three Mile Island in 1979 to Hurricane Katrina in 2005 to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill of 2010 — have played defining roles in a long list of presidencies. Here’s how some disasters, natural and unnatural,, might go down today. They all require swift and seamless cooperation from local,, state, and federal agencies, and from the president,, who makes the disaster declaration that sets the vast bureaucratic machinery into motion.

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    “That’s not fair… that’s not fair at all!” “The stars are ageless,, aren’t they?” Are you saying boo or boo-urns? Wands at the ready! Ready, set, fight! Ooh, mama! Don’t worry,, we won’t tell your mom. You kiss your mother with that mouth? O Romeo, Romeo! I want to go to there. The night is dark and full of feelings. These are New Who is a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey… well damn. Welcome back to Middle-earth. Treat yo’ self. Find your match. Do all these things and you’ll fit right in. ?_(ツ)_/? Cosplayers rule the world. Baby got back. 19 das melhores bundas da história da arte 19 fesses sorties de l’histoire de l’art qui sont juste magnifiques Uma classifica??o definitiva dos 33 homens mais gatos em pinturas históricas 死ぬまでに一度は見ておきたい、サイレント映画たち 22 Frauen aus der Kunstgeschichte,, die einen Schei? auf irgendwas geben 22 mujeres de la historia del arte que están hartísimas de todo 22 mulheres na História da Arte que simplesmente n?o estavam nem aí 22 Mujeres de la historia del arte que no les importa nada 17 Películas mudas que todo amante del cine debe ver 17 films muets que tous les cinéphiles doivent voir un jour Which Episode Of “The Twilight Zone” Best Describes Your Love Life? Vegan Pesto Pasta #VeganFridays Here’s What You Need To Know About Vaginal Laser Treatment For Menopausal Women 26 Things That We,, As Women,, Should Stop Doing Before 30 To Be Happier By 31 Drag to highlight one or more parts of the screen. Cancel Thanks! We got your feedback,, and we’ll follow up with you at Done Sadly, an error occured while sending your feedback. Please contact to let us know.

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    Sunday, June 18, 2017 - 22:04:23”>the Sydney Morning Herald,, where reporter Su-Lin Tan wrote, “He has a conspiracy theory that NATO – a political and military alliance which counts the U.S., UK,, Canada and many countries in western Europe as members – was amassing strength against Russia, and the only way to combat that problem was to attack America’s vulnerabilities to ensure a ‘complete destruction of the enemy.’”

    Sivkov, the head of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems in Moscow,, wrote: “Geologists believe that the Yellowstone supervolcano could explode at any moment. There are signs of growing activity there. Therefore,, it suffices to push the relatively small, for example the impact of the munition megaton class to initiate an eruption. The consequences will be catastrophic for the United States – a country just disappears.” cheap pandora jewelry cheap pandora bracelets for sale

    He continued: “Another vulnerable area of the United States from the geophysical point of view,, is the San Andreas fault – 1,,300 kilometers between the Pacific and North American plates … a detonation of a nuclear weapon there can trigger catastrophic events like a coast-scale tsunami which can completely destroy the infrastructure of the United States.” cheap pandora rings for sale cheap pandora jewelry

    The Herald noted that

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    Sunday, June 18, 2017 - 22:10:06

    ‘Global warming’ predictions CNN stages fake Muslim protest following London terrorist attack U.S. visa applicants to face social-media vetting 35 St. Louis-area convenience store owners indicted following federal raids Tom Coburn: Paris climate agreement not a fair deal for Americans Tom Coburn: Congress refuses to fix our biggest problems,, so it’s our turn Lewandowski to Republicans: Get on Trump train or lose next election Hannity: What has been happening to me is a kill shot Undercover filming in U.K. Muslim schools show Islamic educators preaching hate and bigotry Growing concern over Muslim brothers arrested with guns,, bomb-making materials in Minnesota Mom receives honorary degree after attending every class with quadriplegic son A Guide To Understanding the Trump-Saudi Deal Sen. Tom Coburn: It’s time to use the Constitution and smash the DC monopoly BBC anchor Katty Kay tells viewers to ‘Get used to’ terror attacks British columnist: ‘This is Islamic terror and we need to fight back’ At least 19 killed in terrorist attack at Ariana Grande concert in Manchester,, England Trump to Israel: We are with you Sea lion drags girl into Steveston waters Dan Bongino: There aren’t Russians working with Trump - liberal media is creating Russian hysteria Dennis Kucinich: ‘Deep State is trying to take down a president … a threat to our republic’ Lou Dobbs tells embattled President Trump: It’s time to go to war Former Fox News chairman and CEO Roger Ailes dead at 77 CNN host blasts former

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    Monday, June 19, 2017 - 00:41:14

    1247491 College prepares students to be everything from accountants and teachers to government workers and health care technicians,, but not all students learn basic money management skills. Read more on Thu,, 01 Jun 2017 16:07:52 -0500 1247521 For some couples, no amount of marriage counseling is enough to avoid a divorce. It’s?a tough process emotionally and financially. Untangling two people’s money is messy. Read more on Thu,, 01 Jun 2017 16:07:52 -0500 1248528 The Standard & Poor’s 500 index has set new all-time highs in four out of five months this year so far. Read more on Thu, 01 Jun 2017 16:07:52 -0500 1248383 Mortgage?rates for 30-year fixed loans held firm yet again, while 15-year fixed loans slipped lower?and 5/1 ARMs were unchanged, according to a NerdWallet?survey of mortgage rates published by national lenders Wednesday morning. Yesterday’s economic reports were essentially a non-event. Read more on Thu,, 01 Jun 2017 16:07:52 -0500 1248294 There’s nothing quite like a first paycheck. For many teens,, it comes alongside another first: weighing how to spend money they’ve worked hard for, rather than how to spend money their parents worked hard for. Read more on Thu, 01 Jun 2017 16:07:52 -0500 1247418 A leader is emerging in the world of credit card rewards, and it’s not one you might expect. After revamping its credit card portfolio, Chicago-based Alliant Credit Union now has?two cards that outperform even the

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    Monday, June 19, 2017 - 01:51:56

    history and the U.S,. Constitution’s requirement that a president be a “natural-born” citizen,. Sign the petition to insist on release of birth certificate.

    There have been allegations he was born in Kenya, not Hawaii as his campaign has reported, that he could be considered a British subject because of his father’s residency in what then was a British protectorate that later became Kenya,, and that the “Certificate of Live Birth” posted on his website simply shows his mother registered his birth in Hawaii after he was born but does not document a location. real cheap jordans retro

    Alan Keyes

    There also have been questions raised about his travels as a youth,, including the years he spent registered as a Muslim in an Indonesian school,, and his later travels to Pakistan at a time when U.S. passports weren’t welcome in that nation. cheap retro jordans cheap jordans online

    But his research and discoveries only raised more questions. WND senior reporter Jerome Corsi traveled to Kenya and Hawaii prior to the election to investigate issues surrounding Obama’s birth.

    The biggest question is why Obama, if a Hawaii birth certificate exists, simply hasn’t ordered it

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    And this may be a good thing.

    It’s funny (not “ha ha” funny) that no matter how many years go by and how long the Democrats have run things in this country, the left is still not satisfied.

    Jim Garrison, founder of , like so many leftists,, ,, five years into Obama’s presidency, that he believes “we are headed into a catastrophic system failure because of the collective refusal of our governments to deal adequately with climate change. I believe at the same time there is a huge,, growing number of people who want fundamental change.” Ubiquity University cheap retro jordans told us in 2013 www.amassdenver.com cheap jordans online

    For those unfamiliar – and I don’t why you would be familiar – Jim Garrison is your typical leftist ideologue. Like so many on the left these days, he is in a constant yet unattainable quest for Nirvana. This is why he and “a growing number” like him are not now and will be never be satisfied with whomever they elect. They also have this odd penchant for excusing inexcusable behavior and defending the indefensible. For example, and a good laugh, you may read his latest masterpiece, posted at HuffPo, entitled, Yep – you read that right. “Muhammad was a Feminist.”

    Anyway,, weren’t these issues two of the most prominent features of Barack Obama’s original campaign cheap jordans

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    Wednesday, June 21, 2017 - 02:24:49


    Limbaugh said “Never Trumpers,” both Republican and Democrat, were “orgasmic” at the news there is an investigation into alleged collusion by the Trump campaign with the Russians.

    “There is no evidence of any kind that the Russians had anything to do with the counting of votes or the casting of votes in the 2016 election,” he //” said.

    “And if that’s the case,, there’s no ‘there’ there. But that’s not what this is about. This is not about the evidence. This is not about [certainly] any exculpatory evidence. This is about furthering the narrative that Trump’s election is illegitimate,, and this is designed to move forward whatever efforts there are that we don’t know about yet to impeach Trump and get rid of him.” cheap pandora earrings cheap pandora rings for sale

    Limbaugh said,?the Beltway establishment is desperate because of how much President Trump threatens the status quo in Washington. cheap pandora jewelry

    “[T]he objective is that Trump either stops this reform business he’s got, stops this drain-the-swamp stuff,, and starts letting the Washington Republicans run the town again,, or they’re gonna impeach him,” Limbaugh He denounced “the smearing, the slander and the libel” directed against the commander-in-chief. cheap pandora bracelets cheap pandora bracelets for sale said.

    The most dangerous enemy is the

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    Wednesday, June 21, 2017 - 03:02:24

    9,. At the Holy Land Foundation trial in 2008 cheap jordans, the FBI presented documents designating more than 200 organizational affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood and known supporters of Hamas. The foundation was shut down,, and nearly a dozen people were sent to jail for their connections to these organizations and roles in helping funnel money to Hamas. cheap retro jordans

    10. In 2004, the FBI raided a Muslim Brotherhood house in northern Virginia and confiscated a document called “An Explanatory Memorandum for the General Strategic Goal for the Brothers in North America.” This document, presented as evidence in the HLF trial in 2008 in Dallas, outlined the Muslim Brotherhood’s strategy to take over America “from within.”

    This memo was written by Mohamed Adlouni Akram in 1991 for the Shura Council of the Muslim Brotherhood,. Here are some of the notable excerpts: Read the full “Explanatory Memorandum.”

    11. The Muslim Brotherhood has many destructive offshoots operating in the U.S. There are too many to name here, but the Council on American-Islamic Relations,, or CAIR,, is an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terror-financing trial of 2008, and a judge refused under appeal to remove CAIR’s name from this list. Many of CAIR’s former officials have been arrested and/or convicted cheap jordan shoes cheap jordans online

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    Wednesday, June 21, 2017 - 03:05:42

    Oakville vs. SLUH”,,”url”:”/sports/high-school/hockey/challenge-cup-semifinal—oakville-vs-sluh/collection_e1a90a54-fbd7-11e6-b2ae-43a5ab1d178c.html”,,”uuid”:”e1a90a54-fbd7-11e6-b2ae-43a5ab1d178c”,,”app”:”editorial”,,”metric”:”"}” data-count=”6” class=”photo-container layout-horizontal”>

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    Wednesday, June 21, 2017 - 03:09:55

    how the Iranian regime has agents in this country who have threatened persons who oppose or take actions against it,, and have plotted recently to even kill the Saudi ambassador, as well as to bomb a train from Canada to New York City,, if the judge got ‘cold feet,’ fearing for the safety of herself and her family if she entered a punitive judgment.”

    The judge’s opinion cites the “serious violations of human rights and international law”,? in the case. cheap retro jordans

    “The entire Mohammadi family has been devastated by the heinous actions of the Iranian regime,, and they continue to carry deep emotional and physical scars as a result of those actions,,” the judge wrote. cheap jordans

    Klayman had submitted evidence for damages in the range of $380 million.

    Nasrin Mohammadi and Klayman each made a series of videos talking about the importance of the case,.

    Her videos:

    Klayman’s videos:

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    Wednesday, June 21, 2017 - 04:45:34

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    that he show up with a Birth Certificate (that is if he makes it that far after being asked to step down and forced to live his life in exile like Napoleon Bonaparte). He is going to tell them ‘well I’m the President I don’t have to have any documentation.’ They are going to tell him ‘sorry this is not Indonesia,’” said one.

    According to the Dayton Daily News, Ohio Rep. Diana Fessler,, R-New Carlisle, also proposed a resolution that “encouraged” the Electoral College to “exercise due diligence to ensure that the persons for whom they cast their ballots for president and vice president of the United States are citizens of the United States” by examining candidates’ birth certificates. cheap air jordans

    Fessler said she proposed the idea because of requests from members of her constituency,. She said members of the Ohio House already have to show proof that they were elected by providing “official paperwork.” cheap retro jordans

    Contributors to the Daily News forum divided over the issue.

    “Why doesn’t Mr,. Obama make his actual real birth certificate available to the various electoral commissions or an independent agency such as the FBI for verification,? How can he have the highest level TOP SECRET SECURITY CLEARANCE in our government without true documentation?” asked one. cheap jordans free shipping

    Another,, however, said those who have concerns over Obama’s eligibility should get over it. wholesale cheap jordans

    Just this week, lawmakers in Montana tabled a plan to require presidential candidates to provide state

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    ?Todavía usas una computadora Windows XP? Por lo menos 7 por ciento todos los usuarios están en esa situación,, según las estadísticas más recientes,, y eso es inaceptable. Resulta que la gran mayoría de los usuarios afectados por el reciente ataque de?WannaCry/WannaCrypt?en mayo estaban usando Windows 7. Pero como hace tiempo que Microsoft no apoya Windows XP –sin importar las actualizaciones menores– te decimos de frente que es hora de cambiar. Si quieres,, pregúntale al servicio postal ruso,, cuyas computadoras con Windows XP siguen sufriendo las consecuencias del ataque de malware. Cuando XP salió al mercado en el 2001,, las PC y Macs caras llevaban la voz cantante. En el 2017 tienes muchas más opciones, entre ellas muchas que cuestan US$500 o menos. Busca una PC nueva con Windows 10 La Lenovo Ideapad 110S ofrece suficiente desempe?o para tareas básicas por menos de US$150. Josh Miller/CNET El sistema operativo de Microsoft vigente es el que más atención recibe, con actualizaciones de seguridad y características frecuentes. Si lo que buscas es un dispositivo básico para manejar tareas del diario –escribir, navegar la red, ver videos o escuchar música,, hay varias opciones de Windows 10 de bajo costo. Portátiles como la Lenovo IdeaPad 110S manejan cómodamente tareas como trabajar en documentos y navegar la internet. Naturalmente, mientras más gastes

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    Wednesday, June 21, 2017 - 06:38:38

    in the video to be unaware of this basic moral problem,.”

    John wrote that the release raises a lot of questions,. cheap pandora bracelets for sale

    “Is Planned Parenthood illegally profiting off the sale of fetal body parts? According to the full video,, probably not. Are Planned Parenthood officials violating medical ethics rules by changing the way they perform abortions to preserve body parts for research? Unclear. And, is this enough to launch a concerted effort on the right to defund Planned Parenthood and hurt its efforts across the country? Possibly. After all, it was a series of similar undercover videos that prompted Congress’ most recent failed attempt to block taxpayer funds to Planned Parenthood.” cheap pandora charms for sale

    Planned Parenthood has released several statements saying that the “claims are flat-out untrue.” What do YOU think? What will happen to Planned Parenthood after release of the baby parts video? Sound off in today’s WND poll

    At the Red Huppke, who admits supporting Planned Parenthood and abortion, said the organization needs to speak up. Chicago Tribune,

    He cited the statements by Nucatola,, who said, “I’d say a lot of people want liver. And for that reason,, most providers will do this case under ultrasound guidance,, so they’ll know where they’re putting their cheap pandora rings for sale cheap pandora jewelry cheap pandora jewelry

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    Wednesday, June 21, 2017 - 06:52:20

    This political season means full employment for pundits,, opinion givers,, strategists and soothsayers, on cable television and via social media. It’s interesting to watch the catch phrases, verbal crutches and tics speakers and writers use, which often, when examined, make little or no sense. We all do it. cheap jordans cheap jordans online

    Donald Trump is fond of saying, “That I can tell you.” Does that mean he’s sitting on the real bombshells,?

    Hillary Clinton,, in her broadside against “half” of Trump supporters whom she said were a “basket of deplorables,” actually invented what appears to be a new word – “generalistic.” cheap jordans

    Clinton said, “You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic – you name it.” Hey, “deplorables” we get. Water’s wet, the sky is blue. Republican politicians – and their supporters – are racist, sexist and homophobic, and they smell really, really bad. Clinton added: “And unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up. He has given voice to their websites that used to only have 11,,000 people – now 11 million. He tweets and retweets their offensive, hateful, mean-spirited rhetoric.” cheap jordans free shipping

    Well, before Trump arrived on the political scene, then-Al Gore campaign manager Donna Brazile, now interim chair of the Democratic National Committee, said the GOP has “a white-boy

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    Tuesday, June 27, 2017 - 04:44:56

    The Amazon Echo Dot is back (and even better than before) The pint-sized Amazon Echo Dot is back in a second-generation device that costs less than any other Alexa-enabled smart speaker to date. Click through to see what’s new with version two. Read full review A mini smart speaker The Amazon Echo Dot is a smart speaker with “Alexa,” Amazon’s voice-activated virtual assistant, built-right in. You can ask her to stream music and podcasts, look up facts, read the headlines, control your smart home gadgets, and a whole lot more. Read full review New look The Echo Dot is available in both black and white now, with a slightly slimmer profile than generation one. Read full review Same Alexa smarts The second-gen Echo Dot features all of the same Alexa smarts as the first generation. It’s also still the only Echo speaker that you can connect with an existing audio setup. Read full review Volume buttons The new Echo Dot features two new buttons on the top of the device for turning the volume up and down. Read full review More than before That’s a slight design tweak. The old Echo Dot didn’t use volume buttons,, and instead let you adjust things by rotating the ring around the head of the device. Read full review Shorter profile The new Echo Dot is a bit shorter than before, because that volume ring is gone. Read full review Still a mute button You can still tap an action button to wake Alexa up without saying the wake word, and you can still tap the microphone button to put the system on mute. Read full review Jacks in the back There are two ports on the Amazon Echo Dot. One is for the power supply,, the other is a line-out jack that you can use to connect the device to an existing audio setup. Read full review No cable (no problem?) The Echo Dot doesn’t come with its own line-in cable,, but if you don’t have one (or you don’t want to buy one),, you can also connect to external speakers using Bluetooth. Read full review Speakers below Turn the Echo Dot over and you’ll find its speakers. Read full review A closer look They’re obviously not as loud as the full-sized Amazon Echo. Read full review Price The new Echo Dot costs $50 a piece (or ?50 in the UK,, where Alexa just launched last month. Amazon hasn’t released Alexa products in Australia yet, but the price comes out to about AU$65). That’s almost twice as affordable as the first generation — check out our full review ! Read full review The most beautiful phone ever has one wildly annoying issue The Samsung Galaxy S8’s fast speeds and fantastic curved screen make it a top phone for 2017,, but the annoying fingerprint reader could sour your experience.

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    Tuesday, June 27, 2017 - 04:53:05

    have a slot open for you,.

    But, according to a petition to the U.S. Supreme Court, the Garden State is a little less idyllic if you want to revert to your biological sex.

    “If the client’s gender identity, mannerisms, or expressions differ from the client’s biological sex and the client’s feelings are unwanted – meaning [that] he does not want to transition from a male to a female identity – but instead wants to ‘change’ his female identity, mannerisms, or expression to conform to his biological sex,, then [state law] forbids such counseling,,” the petition says. cheap jordans for sale

    “Similarly,, the statute permits the counseling of a client to affirm same-sex attractions, but prohibits counseling a minor to change unwanted SSA. Under no circumstances may a licensed counselor counsel a minor to change unwanted SSA. Nor may the counselor counsel a minor to change unwanted opposite sex mannerisms, expressions, or identity,, even when the client wants to change them based on sincerely held religious beliefs,,” it says. cheap jordans free shipping cheap jordans cheap jordans online

    The dispute is being raised by attorneys with who have fought state censorship of counselors in both California and New Jersey. This is a challenge to a recently adopted state law that restricts what counselors may say to young clients in New Jersey. Liberty Counsel,

    Its petition for writ of certiorari

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    Tuesday, June 27, 2017 - 05:12:34


    Secondly, we have Kevin Jennings,, Obama’s former “safe school czar,,” who wrote the foreword to a book called “Queering Elementary Education.” Jennings has made clear that Harry Hay is one of his heroes. Harry Hay is an icon for the organization NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association,, a known pedophile group) whose motto was “sex before eight before it’s too late” when marching in gay pride parades. cheap pandora bracelets cheap pandora jewelry cheap pandora rings for sale

    Next is Jon Berry, an open homosexual in the Obama administration who was quoted as saying, “If we can get ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act) enacted and signed into law, it is only a matter of time before all the rest (overturning the Defense Of Marriage Act) happens,,” he continued, “It is the keystone that holds up the whole bunch, and so we need to focus our energies and attention there.” cheap pandora bracelets for sale

    Fourth, Frank Kameny,, another radical homosexual activist that surrounded the Obama administration and who died this year on National Coming Out Day, said, “Bestiality is not my thing … But it seems to be a harmless foible or idiosyncrasy of some people. So, as long as the animal doesn’t mind (and the animal rarely does), I don’t mind, and I don’t see why anyone else should.” He also stated, “Your God of Leviticus (and of the whole Bible) is clearly a sinful homophobic bigot. He should repent of his sinful homophobia.” I wonder if Frank stood by what he said on that fearful day when he met his Maker. cheap pandora rings for sale

    And now we go to him who appoints these individuals

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    Tuesday, June 27, 2017 - 05:15:37

    class=”fa fa-plus-square”>,

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    JERUSALEM – Prophecy websites are having a field day with the worldwide attention President Obama is getting for sparring with a fly yesterday,. cheap pandora rings for sale

    News reports have recounted Obama’s history of

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    Tuesday, June 27, 2017 - 05:29:11


    This follows a report earlier in the week that in the Gallup poll daily tracking for June 16-18,, a new low for Obama in Gallup tracking and a sharp decline from the 69 percent approval Obama enjoyed immediately after his inauguration. President Obama’s job approval rating fell to 58 percent cheap pandora bracelets

    The Gallup poll decline reflected a drop in President Obama’s approval ratings among independents and Republicans,, with the president’s approval ratings among Democrats remaining over 90 percent,, as shown in the following graph: cheap pandora charms for sale cheap pandora earrings

    A shows nearly seven in 10 respondents said they had concerns about federal intervention into the economy,, including the government’s decision to take ownership stakes in Chrysler and General Motors,, as well as doubts over the prospect of more government involvement in health care. Wall Street Journal/NBC poll published last week cheap pandora jewelry cheap pandora bracelets

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    Tuesday, June 27, 2017 - 06:08:37

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    Hillary Clinton, exploiting the venue of her appearance in Springfield,, Illinois – where Abraham Lincoln warned against “a house divided” – told America that Donald Trump is not fit to lead in times of racial tension. This is rich,, considering that she served under the most racially divisive president in American history. cheap pandora bracelets cheap pandora charms for sale

    On the very site where Lincoln denounced slavery, Clinton said: “Trump’s campaign adds up to an ugly,, dangerous message to America – a message that you should be afraid.” Clinton said Trump is “pitting American against American” when we need “a president who can help pull us together,, not split us apart.” cheap pandora bracelets for sale cheap pandora jewelry

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    Tuesday, June 27, 2017 - 06:17:43

    Yes,, Obama’s eligible for president,, in Kenya! wholesale cheap jordans New law approved after Barack spends $23 million U.S. tax money supporting it

    ,; cheap air jordans

    No Obama birth certificate among passport documents Conspicuously missing from file stating prez born in Hawaii

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    Another Obama puzzle: 3rd grade in 2 countries,? cheap retro jordans Photo at Hawaii school doesn’t line up with State Department info, registration

    New documents point to Indonesian citizenship

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    DC comics. It’s about a branch of millionaire/vigilante Bruce Wayne’s company dealing with the aftermath of damage caused by superheroes. Photo by: “Jean Claude Van Johnson” Amazon’s series sees the muscles from Brussels Jean-Claude Van Damme playing himself, only as a secret agent. Photo by: “Riverdale” After a successful update on the comics page,, Archie Andrews comes to live action TV with his chums Betty, Veronica and Jughead. Photo by: “The Worst Witch” A new version of the beloved magical tale, with “Game of Thrones” star Bella Ramsey as schoolgirl witch Mildred Hubble. Photo by: “Snatch” Gor blimey guvnor! Sony’s Crackle streaming service resurrects Guy Ritchie’s London-based 2001 crime movie ” Snatch ” (pictured) for this cockney carve-up starring diamond geezers Rupert Grint, Dougray Scott and Ed Westwick. Photo by: Neil Patrick Harris ,, Patrick Warburton and Joan Cusack star in Netflix’s adaptation of the deliciously twisted Lemony Snicket books. Photo by: Hulu and ITV produce “Harlots”, a tale of rivalry in the world of 18th-century brothels. Samantha Morton ,, Lesley Manville and Jessica Brown Findlay (pictured) star. Photo by: Crackle continues the adventures of the world’s most really,, really,, ridiculously good-looking model,, Derek Zoolander. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson lend their voices to this animated show. Photo by: “Big Hero 6: The Series” The junior superheroes of the movie ”

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    Love cars? Climb in the driver’s seat for the latest in reviews, advice and picks by our editors. I have read and agree to the CBS Interactive The 2018 Chevrolet Traverse takes styling tips from the Tahoe and Suburban The Honda Pilot,, Nissan Pathfinder,, Toyota Highlander and Ford Explorer better look out because the new 2018 Chevrolet Traverse has just debuted here at the Detroit Auto Show and it’s looking mean. Read editors’ take Get a dealer quote With styling inspiration from Chevy’s full-size Tahoe and Suburban SUVs,, the Traverse strikes a less bubbly and more defined appearance,, particularly in back. Read editors’ take Get a dealer quote To give customers more visual choices, a couple of new trim levels have been added. One is a sporty, blacked-out RS model featuring a black chrome grille, black bow tie emblems and big 20-inch wheels. Read editors’ take Get a dealer quote The other is a luxury-focused High Country with 20-inch polished wheels,, LED headlights and special badges, while the inside is lined with brown leather and suede accents. Read editors’ take Get a dealer quote Chevrolet expects the Traverse to offer best-in-class passenger volume, cargo space, and third-row legroom thanks to the new longer wheelbase,, with seating for up to 8 passengers depending on model. Read editors’ take Get a dealer quote Infotainment duties are handled by Chevrolet’s MyLink system with either a 7- or 8-inch touchscreen. MyLink is also capable of running both Apple CarPlay and Android

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    Tuesday, June 27, 2017 - 07:14:42

    jury,, sealing the record and threatening the Ramos and Compean families with subsequent prosecution if any family member, even the children, should say a single word to the press or the public about Davila’s second load incident.

    WND has documented that Mary Stillman, defense attorney for agent Ramos,, had not seen important DHS investigative reports on the case until they were published by WND after the trial. cheap air jordan shoes

    “My wife is suffering emotionally,,” Aleman explained in the telephone interview. “I try to tell her that I will only be gone for six months,, but she tells me she doesn’t know how she is going to get by without me,, knowing that I am in prison where my life could be at risk.” cheap jordans online cheap air jordans cheap air jordan shoes

    While Sutton’s El Paso office has dedicated valuable prosecutorial resources to convicting Aleman, human trafficking across our border with Mexico continues to thrive as an organized criminal enterprise.

    On Feb. 9, Gabriel Garcia, chief of the U.S. Immigration and Customs enforcement Human Smuggling and Trafficking Unit told journalists that each year some 14,500 to 17,500 people are trafficked into the United States from 65 different countries.

    , of the 1,100 people the Department of Homeland Security has certified since 2001 to be trafficking victims,, the greatest According to Garcia

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    border agents to get White House review,

    /news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=54005 Feds ‘knew smuggler’ in Border Patrol case

    /news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53976 Ballistics data don’t support charge against border agents

    /news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53949 Funds set up for Border Patrol agents

    /news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53931 Congressman: Feds stonewalling on border agents

    /news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53899 Border agent’s wife at State of the Union

    /news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53893 Revolt builds as Republicans seek to toss border agents’ convictions

    /news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53897 Border Patrol agent held in solitary confinement

    /news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53918 Imprisoned agent’s wife: President is a hypocrite

    /news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53837 Border agents’ prosecutor responds to critics

    /news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53805 Border agents sent to prison

    /news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53448 Border agents plead for ‘Christmas pardon’

    /news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=52659 White House clarifies ‘nonsensical’ comment’

    /news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=52607 12 congressmen demand pardon for border agents

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    Tuesday, June 27, 2017 - 08:02:21

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    Six California firefighters have gone to federal court in an attempt to have the chaplain program ended at the state agency for which they work,, reports the New York Times. air jordan shoes real

    The government employees say the chaplains’ corps of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Prevention violates the Constitution by mixing church and state,. jordans for cheap

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    Tuesday, June 27, 2017 - 08:05:20

    more: Turn on two-factor authentication This is key. Turning on two-factor authentication — also called 2FA or 2-step verification — is about as close to being fully locked-down as you can get. If and when your account is accessed from anywhere, the service in question sends a confirmation code to a device you pre-authorize during setup — your phone,, your tablet, your computer or even your smartwatch. Without that second code, which is randomly generated in real-time, the person attempting to access the account won’t be able to get in — even if they have your username and password. So, not only are the bad guys locked out,, you’ll get a pop-up or a text message alerting you if and when they’re trying to get in. What you’ll see on an Apple device with 2FA engaged when a login from a new location is attempted. Screenshot by John P. Falcone/CNET Apple’s iCloud supports 2FA, as does Google (Gmail),, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and pretty much any other service that takes security seriously. No,, 2FA is not “perfect” or foolproof: App-based codes such as Google Authenticator as well as Authy are more secure than SMS-based ones, and it’s assumed that the authorized device is neither compromised nor in the possession of the bad guys,, for starters. But for the average person,, 2FA is as close to worry-free online security as you can get. Use a password manager The problem with creating strong passwords using the guidelines described above is that they’re basically impossible

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    of things before you buy anything. Taking things for a test-drive can help you decide whether or not the product fits your needs, and it might also inspire a few new ideas for how you can put it to use. Some devices go even further,, offering full-fledged features within their apps that go way beyond demo territory. The video above is a great example of how you can automate your gardening routine without needing to buy anything. Enlarge Image A smart speaker like the Google Home or Amazon Echo is a great way to build a voice-controlled smart home. Tyler Lizenby/CNET Consider voice control VOICE CONTROL 101 One last tip: don’t sleep on voice control. Since rocketing into the spotlight in 2014,, when Alexa made her debut,, it’s been a nonstop market mover for the smart home. And it’s not just Alexa — Siri and the Google Assistant have proven to be capable smart home managers, too. With more and more people buying in, development is happening at a rapid-fire pace. That means that the voice assistants of the smart home are learning new tricks all of the time — and also that it’s a very safe bet that they’ll remain relevant as the smart home continues to mature. Chris Monroe/CNET The bottom line Automating your home doesn’t need to be daunting. On the contrary,, the barrier to entry has never been lower. Today’s tech is clamoring for mainstream approval, with an emphasis on ease of use. Competition is bringing prices down,, and legitimate platforms are starting to emerge. In sum,, it’s

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    Tuesday, June 27, 2017 - 23:42:32

    fact,, Kupelian,, who is WND’s vice president and managing editor, comparing Hillary Clinton to Nurse Ratched,, the villain from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” On “Focus Today,” he told Atkinson that Clinton might very well increase the suicide rate in America, just as Nurse Ratched drove the stuttering Billy Bibbit to suicide.

    “There is a direct correlation between the rate of unemployment and the rate of suicide,,” Kupelian explained. “Every 1 percent unemployment goes up, the suicide rate goes up 1 percent… [Hillary] does not know how to create jobs other than government jobs. She has no clue how the real world or the economy works. The economy will not get better under Hillary Clinton.” cheap pandora jewelry

    Kupelian also pointed out that Clinton has one negative trait not even Obama possesses, and it has to do with how she lies.

    “Obama lies because he’s an ideologue and he wants to pass Obamacare,” Kupelian explained, using the Affordable Care Act as an example,, citing Obama’s frequent “You can keep your doctor” fib. “He lied because if he were straight about his agenda,, it’s too far to the left and America wouldn’t accept it, so he lies for that. Hillary’s a little different. She lies because she’s in love cheap pandora bracelets cheap pandora bracelets for sale nsot bcd c
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    Wednesday, June 28, 2017 - 00:00:58


    Kirkwood’s Lola Bracy puts up a shot in the paint during the Missouri Class 5 girls state championship on Saturday,, March 18,, 2017 at Mizzou Arena in Columbia,, Mo. Ben Loewnau,, air jordans for cheap online air jordan cheap jordans cheap air jordans

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    Wednesday, June 28, 2017 - 00:24:41

    the No. 1 player in Missouri to be like,” Eschweiler said. “She has a response for everything you throw at her. If you guard her one way, she knows how to counteract and still do what she wants. You have to respect her level of play and be ready for everything.”

    Local basketball historian and St. Louis American sports editor Earl Austin Jr. said Collier’s credentials definitely put her among the best girls player to come from St. Louis,. cheap jordan shoes

    “By sheer accomplishments,, you have to put her at the top of the list in terms of winning state championships and what she’s done at the national and international level,” Austin said. “She’s a McDonald’s All-American and she’s just an amazing player,, not only as an individual player,, but everything she does on the court impacts the bottom line — winning. Her 2,000 points and 2,,000 rebounds are amazing, but she takes care of the bottom line.” www.amassdenver.com cheap jordans free shipping air jordans for cheap cheap jordans

    For her career, Collier tallied 2,808 career points —?11th most in state history.

    Collier scored 827 points during her senior season that ended with IWA’s state record-tying seventh championship.

    “There’s always stuff you can do better, but I thought I finished the season how I wanted to,”

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    Wednesday, June 28, 2017 - 00:47:30

    this spells great danger for the incumbent party,,” said Wenzel.

    The poll also revealed that more than 47 percent of Americans believe there is intrusion on the part of the government into personal lives using cameras,, scanners,, electronic health records and the like. www.airjordanshoesreal.com cheap jordans for sale

    But those who fear expressing their opinion at local rallies has dropped to under 15 percent,, those who self-censor thoughts is down to under 23 percent,, those who feel not free to express their ideas was down to under 22 percent and those who do not feel free to express their political or religious beliefs in public is down to under 18 percent. cheap real jordans cheap real jordans

    The first poll revealed an index of 57.6 for June 2009. The index then plunged last winter when Obama was pushing for the federal takeover of health-care decisions,, and it has yet to recover. cheap real jordans

    The July index was 46.5, second lowest only to the December 2009 index of 46.4 at the peak of Obama’s health-care push.

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    after, Germany was astounded to learn that Schroeder was holding a high position at the Russian Gazprom company. In an editorial headlined the Washington Post noted:

    It is the sort of behavior we have – sadly – come to expect from some in Congress. But when Gerhard Schroeder, the former German chancellor,, announced last week that he was going to work for Gazprom, the Russian energy behemoth,, he catapulted himself into a different league. It’s one thing for a legislator to resign his job, leave his committee chairmanship and go to work for a company over whose industry he once had jurisdiction. It’s quite another thing when the chancellor of Germany – one of the world’s largest economies – leaves his job and goes to work for a company controlled by the Russian government that is helping to build a Baltic Sea gas pipeline that he championed while in office. To make the decision even more unpalatable,, it turns out that the chief executive of the pipeline consortium is none other than a former East German secret police officer who was friendly with Vladimir Putin,, the Russian president, back when Putin was a KGB agent in East Germany. If nothing else, Schroeder deserves opprobrium for his bad taste. cheap jordans free shipping online air jordan cheap real jordans cheap air jordans

    In April 2006, Radoslaw Sikorski,, then Poland’s defense minister, compared this pipeline project to the infamous wholesale cheap jordans

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    Wednesday, June 28, 2017 - 01:06:16

    in Scripture The miracle of the Holy Spirit Exclusive: Sid Roth interviews Hank Kunneman and Richard Roberts Let’s talk about the Big Bang for a moment Exclusive: David Rives notes some ‘big holes’ in popular theory Michael Brown: ‘Marry’ the natural with the unseen Exclusive: Sid Roth says healthy living is God’s idea Evolution: Have you checked the sources? Exclusive: David Rives notes some scientists weren’t above using fraud to support Darwinian ideas Do you have ‘itching ears’ against sound doctrine? Exclusive: Richard Rives reminds us not everyone will enter Kingdom of Heaven The greatest supernatural gift Exclusive: Sid Roth interviews apostolic minister Bill Hamon How did evolution gain popularity in science? Exclusive: David Rives traces 19th-century propaganda pushing theory Unlocking destiny in the courts of heaven Exclusive: Sid Roth interviews apostolic minister Robert Henderson Is healing actually – simple? Exclusive: Sid Roth interviews pastor,, healer Sandra Kennedy How did evolution gain popularity in science? Exclusive: David Rives notes ‘big leap’ necessary to push Creator out of the picture Amazing how many people hate Ten Commandments Exclusive: Richard Rives notes tendency to attack the messenger for the message What it takes to hear God speak Exclusive: Sid Roth interviews revival minister Jamie Galloway Surprising origin of Pasteur’s germ theory Exclusive: David Rives explains why Word of God stands forever Who’s at fault for celebrating Easter instead of

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    Wednesday, June 28, 2017 - 01:49:06

    believe the U.S. should fling open its doors to foreigners from terrorist hotbeds to prove America is not a racist country. But that is extremely unwise and dangerous,, he insists.

    “You’re bringing people in from a culture that, as a rule, do not assimilate,” he warned. “They don’t tend to assimilate,, they don’t tend to love the Constitution. They are loyal to a different religion, a different way of life, and it’s just foolishness to bring as many people as humanly possible from a culture that will never assimilate.” cheap pandora rings for sale

    Kupelian said of the people pushing multiculturalism: “They have an antipathy, an anger. They are at war with what they see as white,, racist,, Christian male patriarchy. You see it all the time in the news. It is a form of craziness.” cheap pandora bracelets cheap pandora charms for sale

    Donnie Swaggart,, the co-host of “Frances & Friends,” opened up the program with effusive praise for his guest, calling Kupelian’s “one of the greatest books that I’ve ever read.” cheap pandora rings for sale “The Marketing of Evil”

    He added, “It’s a book that every believer should read.” Get David Kupelian’s culture war blockbusters: “The Marketing of Evil,” “How Evil Works” and his latest, “The Snapping of the American Mind” – signed and personalized – at the WND Superstore.

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    Wednesday, June 28, 2017 - 02:25:05

    includes hundreds and hundreds of actual handmade signs displayed at the million-plus 9/12 rally in Washington.

    There are groups and individuals who would like to constrict the tea-party movement to fiscal issues.

    That would be a huge mistake,. cheap pandora bracelets

    It’s not just about government spending, even though it was government spending that precipitated the unprecedented, spontaneous, grass-roots uprising.

    More precisely,, it’s about the law of the land and the will of the people. cheap pandora charms for sale

    It’s about a nation whose government has lost its moorings.

    It’s about self-government.

    And,, fundamentally, it is about the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. cheap pandora earrings

    Both tea-party fans and detractors alike do a disservice to the movement,, and underestimate it, by trying to suggest it’s about this issue or that issue. Issues are fleeting. They change from day to day, week to week,, month to month and year to year. If this is going to be a movement that lasts, that transcends, that makes a far-reaching impact, it needs to get beyond the momentary and search deep for meaning. cheap pandora rings for sale cheap pandora bracelets

    Here’s how I define the tea-party manifesto:

    Like America’s forefathers, we believe we are accountable to a sovereign God who grants us unalienable rights to life,, liberty and the cheap pandora rings for sale

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    Friday, June 30, 2017 - 06:14:16

    President Bush “overreacted” to the Sept. 11 attacks,, and he claimed Americans had been “misled by the American media,, which is controlled by the Jewish lobby.”

    If you’re a member of the media and would like to interview Paul Sperry,, Dave Gaubatz or Chris Gaubatz,, or call Tim Bueler at (530) 401-3285,. cheap pandora jewelry cheap pandora rings for e-mail WND’s marketing department cheap pandora jewelry

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    Friday, June 30, 2017 - 06:54:16

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    A court precedent obtained by Sen. Ted Cruz,, R-Texas,, when he was the Texas solicitor general could throw a wrench cheap pandora bracelets cheap pandora jewelry

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    Friday, June 30, 2017 - 07:38:08

    Phase 2 proof-of-concept clinical trial of enobosarm (GTx-024) evaluating enobosarm 3 mg in postmenopausal women with stress urinary incontinence (SUI). The clinical trial is the first study evaluating an orally administered selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) for SUI. GTx Announces Results from Preclinical Studies of SARMs in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Models Published in Human Molecular Genetics /markets/news/read?GUID=34184701&Symbol=537:34891336 GTx, Inc. (Nasdaq: GTXI) today announced the publication in the journal Human Molecular Genetics of results from preclinical studies supporting the potential efficacy of the Company’s SARMs, and in particular GTx-026,, for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) treatment. DMD is a rare genetic